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Earth announce tour dates to support their new album

18 Dec

It comes with great pleasure to announce that Earth will be embarking on a five week spring tour of the UK and the continent in 2011 to promote their stirling new studio album Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light 1 (Southern Lord), this will be the first time this material has  been performed live on UK soil. The touring line up is as follows, Dylan Carlson, Adrienne Davies, Angelina Baldoz and Lori Goldston.

Support comes from Sabbath Assembly, a psychedelic religious rock band
from New York, currently on a “quest set forth by The Process Church
of the Final Judgment to conquer fear with love, rePROCESSing their
hymns for the current generation.”.

So far the UK dates have been announced by local promoters, a London
show is in the works but will be announced at a later stage. Here is
how the tour is looking so far:

Friday 1 April – Leeds, Josephs Well
Saturday 2 April – Manchester, Islington Mill
Sunday 3 April – Birmingham, Hare And Hounds
Monday 4 April – Newcastle, The Cluny
Tuesday 5 April – Glasgow, Stereo
Friday 8 April – Dublin, Button Factory
Saturday 9 April – Cork, Cyprus Avenue
Monday 11 April – Cardiff, Millenium Music Hall 2

Stay tuned for further information about the tour and the London show
which will follow soon.


Release date 21 Feb 2011

Earth recently unveiled a beautiful collection of early recordings (A
Bureaucratic Desire for Extra Capsular Extraction
) to which many agree marked the band as pioneers of a new sound that has continued to metamorphose ever since. True that with each brand new studio album,
they evolve, and it is this willingness to experiment with different sounds and different musicians that has enabled Earth to remain consistently interesting and undoubtedly always unique.

Following the Extra Capsular reissues, Earth’s next offering is a brand new studio album on Southern Lord, Angels Of Darkness, Demons of Light 1, a fine testament to the fact that they have come a long way since 1989.  Drawing on inspiration from both British Folk-Rock bands the Pentangle and Fairport
Convention and the North African Tuareg band Tinariwen, the new material, while still ‘heavy’ is much more fluid and melodically oriented, less dense and more textured and nuanced. It contains greater improvisatory interplay between the musicians.

On one hand the new album acknowledges previous recordings, sonically
it cultivates the jazz infused Americana presented on The Bees Made Honey In The Lion’s Skull and as a further nod to the past, Earth returned to Avast studios to work with producer Stuart Hallerman (Soundgarden, Mudhoney, Built To Spill, and Earth2) again. On the other hand, there have been some significant changes which have given birth to yet another new sound, the main change being the line up and so joining Dylan and Adrienne on the album is cellist Lori Goldston (Nirvana, David Byrne, Black Cat Orchestra, Laura Veirs) and Karl Blau (K Records, Laura Veirs, Microphones) on electric bass. The touring band will feature Dylan Carlson, Adreinne Davies, Lori Goldston, and Angelina Baldoz on bass.

Songs ‘Father Midnight’ and ‘Hell’s Winter’ definitely retain some of their former glory on the Bees Made Honey…whilst the cello, though subtle at times, adds a more haunting tone to songs ‘Old Black’ and ‘Descent to the Zenith’ which are so powerful that they have the ability to move one to tears. It is the album’s closer and title track which is the boldest step in a new direction for Earth, utilizing the complimentary tones of cello, electric bass and Dylan’s guitar, leaving the notes to hang contemplatively in the air before Adrienne’s
drum beats finally emerge. The repetition throughout the song is seemingly simplistic, though as we all know by now, there is absolutely nothing simple about holding a note or beat for as long as Earth do.

There are many breaths of fresh air in this new record, many hopeful tones and drones as well as more eerie ones. One thing is for sure, this incarnation of Earth excels all expectations.

