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Supernatural Cat to release brand new OvO album

31 Jan

Close your eyes. You may think Satan is singing.

Open them: you’ll see a small masked woman, with dreadlocks down to her ankles, and without vocal effects.

Close your eyes again: you’ll think of a heavy metal double kick drum set.

Open them again: a gigantic, wrestling masked man is torturing a floor tom, a snare and a cymbal, standing up, no kick.

Two people, half gear, enough to bring Hell.

This is OvO.

OvO’s upcoming full-length Cor Cordium — the title translating to “heart of the hearts” — is the epitaph to the memory of idolised English Romantic poet and adventurer Percy B. Shelley, whose final resting place is in Roma, Italy. The diverse, avant/conceptual ten-track opus is the sixth album from OvO.
The name OvO is already well-known throughout the underground noise, doom and experimental scenes, OvO are from a realm of contaminated heavy rock, where noise elements act as breaks between the sonic, deconstructive assaults of Cor Cordium. The hi-fi recordings captured on the album present a rational structure hidden under the apparent madness of the compositions.
With previous releases being handled by labels such as Bar La Muerte, Blossoming Noise and Load Records, and the duo having played around 600 shows (from Europe to Mexico, from America to Israel) since their inception at the turn of the century. OvO have collaborated, recorded and/or played live with countless notable acts including Nadja, KK Null, Thurston Moore, Jim O’Rourke, Rollerball, Thrones, SubArachnoid Space, Zeni Geva, Lightning Bolt, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Estradasphere, Steve McKay, Trencher, Ludicra, Bill Horist, USA Is A Monster, White Mice, Cock ESP, Bastard Noise, Zu, Larsen, Kill ME Tomorrow, Murder Junkies, Jarboe, A Hawk And A Hacksaw and more.
In addition to the standard digipack version and digital download, there will also be a limited edition version which will include the CD and LP version, and a DVD featuring a live performance of OvO’s previous album Corcevia.
Cor Cordium is due in April 18th via Supernatural Cat Records, the label who have brought incredible releases from Lento, Morkobot, Incoming Cerebral Overdrive, and most notably, doom trio Ufomammut, who are also some of the masterminds behind both Supernatural Cat Records and Malleus Art Rock Lab.


Constellation news – Tindersticks long awaited release of Claire Denis film scores

31 Jan
Claire Denis Film Scores 1995 – 2010
In Concert Music And Film

Tindersticks are delighted to announce the release of Claire Denis Film Scores 1995 – 2010.
A boxed set collection of six Claire Denis film soundtracks will be available for the first time together on cd, vinyl and download on Constellation Records. Released worldwide on April 26th 2011.
A celebration of the band’s unique artistic collaboration with the renowned French film director Claire Denis. From her award-winning Nenette et Boni (1996) to her recently acclaimed White Material (2009), also including the beautifully observed 35 Shots of Rum (2008), the infamous Trouble Every Day (2001) and two solo soundtracks: Stuart Staples’ solo score for Denis’s lyrical and impressionistic The Intruder (2004) and Dickon Hinchliffe’s score for the sensual Vendredi Soir (2002).
To accompany the release, the band will be performing a series of ambitious concerts in cinematic seetings, bringing together the music with the evocative images that inspired it.
Set in motion by an invitation from the San Francisco Film Festival to perform in May 2011, the project has gathered interest and momentum and further performances are being scheduled across Europe in 2011.
The first of these to be announced is at London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall on 26th April in conjunction with the British Film Institute, with a special screening of Nenette et Boni at the BFI Southbank on the 27th April, followed by an onstage Q&A with Claire Denis and Stuart Staples, discussing their work together and artistic affinity.
Tindersticks and Claire Denis

“Sometime in Paris ‘95, I thought it was La Cigalle, she says it was the Bataclan, I’m not sure.
That is where we met anyway, one of those places, after a concert.
She was writing the screenplay for Nenette et Boni and something in our song ‘My Sister’ had clicked with her, she asked us if we would like to make the music for the film. We had film scoring pretensions, soundtrack music had always been a thing of David’s from when we met way back (though we could barely play, we had dreams).
It seemed the right next move for us, it fitted with the energy and flow of our band.

