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Southern Lord sign Burning Love

30 Nov

BURNING LOVE Sign To Southern Lord Recordings

New Album In Final Stages

Southern Lord proudly announce the signing of Ontario-based BURNING LOVE, as the label prepare for the release of the unit’s anticipated upcoming sophomore full-length in early 2012.

Following their previous full-length, in addition to a multitude of EPs and split releases and more since their 2008 inception, the title of the forthcoming Burning Love album has been confirmed as Rotten Thing To Say, and was recently recorded by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou at his infamous Salem, Massachusetts-based Godcity Studio. Set to be mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side in the coming weeks as the album art is completed and final release details are confirmed, Rotten Thing To Say will see release in late March or early April of 2012, with final details to be confirmed by the beginning of the year.

To the uninitiated, Burning Love is a group from Toronto with a chip on their shoulder and electric blood in their veins; their output a desperate, venomous and informed rock n’ roll fury that sways and swaggers somewhere between hardcore punk and the darker side of blues gone wrong. After the sudden demise of the now legendary Cursed, enigmatic frontman Chris Colohan picked right back up where he the band last left us, but this time collaborating with the members of Our Father, comes back to the table with a band that had a decidedly different musical approach and direction. While Cursed was intent on quickly ripping your face off, Burning Love takes that similar approach to new levels, luring you in with infectious hooks and full throttle blues before going in for the kill. Merging the darkness of Poison Idea, the melodic aspects of Queens of the Stone Age and the inspired high energy of the MC5, the attack of Burning Love begins to come into focus.


Chris Colohan – vocals

Alex Goodall – bass

Easton Lannaman – drums

Pat Marshall – guitar

Andrus Meret – guitar

Stay tuned for more info on Burning Love to be announce over the coming weeks and all through 2012 as this raging act’s new album nears release and the band takes to the road in support of the beast.


OvO unleash new video for Nosferatu from their album Cor Cordium

25 Nov

50 Years Of Minimalism event kicks off in London tonight

24 Nov

Starting tonight at Kings Place and across the next three days, a number of musicians will interpret some key pieces of minimalist music spanning 50 years (think Terry Riley, Brian Eno, John Cage, Phillip Glass, Glenn Branca and so many more…)

For the opening night “Dawn” the scene is set in 1960s New York and San Francisco, tomorrow Europeans and Experimentalists and Saturday Rockers and Rollers.

Included in the wealth of musicians will be Massimo Pupillo (Zu, Chod, Obake…) friend of Rarely Unable PR who will also present some new works for the audience.

Cannot wait to see this!

Pelican to tour in 2012

24 Nov

It was 2009 when Pelican released What We All Come To Need (Southern Lord) which in my eyes, is one of their finest albums and contains one of my favourite songs (“The Creeper”). Since then, I have been patiently waiting for them to announce tour dates in the hope that I would finally get to see and hear some of these songs (as well as old favourites) live. For me, and many other Pelican fans in the UK and continental Europe, the wait is almost over…

Here are the recently announced dates in 2012 around Roadburn Festival.

Fri 6/04/2012
Sat 7/04/2012
The Garage
Sun 8/04/2012
Mon 9/04/2012
Brudenell Social Club
Tue 10/04/2012
Wed 11/04/2012
Ruby Lounge
Thu 12/04/2012
The Haunt
Fri 13/04/2012
The Cooler
Sat 14/04/2012
Roadburn Festival
Sun 15/04/2012
La Maroquinerie
Mon 16/04/2012
Tue 17/04/2012
Bad Bonn
Wed 18/04/2012
Thu 19/04/2012
Fri 20/04/2012
Sat 21/04/2012
Stay tuned for more information about a brand new EP to come on Southern Lord next year also, and if its anything like the Ephemeral EP of 2009 which preceded the aforementioned album, then perhaps we are in for an even bigger treat at the end of next year! Or is that just wishful thinking?….

Some notes on the Exitstencil press launch

24 Nov

On Monday evening I went to the official launch of Exitstencil Press at the Underground Gallery which is a small space near one of the exits (follow signs for the Strand) at Charing Cross station. I have to admit, I wasn’t exactly sure where I was going but I followed the sound of chatter and laughter and soon found my way. When I arrived at the gallery entrance I was welcomed by the drum machine samples of The Near Future, a band comprising Tony Barber, Danny Drummond and Gracie McGee, who were the entertainment for the evening, and entertaining they most certainly were.

The most apt description of the band that I found states; The Near Future are at the forefront of a dynamic new brand of electronic Pop music specifically recorded for optimum playback experience on the Zune (TM) system, committed to delivering a World Class Service (TM) designed to meet the demands of todays sophisticated customer. Their concept and delivery was very playful, for example they were each donning various uniforms and part acting out roles of middle-management (Tony), shop floor staff (Danny) and employee-of-the-month (Gracie) to genuine comedic effect. In my mind they captured and embodied all the best elements of punk music with their unique aesthetic, their creative delivery of socio-political themes, and best of all, they were utterly original.  I really didn’t want them to end and I would definitely recommend them to everyone!