Disappears announce details of new album and confirm European tour in 2011

18 Dec

The momentum is building in anticipation of Disappears‘ brand new
album release, Guider. Release date: 24 January on Kranky

To support the album they will be touring Europe throughout February. Here are the confirmed dates:

08 Feb 2011      DE        Leipzig – UT Connewitz
09 Feb 2011      BE        Brussels – Magasin 4
10 Feb 2011      FR        Lille – L’Aéronef
11 Feb 2011      CH        Baden – One Of A Million Festival – Indoor
Festival at Nordportal
12 Feb 2011      CH        Vevey – Rocking Chair
13 Feb 2011      FR        Grenoble – Le Ciel
14 Feb 2011      FR        Lyon – Sonic
15 Feb 2011      FR        Bordeaux – St Ex
16 Feb 2011      FR        Nantes – Pôle Etudiant
17 Feb 2011      FR        Paris – Point FMR
18 Feb 2011      FR        St Malo – La Route Du Rock (winter Edition)
19 Feb 2011      FR        Metz – Les Trinitaires w/ Zombie Zombie
20 Feb 2011      NL        Utrecht – Ekko
21 Feb 2011      DE        Berlin – Levee
22 Feb 2011      DE        Hamburg – Fundbureau

2010 was a busy year for Disappears. They finally saw their debut album Lux released, they did a fair amount of touring, and they recorded this new album. Having worked these new songs into proper shape in the live setting, they went into the studio and ripped through the recordings, using the first take on all but one of the tracks. And Disappears are so much about the NOW and not the THEN that they recorded over the same reels of tape that they used for their first album.

“Guider” means to control or influence, which is what all the songs ended up being about in one form or another. Notably featuring Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) on drums. This is a heads down, blinders on, damn the distractions, forward driving, controlled squall.

Drop the needle, turn up the volume and surrender to the delicious.

Introducing new label partner Arlen

18 Dec

“Arlen’s previous includes co-ownership and running of a successful and prolific alternative label, and a personal myspace friend request via association with that label led ultimately to the release of ’67 Breaths’. Heinali’s friends and likes suggested he’d be worth checking out, and his material had an instant impact, echoing the work of leading lights in the post-classical field (Richard Skelton, Olafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm) but with a sincerity and authenticity all too often absent with the output of the glut of musicians with such leanings. Crucially, Heinali also seemed perfectly suited to the loose
agenda of the planned new label, which brings us to where we are now – the reality of a full album release on Arlen.”– LABEL OWNER ANDREW

There are two new releases to establish the label in 2011:

HEINALI -67 BREATHS – released 24 January

Arlen are pleased to present Heinali,minimalist composer and music
producer from Kiev, Ukraine. Heinali started his first experiments with music in 2003. Self-taught, he is able to create all of his music just with a home studio comprising a PC, midi keyboard and a couple of guitars. His sound has evolved with time under the constantly changing influences of different music.

Since 2009, Heinali has been composing for films, art performances and installations, and also as part of the Soloma art group, with whom hehas performed at art and music festivals. The new album,67 Breaths,reflects a wide set of musical influences that range from classical music to modern composers
(Max Richter, Johann Johannsson), from jazz to contemporary bands such
as Explosions in the Sky, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Helios. Simple and minimalist, but refined and sophisticated at the same time, 67 Breaths leads us into a realm where different influences are combined creating an original and eclectic result.

*On Heinali’s Tumblr are three exclusive tracks, an interview and a music video for ‘Under God’s Heaven’, a song by Heinali and Matt Finney. I strongly recommend you check them out.

AXXONN – LET’S GET IT STRAIGHT – released 14 February

Arlen proudly presents Let’s Get It Straight,the new album of the Australian sound artist Tom Hall, in art AXXONN. AXXONN is a pop/synth/doom/electronic music project that transverses and mixes different genres, such as black metal, doom metal, ambient, electro and pop. The result is a unique cacophony of distorted sounds. This eclectic use of influences has lead AXXONN to be grouped in a variety of sub-genres that include Stretched Metal, Art Metal, Gloom Pop and Electro Doom.

AXXONN has toured extensively nationally and internationally appearing at festivals and headlining shows all over the world in the past two years. In just the past six months AXXONN  has supported ISIS, Health, Lichens, Tim Hecker, PVT (Pivot) just to name a few. Let’s Get It Straight will be the artist’s fourth release.
*For AXXONN video footage you can view Let’s Get It Straight live and Urine Mote live.