We had this thing about Miles Davis’ Lift to the Scaffold. Passing through Paris he stopped off at the studio with his band and recorded the score right there and then, in a day, watching the film for the first time and reacting musically.

‘Seemed like a good place to start.

I suppose the essence was there, that’s how we began, and after a few fumbling months we delivered the music for Nenette et Boni, nervously.

That’s how it all started, maybe we just got on, had some kind of understanding; we have never really talked about it. I was told she said in an interview that we understand her films before she does; maybe that’s true in some way, but I think she was just being gracious.
Approaching each film has always asked us to step into an unknown, stretch ourselves and do things we did not think we were able. At the end we always feel changed in some way. This has fed into all our other music and is a contributing factor to why we’re still struggling to catch our ideas after all these years, still frustrated and fascinated in equal measure.

Other people have asked us to score their films, but we always reached a point where we realised that the freedom and conversation Claire affords (and expects from) us is not there, and then it becomes something different, making music for a purpose (money?) – something we’re well aware we have never been very good at.”

Stuart Staples, January 2011

The Winchester Club announce launch gig in London this March

28 Jan

Calling all London based comrades, The Winchester Club are hosting an album launch gig on Wednesday 23rd March at the CAMP in Old Street. Be great if you can come along!

Here is some more information about their new album Negative Liberty (Exile On Mainstream)

Just like its predecessor Negative Liberty is a work of epic instrumental post-rock, which builds from delicate drones, looping guitar figures and field recordings, through to crescendos of layered distortion. Well structured and thought rhythms sweep around layers of guitar work and xylophone pings. The metaphoric picture of sinking into music is often used but rarely so adequately perfect as a description like it is for this album.

The deep organics and natural expression of the sounds on Negative Liberty make this an absolutely outstanding release in a field that seemed to be harvested completely.

Ultimately, this new album sees The Winchester Club starting over again with much more confidence and dedication than ever before.

Stay tuned for more news on future live shows!


Disappears release new video

28 Jan

Disappears have just released their second album Guider on Kranky, following their pumping debut, Lux of last year.

With a European tour around the corner and UK dates in the making, the band are on the up (and rightly so!). They have also just released this video for the opening track from their new album.

If you need more reasons to check out this band then I strongly recommend reading their recent album review on the Quietus.

Surrender to the delicious.


Three lost albums of Little Annie, reissued, repackaged, intact.

24 Jan

Annie Bandez – aka Annie Anxiety, aka Annie Anxiety Bandez, aka Little Annie – has often found herself, for better or worse, at the right place at the right time.

Chanteuse, author, actress, painter, raconteur, bon vivant and all around survivor, she was born and raised in a perfect town to run away from (Yonkers) just a half an hour north of a perfect place to run away to (New York City). She came of age at the perfect moment to be part of a gorgeous, gifted, tragic generation that was desperate for stimulation and reinvention.

She was one of those in the right place at the right time…

Annie’s musical career started at the fag end of the 70’s, in the seminal NYC art-punk scene.  Annie from Yonkers became Annie Anxiety and soon had a band, the Asexuals, behind her.  By 1982 she had made her way to London and joined forces with anarchy agit-punksters CRASS, who released her first single, “Barbed Wire Halo” on their label.

Next she hooked up with Adrian Sherwood and his posse of dub radicals, including Bim Sherman, African Head Charge, and a trio of fellow ex-pats -Sugarhill refugees responsible for the groove behind rappers like Grandmaster Flash, who were busy restyling themselves as Tackhead (Wimbish, LeBlanc and MacDonald).

Then it was down into the dark London underworld of Coil (Love’s Secret Domain), and Wolfgang Press (Queer), before returning to New York, writing an album with Antony Hegarty (Coal Mine Canary), soundtracking a Levi’s advert and hooking up with her piano partner-in-crime, composer Paul Wallfisch.  A week at Wilton’s Music Hall in London in 2008 with Marc Almond led to a month of gigs when Marc did his “Greatest Hits” road show in 2010.