As for the exhibition itself, it mostly comprised exclusive pieces by Gee Vaucher which are well worth a look, and available for purchase too if you are a keen collector. Also exhibited was some awesome craftwork by Pandora Vaughan. This is definitely well worth a visit.

Here is a breakdown of some of the other events and special entertainment over the coming days:

THURSDAY 24th NOVEMBER – 7pm – GEE VAUCHER will be around to share her new book MUCH ADO ABOUT SOMETHING and to answer any questions. She will be accompanied by super silkscreener MULA and they will be producing on the spot silkscreen prints together.

FRIDAY 25th NOVEMBER – 7.30pm – DOMINIC THACKRAY presents his new book ‘MY TSUNAMI OF EUPHORIA’ (lushly illustrated, typography, graphics, posters, drawings for film, music etc) with Q&A, projections, art on the walls and accompanied by the ORANGE CIRCUS BAND (mandolin/banjo/guitar) playing rollicking foot tapping songs from the Great Depression. Says Jim fields (dir: End of the Century) “Beautiful, witty and gently subversive, I love it”.

MONDAY 28th NOVEMBER – 7.30pm – CALVERTS the RADICAL PRINT CO-OP, will be presenting an evenings talk and discussion about their roots, and will show examples of the many books and pamphlets they have printed, especially arts based.

Check out the Exitstencil Press website for more information.

(thanks to Pandora for the photo)


Pat Jordache European Tour this Nov-Dec

16 Nov




Leeds, UK Brudenell Social Club
28.11.11 Brighton, UK Sticky Mike’s
29.11.11 London, UK Plan B/Upset the Rhythm
30.11.11 Nantes, FR Stereolux
01.12.11 Paris, FR Point Ephemere
02.12.11 Rennes, FR Bars en Trans
03.12.11 Bordeaux, FR Saint Ex
05.12.11 Castellon, ES Sala Veneno Stereo
06.12.11 Zaragoza, ES La Lata de Bombillas
07.12.11 Lyon, FR Kraspek Myzik
08.12.11 Montbéliard, FR Le Palot (Generiq)
09.12.11 Dijon, FR L’Hotel Vogue (Generiq)
10.12.11 Saint Gallen, CH Palace
11.12.11 Yverdon, CH Amalgame Club
12.12.11 Faenza, IT Clandestino
13.12.11 Pisa, IT Caracol
14.12.11 Düdingen, CH Badbonn

Pat Jordache has been making elliptical sparkling waves in Montreal’s vibrant noise-pop community for several years now. His band Sister Suvi with Merill Garbus made a fierce but short-lived impact, serving up dense, lo-fi, supercharged complexity and garnering accolades from Pitchfork among others for their Now I Am Champion album. With the departure of Garbus for the American west coast and her focus on tUnE-yArDs, Pat drew inspiration from that friendship and from Garbus’ hermetic solo process, retreating to minimum wage employment while working up home recordings of solo material.

Future Songs is the bracing result of Pat’s isolation; an album of brilliant off-kilter pop, anchored by woozy baritone vocals, angular guitar lines and a gloriously careening approach to rhythm and arrangement. Evoking sounds and sensibilities that encompass David-Baker-era Mercury Rev, Joy Division, Scott Walker and Can, to name just a few,Future Songs was self-released on cassette and went up on Bandcamp in summer of 2010, circulating quickly through Montreal’s DIY music community and Tumblr accounts across the continent. While entirely self-recorded, with almost all parts played by Jordache, the material unmistakably cried out for full band treatment, for which there was no shortage of eager participants.

With the original sessions lost in the theft of Jordache’s laptop from a Montreal roadside smoked meat shop, the initial release of Future Songs was in lo-res, self-mastered 160 kbps mp3. In one of the many small miracles of our digital age, full resolution back-up .wav files of the sessions were dredged up from a forgotten Mediafire account, from which the songs were re-mastered for the Constellation release of the album. 

Bay Area’s devastating duo Black Cobra unleash their strongest album to date…

16 Nov

Formed by drummer Rafa Martinez (ex-16, ex-Acid King) and guitarist/vocalist Jason Landrian (ex-Cavity), BLACK COBRA catapulted themselves onto the scene in 2001 with their ravenous, upbeat and ultimately unique style of punk/hardcore-fueled sludge metal. At A Loss Recordings became the band’s label home for the release of their debut full-length, Bestial, and follow-up album, Feather And Stone, until their signing with Southern Lord Recordings for 2009’s massively well-received Chronomega.

For the recording of this, the band’s second release for Southern Lord Recordings, Black Cobra recently ventured across the continent to pound out their anticipated new album, this time around enlisting the talents of Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou and his God City Studio in Salem, Massachusetts. Their fourth full-length album, Invernal is the most honed and diversified material to date. Brace yourselves!