Riot Season present Ultraphallus

18 Dec
Riot Season are proud to present a brand new album by Ultraphallus and mini tour with Hey Collosus.
The band, formed in Liége in 2004, and after a succession of album releases and high profile European tour slots they are back with their third album and a new sound.
Sowberry Hagan was recorded in just four days in a farm near Liége. The album combines their well-honed sound of cacophonous guitar riffs juxtaposed with hypnotic, ambient doom whilst also experimenting with new sounds. By introducing new instruments to the fold including banjo, alto and soprano saxophones, and other instrumental samples, Ultraphallus have reinvented themselves and are crafting their very own new definition of doom.
They have certainly pulled out all the stops for Sowberry Hagan as they have also recruited the help of special guest Eugene Robinson (Oxbow) who carries his trademark, talented voice for an epic eight minute ambient-rock track. The result is an album more dark and more encompassing as ever before. If you have yet to be consumed by Ultraphallus’ atmospheric sounds then this is a good place to start.
The album will see the light of day on 24 January 2011 with the tour around that time. Here are the dates:
Jan 20th LONDON The Victoria, Dalston (with Hey Colossus)
Jan 21st BIRMINGHAM Wagon & Horses (with Hey Colossus)
Jan 22nd BRADFORD The 1 In 12 Club (with Hey Colossus)
It steers a path through seething industrial ambience and sense-deranging rock, vacillating from creepily abrasive tracks like “Suspense BIRD/HUMAN” to the bilious riff brawn of longer, more satisfyingly heavy pieces such as “Indians Love Rain” Singer Phil Maggi’s trash can rasp weaves with ease among these sonic wranglings, a cadaverous sound field gradually stripped away until all that’s left for guest Eugene Robinson is to drool over the bones, as he does to chilling effect during the ghost-laden swells of “The Red Print”. In creating this striking and unpredictable album, Ultraphallus have announced themselves as a grisly new force at large in extreme music.– ROCK A ROLLA

Life of a PR – part 2 – keeping Dylan Carlson (Earth) busy at Rarely Unable HQ

9 Dec

Dylan Carlson heard that it was busy at Rarely Unable HQ this December, though when he flew over for a UK press trip to promote the new Earth album, little did he know that Rarely Unable had bigger plans to recruit him as her newest PR!

Joking aside, it was a fantastic press trip and a productive one too. As well as meeting and speaking to UK and European journalists, we also went along to see Daniel Higgs and Neurosis in London on the first night, both of whom were superb.

And don’t worry, I didn’t make him wear that headset all the time, only once!

Boris to release first official DVD

8 Dec

Japan’s rock experimentalists BORIS are well-known not only for their epic discography – as they’ve unleashed multiple releases to the public every year in countless formats since their formation in the early 90s — but also for their captivating live performances they’re constantly booking, playing live throughout every habitable continent on the planet over the past decade and a half. The next official release from the band will bring fans a bit of both worlds, in the form of the band’s first official domestic live DVD from the band!

Set for release via Southern Lord early 2011, the Live In Japan DVD captures the intriguing power, majesty and unique psychedelia that only BORIS can deliver, and will bring the band’s incredible stage act to fans who have never witnessed the band live, as well as diehards who venture out to see the act every chance they get. The footage on this official DVD release was filmed in Tokyo at the final show of the band’s 2008 Smile World Tour. Featuring a full set of eleven BORIS originals filmed at Daikanyama Unit, as well as three bonus videos from a set at the Shibuya Club Quattro, this DVD is quite special since BORIS actually play on other continents much more often than in their home country!

Check out the new trailer from the DVD here.

BORIS Live In Japan DVD Track Listing:

1. Flower Sun Rain
2. Buzz-In
3. Laser Beam
4. Pink
5. Statement
6. Floor Shaker
7. Rainbow
8. My Neighbor Satan
9. Ka Re Ha Te Ta Sa Ki – No One’s Grieve
10. You Were Holding An Umbrella
11. “     ”

Bonus Tracks From Shibuya Club Quattro:
12. Tokyo Wonder Land
13. A Bao A Qu
14. Farewell

Stay tuned for more updates on BORIS in the coming weeks, as 2011 will prove to be yet another extremely productive year for one of the hardest working bands in rock!