Now about the reissues…

Soul Possession (originally released in 1983 as Annie Anxiety)
Annie’s debut, and the album that clearly maps her transmogrification from Crass cohort and poet/agitator to dub diva. Co-released by Corpus Christi and On-U Sound, it’s an unsettling master stroke created in a landscape nearly devoid of female role models. A harsh, disarming rhythmic landscape is splattered with grim and grisly poetry as Annie literally finds her voice and tells tales of violently unsuccessful love affairs, automatic mishaps, and brutal modern existence. Backed by members of Crass, African Head Charge, Flux of Pink Indians and London Underground, it’s a musical stew of punk, blues, dub and electronics which was way ahead of its time.

Jackamo (originally released in 1987 as Annie Anxiety Bandez)
It was just over three years before Annie’s next album was fully formed. In that time she had become a fully patched member of the On-U Sound crew, and indeed had moved into the garden shed at Chez Sherwood. Jackamo is the result of Annie gravitating towards her earliest musical influences – Garland, Sinatra, Lenya, Piaf… and of her collaboration with On-U’s other feminine force – Kishi Yamamoto. Musical shapes were created by Yamamoto, Tackhead’s Doug Wimbish, and African Head Charge’s Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah. Jackamo is the sound of the haunted dancehall – dub groove and Caligari cabaret, matched with Annie’s brutal/gorgeous lyrical seppuku.

Short & Sweet (originally released in 1992 as Little Annie)
The real truth is that Short & Sweet was not Annie’s third album, it was her fourth. Snapped up by the major Atco after the critical acclaim surrounding Jackamo, Annie spent a lot of cash and a lot of time creating her masterwork – and then the label collapsed and buried her album in a grave of legal limbo. Annie did what all smart girls do – divorced her husband, fired her manager, and went back into the studio. Along with her faithful Tackhead compadres she set about crafting a pop album – but one which demanded that the musical form rise to her high standards – rather than watering down her own creative force to a lower common denominator. Annie is vocally wearing her most comfortable shoes ever on this album – and her lyrics draw from a rich source of anger, betrayal and realism that come from surviving a failed record deal and a failed marriage. A true tour de force.

The reissues are available through the Southern Records webshop.

Annie will be touring again in February (with an additional show in September) playing the following shows:

Another crucial release from Dischord

23 Jan

Photo by Malcom Riveria

Artificial Peace was formed by Pete from Red C (great band!)  along with Mike, Rob and Steve of Assault and Battery. They were solid and fast and they quickly managed to build one of the largest followings of all of the early bands. They were one of the first DC area bands to play out of town, always making it a point to announce that they were from Bethesda, a city just across the DC line in Maryland.

Ian recorded a 19-song demo with them at Inner Ear, and three of those songs appear on the “Flex Your Head” Sampler. They also released a split 7” with a band called The Exiled on the Fountain of Youth label. After Artificial Peace dissolved in 1982 Pete, Steve and Mike went on to form Marginal Man and Rob later joined Government Issue and played on their ’83 US tour.

This year Dischord are unearthing some more buried treasure in the form of a record containing the entire session that Artificial Peace recorded in November 1981, aptly titled Complete Sessions, Nov 81.  Three of these songs were initially released on the aforementioned Flex Your Head compilation but the rest were shelved when the band unexpectedly broke up after playing for barely over a year. 

Like others on the label (One Last Wish come to mind), the band were short lived in this particular guise, but that does not affect the importance of their music. This is a key addition to any completist.


Exile on Mainstream unleash debut solo album by Conny Ochs

17 Jan

Conny Ochs hails from Germany and has just finished a 6-week tour opening for Scott “Wino” Weinrich. Following the European-wide trek, Ochs is now ready to release his debut album, Raw Love Songs on the killer German label Exile on Mainstream.

Conny Ochs delivers heart-warming, emotional and honest songs, bound to a tradition and history of great acoustic craftsmanship drawn over the American continent. Conny explores the realms of what of your inner self can be once you are on your own and armed with a guitar, a banjo and your voice.

The path has been walked by many before but it doesn’t make it a worn out road. This is what it’s all about: not pushing yourself to reach out for definite goals but listen to your inner voice, realising the way being more important than the destination and deliver in honesty: raw. uncarved. strips cut straight from the soul. RAW LOVE SONGS.

While on tour with Wino, the two also found time to record a one-off Latitudes session in the legendary Southern Studios. Keep an eye on the site for more news about when that will land.