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Review of Necro Deathmort’s ‘The Colonial Script’

29 Jun

AJ Cookson and Matthew Rozeik have done it again: following their largely well received predecessor Music of Bleak Origin that grabbed our full attention yesteryear, Necro Deathmort have descended upon us with another monolithic masterpiece full of electronically unloading twists and turns down an undefined dooms day promenade.

The London based deuce put an immediate dent in your tracks with the steep and slow opening track: Imperial. A dread filled hum punctuated with a mechanical percussion. It breaks into a fast paced, panicked interlude of rhythm that swiftly dies leaving just the dread. The entire album is filled with these suspense games, releases of desperation and fear to a backdrop that’s drowned in doom.

A cold sense of darkness and descent is palpable on first listen, only to be introduced to the evenly spread calculous vocal injections throughout, taking you off into a uncompromising, subterranean wonder. With cascading omnipresence and elements of terror, the story that needs to be told here is nothing short of a subversively lonely tale.

Technically speaking, this is a tight and intricate piece of work. The record jumps into live vocals and heavy as hell guitars in unexpected places, like a scream from humanity lost.

The Colonial Script is a raw, yet slick venture into black metal, doom and electronica. With its ominous edge and subjugating attitude The Colonial Script is a rite of passage that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The album is released on Distraction Records on Monday. For more info you can visit Necro Deathmort and Distraction Records

Thank you to Ollie and Nes for these awesome words.



Weedeater announce European tour 2012

29 Jun


Sic Alps announce self-titled fifth album, out September 10th on Drag City

29 Jun

With the self-titled Sic Alps now ready to hit on September 10th via Drag City, we’re looking at another fresh dawn in the storied history of a band. But what really is the story anyway?

During Pavement’s “One More for the Money” tour of 2010, Sic Alps played some British gigs with them – it’s been written that during one long night in Brixton, Stephen Malkmus was heard uttering within shot of a microphone that Sic Alps would be one of the most important bands of the next ten years. Not that we’re inclined to disagree, but Malkmus is a habitual liar, so who knows how apocryphal one can really be about that.

All speculation aside, here are the facts as we know them: Sic Alps be the fifth album from Sic Alps, if you include the compilation album Long Way Around to a Shortcut, which we do. There’s been a number of singles and some splits and who knows, we may be looking at a second way around to a shortcut someday soon. First though, we deal with the cracking and recasting of the mold that is apparent when you start to hear the sounds of Sic Alps. Where on previous recordings there was space and distance, this time, they have carved a fuller sound, fleshed out with instrumental textures and classic vocal melodies, expanding upon the playful experimentation for which they’re known.

And lest you be deprived of that gentle bombshell, that first sting of strings, we present the lead-off track to the record, “Glyphs” premiered earlier this week on Pitchfork.

Sic Alps Tracklisting:

1. Glyphs

2. God Bless Her, I Miss Her

3. Lazee Son

4. Polka Vat

5. Wake Up, It’s Over II

6. Drink Up!

7. Thylacine Man

8. Moviehead

9. Rock Races

10. See You On The Slopes

Stay tuned for further information regarding this release in the near future.

Tomahawk spill the beans on new album set to drop January 2013

28 Jun

It’s been 5 years since the release of their 3rd and wondrous album entitled Anonymous, so as best expected, Tomahawks latest creation Oddfellows is on the highly anticipated list of must have records for the year coming up.

Oddfellows features the many talents of Faith No More vocalist Mike Patton, Battles/former Helmet drummer John Stanier and former Mr.Bungle/Fantômas bassist Trevor Dunn, so, in the way of supergroups, we really do have something to look forward to after all these years.

Duane Denison (Tomahawk guitarist) told Rolling Stone magazine  that “[Oddfellows] is more of a full-on rock album. There’s no quirky weirdness – it’s very straightforward for us,” “The heavy stuff is as dark and heavy as anything we’ve ever done, but then there’s a lighter edge to it. There’s almost like this weird, upbeat [sound], what I call ‘heavy pop,’ and Patton totally got the vibe right away…[Patton likened it to] really heavy Beach Boys.”


This 15 track affair will be starting off our new year rather nicely, with the album set to drop in January 2013 on Ipecac Records although, the word over at Rolling Stone tells of a yet to be selected single that will be released during Autumn this year to keep us on our toes…

From Ashes Rise: New 7″ to see July release via Southern Lord

22 Jun

Portland, Oregon’s legendary crust punk pioneers FROM ASHES RISE are preparing to unleash their brand new 7″ via Southern Lord, the band’s first material to be released in nine years!

Now confirmed for official UK/EU release on July 16th, the anticipated new two-song Rejoice The End/Rage Of Sanity 7″ follows-up the band’s lauded Nightmares LP, released by Jade Tree Records in 2003. The songs were recorded in February at Audible Alchemy in Portland, engineered by Bryan Sours and Steve Lobdell, and mastered by the band’s Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

The A-side track of the 7″, “Rejoice The End,” is available now for download via a Southern Lord label mixtape released this week via Cvlt Nation.

Formed in Nashville, Tennessee during the mid 1990s’ American crust punk surge, later relocating to their current home in Portland, Oregon, the band have unleashed three LPs and a plethora of split releases, EPs and more, amidst waves of heavy underground touring. The infectious, downtuned FROM ASHES RISE sound has become a staple in the scene, and alongside bands like Tragedy and His Hero Is Gone have helped pioneer what is defined as modern crust punk, the band remaining one of the most brutally-charged and hauntingly melodic forerunners of the scene.

Scott Kelly, Steve Von Till & Wino – Songs of Townez Van Zandt

22 Jun

This is the first of an exclusive series giving insight into the voices behind the covers of Songs of Townez Van Zandt

Sample “State Of Non-Return” from OM’s new album Advaitic Songs now

21 Jun

OM have just offered a first taste of music from their hypnotic new album Advaitic Songs. “State of Non-Return” delivers their signature immense low end, genre-defying musical themes, and entrancing grooves offering an early indicator of the album’s incredible depths of sound and thematic purpose.

And here’s a link: