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Brace yourselves for a brand new album by Pombagira…

26 Jul


One of the heaviest bands to emerge from the UK Pombagira has with their new release unleashed one unholy monster of an album.
Notorious for running a massive back-line to achieve their tone, the band gathered at Earthworks Studio (London) in January 2011 to record Iconoclast Dream. Hard on the tail of Baron Citadel released in September 2010, Iconoclast Dream sees the band raising their game to something that extends beyond the confines of a strict genre label such as doom. Capturing the true dynamics of introspective 60s psych harmonies and early freak beat has catapulted Pombagira into a new arena of popularity. Yes there remain within this composition the heaviest riffs you will hear this side of Christendom. This contorted strung out cerebral orgasmic tune mixed with Sunn 0)))–esque tonal exploration accomplishes a conurbation in visceral vibrations for the mind, body and soul.
With a single song spanning 42 minutes, Iconoclast Dream enters zones of colour and depth never explored previously by the band. Moving in a constant agonised down-tuned sway, creating textured soundscapes, leads the discerning listener to the overbearing ethereal awareness of the album’s subject matter. Ensconced in the life experiences of having visited Haitian cemeteries, witnessing and participating in Voodoo ceremonies, Iconoclast Dream galvanises the relationship the band have had and continue to have with Baron Samedi, the spirit of the cemetery and gatekeeper to the graveyard dirt track.
Beautiful in its grandeur, resplendent in its darkness Pombagira’s Iconoclast Dream provides a master class on how to captivate an audience with sound, and tone while recounting a tale about regeneration and the subsequent destruction of self-erected icons.
The album will be released on 19 September 2011 on Black Axis Records/Mordgrimm.
This is LOUD, POWERFUL, DARK and OVERWHELMING stuff that deserves to be heard. For MY money, this flattens anything that Electric Wizard – Pombagira’s closest contemporaries – has done in the last few years and pounds it into graveyard dirt. The Baron is gonna just LOVE this….– THE SLEEPING SHAMAN
Pombagira have more bottom end than Beyonce and J-Lo having an arse fight at a Sunn O))) gig.– TERRORIZER
2011 Iconoclast Dream UK shows with Swedish band Switchblade:

9th Sept Nottingham: Chameleon Arts Centre – tba
10th Sept Birmingham: Wagon and Horses
11th Sept London: Purple Turtle – ALBUM LAUNCH

Penny Rimbaud releases new track

22 Jul

Browsing on the Southern Records blog led me to discover that Penny Rimbaud has released a new track, you can find out more on their blog and some details are included below:



Announcing a new track by Penny Rimbaud: ‘Mammon’ taken from The New Banalists Orchestra The Politics of Envy.
From the band’s website:
We the new banalists, have formed an orchestra to proclaim our manifesto.

The New Banalists Orchestra is
Digital Download Album £4.99 available from 25th July.
Purchasers of the new edition of The Idler – No.44 ‘Mind Your Business’ (also includes Penny Rimbaud’s latest essay, “Birth of a Notion – A Thousand And One Ways To Forget Yourself”) can download the album for free.
1. Penny Rimbaud: Mammon
2. Mark Stewart: Politics of Envy
3. Zodiac Youth: Reality is a Construct
4. David Tibet: Conspiracy Born
5. John Sinclair: Testify
6. Youth: Seattle
…with contributions from Eve Libertine (ex-Crass), Keith Levine (PiL) and Howard Marks (‘Mr Nice’).  Music by Youth & Michael Rendall. Penny also guests on the title track featuring Mark Stewart.


Supersonic Festival announce more additions to the line up!

20 Jul

21st – 23rd October 2011
Tickets on sale now via
You may have thought that it was all quiet on the Supersonic front what with the recent activity around the widely acclaimed Home Of Metal launch, little did we know, Capsule have been secretly plotting many new line up additions and are now ready to reveal them.
Highlighting the importance of experimental electronica and visual performance and marking a 15 year anniversary with two unique shows will be Alva Noto & Byetone. Alva Noto is the stage name of sound artist Carsten Nicolai who uses art and music as complementary tools to create microscopic views of creative processes, transforming sound by looping oscillators and tone generators, including clicks, glitches, warts and all! Olaf Benders performing solo under the name Byetone offers an unusual performance combining abstract animations and abstract digital pieces of music, whereby the the rhythm of music is transformed into a graphic equivalent.
Ever the well-balanced festival, it comes with great delight to announce Cut Hands to this year’s bill. William Bennett (Whitehouse) will experiment with his obscure yet popularised collection of Ghanaian percussion instruments in free-form work-outs and sound experimentation which featured heavily in the VBS films Liberia (2009) and Mandingo (2010).
Next to a solo artist and friend of the festival, who has received great critical acclaim for his recent album, Alexander Tucker, who breaks new ground by combining minimalist string arrangements with electronic manipulations and drones to produce doom chamber-pop songs and psychedelic music-concrete collages. Also playing are the the most adventurous and intrepid psychedelic rock outfit in the UK, Teeth Of The Sea. Bringing their synth odysseys of the 70s, the guitar-noise-fuelled infernos of the 80s, horrorscore schlock, Reich-ian repetition, and a whole plethora of other cathode-ray and speaker-stack birthed epiphanies. Keeping up the London contingent are a band who have cut their teeth in the music business for eons and yet we never tire of seeing them perform their extremely tight, uplifting and complex tunes at insanely loud levels, we are of course talking about Part Chimp aka “The Chimp”! Also from London, a little known treasure, Slabdragger who sing about epic quests to Nepal to find killer weed, rubbish Roman Centurions, battling huge Octopian creatures and drinking rum, but they also feature the one and only Sam Thredder (Dead Swans, More Than Life, Last Witness, Hang The Bastard, Prowler, Throats, Dirty Money, Deal With It, Nervous Wreck, TRC, The Legacy…).
The Berg Sans Nipple will perform using with two drums, synths, samples, a ton of percussion and vocals hardcore kids gone gamelan, caught in devastatingly beautiful melodies and a mind bending rhythm section. Nottingham’s Kogumaza use primitive rhythms, patterns and riffs to create dense and mesmeric song-cycles. The band’s live sound is manipulated through dub delays and echoes, allowing what is basically a heavy rock trio to expand and willingly lose control of the sound they make as they make it.
Now to an exciting new announcement about a unique workshop that is Supersonic attendees can sign up for. You can take part in building the Mute Synth followed by a large group performance with Dirty Electronics. The Dirty Electronics Mute Synth is a hand-held touch and tilt instrument with copper etched artwork and contoured printed circuit board that was designed in collaboration with Mute and graphic designer Adrian Shaughnessy. Hosting this event will be John Richards who has been exploring the idea of Dirty Electronics that focuses on face-to-face shared experiences, ritual, gesture, touch and social interaction. In Dirty Electronics, process and performance are inseparably bound. The ‘performance’ begins on the workbench devising instruments and is extended onto the stage through playing and exploring these instruments.
After the success of our first Supersonic Kids Gigs in 2010, we return with another programme of big sounds for little people. As well as performing at the main festival, Lucky Dragons will be performing a special Supersonic Kids Gig this year, exploring experimental music aimed and kids and their families. Lucky Dragons’ performances put the audience at the heart of the show, and encourage participation with the artists and with each other. Playing together whilst engaging with new sounds. The artist duo regularly conducts workshops to find new ways to engage people in experimental sounds and this one promises to be very memorable indeed.
Starting the very same weekend as Supersonic is The Event, a contemporary arts festival showcasing the city’s key artist-led groups, exploring a range of contemporary arts activity including visual arts, performance, live art, film, video, web-based, installation, intervention and sound, all demonstrating the diversity of the thriving arts community in the city and using the creative district of the Eastside of Birmingham as its backdrop. From the 21-30 October people are able to attend a variety of venues, Supersonic attendees are wholeheartedly encouraged to check this out during the festival period.
Don’t forget, more films to be announced soon as well as art, panel discussions and details of other special guests to be revealed.

Calling London based comrades the End Of Level Boss album launch party is approaching!

20 Jul
On Saturday 30th July, celebrating the release of the new album “Eklectric“, End of Level Boss are teaming up with Astrohenge for a night of riff twisting metal. You can read all about their most recent album below. As for the show, it promises to be a fun night for the beers are cheap and the entry price is nil, zilch, nada, nothing.
End of Level Boss return to the fray with their 3rd album “Eklectric”, released via Exile On Mainstream Records. Continuing in their all-consuming search for twisted riffs, the London based band returned to the analogue domains of Earth Terminal Studios, England, (the same location used for their highly acclaimed 2007 release “Inside the Difference Engine”) during the dying days of 2010. Bringing in a completely new rhythm section (Peter Theobalds (ex Akercocke / Gonga) on bass, and Neil Grant (ex RAAR) on drums) the band have unleashed an angrier, dirtier sound, recorded live to tape across 4 short winter days.
Formed by former Hangnail / Decomposed front-man Harry Armstrong, End of Level Boss was created to explore a need for off-kilter riffs and misshapen rhythms, forced into a head nodding, foot stomping marriage with burned out, unhinged groove. Having recruited ex Sloth guitarist Roland Scriver for lead guitar duties on their previous album, this third incarnation of EOLB have uncovered a mutual need to blend the familiar with the bizarre, resulting in the first End of Level Boss album to be written collectively, through intensive jam sessions, by the entire band.
The debut album “Prologue” saw the light of day in 2005 and was followed by extensive touring across Europe and the UK. End of Level Boss played several European festival dates, including appearances at the Roadburn festival (Holland), Stoned From The Underground and South of Mainstream festivals (Germany), and Sauzipf Rocks festival (Switzerland). This dedication to live deliverance of noise gained the band a fervent following and helped create a strong and dedicated fan base throughout Europe and beyond.
Previously described as “Kyuss meets King Crimson” EOLB have taken that recipe and dragged it, kicking and screaming, into an all new, cold and raw direction. Realising this natural progression resulted in the band attacking the new recording with a deliberate desire to capture the live, punkier elements of Motörhead and Voivod that influenced their formative musical cravings.
The result is “Eklectric”. Grab your poison of choice, sit back and prepare to be infected.

SUNN 0))) announce European tour

13 Jul

SUNN O))) Autumn tour EU 2011

mon 26/09/2011 De Dresden Beatpol
tue 27/09/2011 De Karlsruhe Jubez
Wed 28/09/2011 Ch Fribourg Fri-son
Thu 29/09/2011 It Torino Carceri
Fri 30/09/2011 It Rome Circolo Degli Artisti
Sat 1/10/2011 It Bologna Tpo
Sun 2/10/2011 De Essen Denovali Swingfest

Amenra sign to Neurot and announce European tour dates with Neurosis

12 Jul

It is with great honor for Neurot Recordings to announce the label’s official signing of Belgian sorcerers AMENRA. A perfect fit to Neurot’s already organically soulful and cerebrally crushing roster, Amenra’s newly completed fourth full-length album, Mass V, will be released in the coming months, with a confirmed street date and more details to be brought forth shortly.
Amenra have pulverized audiences abroad since the turn of the 21st century via an arsenal of split and mini-releases, as well as three full-length albums to date. They have proven themselves in the live setting as well, having toured with the likes of Neurosis, Converge, Pelican, Starkweather, Battlefields and countless others, and via notable performances at massive festivals including Roadburn, Eurosonic and more.
Stated Amenra in a collective statement about signing with Neurot: “Since day one, and for a decade now, we found ourselves in a cold and lonely place. Until our paths crossed with the Neurot family. A warm embrace. We believe now we have found a place we can call our own, and with great pride. We sincerely see this as the opportunity for us to prove to the world that our being here on Earth, In time, will not go unnoticed, but will be well spent. Mass V. We will make it mean something, always and everywhere.
Neurot Recordings founder and Neurosis guitarist/vocalist Steve Von Till also made an official statement on the label’s choice to bring Amenra into the Neurot family. “For us in Neurosis and Neurot Recordings life has always been a quest searching for something deeper, something more meaningful, something that moves one to feel something real in a world full of soul killing triviality. Amenra is deep, and real, and moving, and incredibly inspiring. Their family is dedicated and like minded in a way that we relate to completely. Kindred spirits. Their musical and visual aesthetic is pure and runs through everything they do, their music, their words, their graphics, their visuals, and print media. That unspoken spiritual core that we seek, weaves throughout their being. It is with great honor that we welcome them to our home, and to our label. There are few in our tribe in this world, and we are definitely stronger when we are together. I am eagerly awaiting the sonically induced spirit quest that will be Mass V at the Church of Ra.
In related news, Amenra will be supporting Neurosis once again on several live dates in Germany, Austria and France over the coming week, for the first time with the two artists now as official labelmates. Stated the band on the upcoming performances: “Our second tour with Neurosis. A restless heart. An unpredictable force of nature. Neurosis broke down walls and used those stones to build a path that now Amenra is able to walk. Without them we might not even have existed at all. Who knows. The recognition we get might be more substantial to us than breath, a light that fills the dark chambers of our hearts, until it will be gone. I expect and wish the shows to be out of this vvorld. We will try and guide the sparks, stoking and tending the flames, where Neurosis will set the bonfire alight. And each night, together, we will build that pyre. It will always be a godsgift and honour. for us to share stages with them. And travel with them, in silence. In everything we give thanks.
Check out a flyer for the upcoming European concerts below. Stay tuned for more live updates on Amenra and the upcoming monolith that shall be Mass V in the weeks ahead.

Supernatural Cat are making their back-catalogue available on 18 July

11 Jul

Supernatural Cat are relaunching some of their back-catalogue available at some great record stores and mail-order sites. Read on for more info about each available release…
UFOMAMMUT – Lucifer Songs
After amazing both public and critics with two seminal albums and live acts all around Europe which manage to combine the violence of Neurosis with the psychedelia of the more visionary Pink Floyd, Ufomammut are back in 2006 with a new record which opens in some ways unexpected paths. “Lucifer Songs” is the result of a mature and well knit band willing to experiment while maintaining its dna.
The flaming spatial ridings, which made their second full lenght “Snailking” a classic, remain as an indelible brand, but alongside we find development of new soundscapes made up of sinister atmospheres and gloomy sounds of vintage electronics. Lucifer Songs is a powerful wall of sound while at the same time untrinsically dreaming, it’s a record able to hypnotize and spellbind the listener with obsessive dilatations approaching drone music.
SUPERNATURALS “Record One” is an improvised session between the kings of deep noise Ufomammut and the amazing ambient postcorers Lent0. A super hypnotic and telluric monster session in which the bands play together around repetitive atmospheres broken by fragile openings.
Four guitars, a bass, synth, vocals and drums create a monolithic album, prelude to “Earthen” of Lento and sequel of Lucifer Songs by Ufomammut.
First out in 2008, Idolum is a the 4th album of Ufomammut and it’s a new chapter in the sonic history of the band, presenting a sensible evolution in the sound and in the structure of the songs: dark atmospheres, simple and mastodontic song frameworks, a different idea of psichedelic rock. Idolum is a latin word meaning “ghost” and “idea” at the same time, representing the massive but hidden presence as the main concepts of the album.
Rose kemp astonishing voice will be guest in“Ammonia” while Lorenzer of Lento has provided powerful sonic waves on “elephantom” with his six strings
Morto is the final chapter of Morkobot’s first trilogy. After the self title album and Mostro, the trio (Lin, Lan, Len) has realized a single long track, creating, with two basses and drums, an incredible maze of sound. Morkobot leads the listener into the ocean of “death concept” and its value as “reborn”. The album has been deformed by Lin Lan, Len and Fabio Magistrali. This is Morkobot, all the rest is dead.
I.C.O. is a 5 pieces band. I.C.O. comes from Italy. I.C.O. means Incoming Cerebral Overdrive. Controverso represents a new impulse of uncontrollable nature. Constructed of eight tracks, the album evolves through a conscious musical growing, breathing with the innovative soul of Avant-garde music. Originating from the Mastodonic approach to the riff, wholly rooted in a hardcore attitude, and overall developing in something rather unique and multiform, their furious dynamics, searing vocals, 70s Italian Prog reminiscence, and psychedelic aesthetic show ICO’s will to experiment on continuously mutating song structures comes totally out in Controverso.
“EVE” is the fifth album of Ufomammut. Recorded at Locomotore Studio in Roma by Lorenzo Stecconi (Soundlord on Idolum), “Eve” is a 45 minutes long single track developing in 5 main movements. Passing through the massive atmospheres of Idolum and filtered by the mastodontic riffs of Snailking, “Eve” is a new step in the sonic adventure of Ufomammut, another level in the band’s sound research. The album is a homage to Eve, the first Woman on Earth, and the rebellion to her creator for bringing knowledge to Mankind.
OVO – Cor Cordium
OvO’s upcoming full-length Cor Cordium — the title translating to “heart of the hearts” — is the epitaph to the memory of idolized English Romantic poet and adventurer Percy Shelley, whose final resting place is in Roma, Italy. The diverse, avant/conceptual ten-track opus is the sixth album from OvO, the members of the duo collectively residing between Italy and Germany.
The OvO name is already well-known throughout the underground noise, doom and experimental scenes, OvO are from a realm of contaminated heavy rock, where noise elements act as breaks between the sonic. deconstructive assaults of Cor Cordium. The hi-fi recordings captured on the album, for the first time in OvO’s history utilizing any sort of overdubs, present a rational structure hidden under the apparent madness of the compositions.
**You can check out OvO’s official video which made it onto Italian National TV on Youtube.
**OvO are going to be playing the following shows…
24/08/2011 Marina di Ravenna, Italy @ Hana Bi (w/Mombu, Zeus!)
16/09/2011 Potsdam, Germany @ Black Fleck 10 Years Anniversary
17/09/2011 Ostia, Italy @ ZK (w/ Zeus!)
Speaking of touring, UFOMAMMUT are about to embark on a HUGE tour of Europe which includes 7 days supporting Neurosis.
Stay tuned for more news about the band real soon, meanwhile, here are the dates:
JULY 2011
Supporting NEUROSIS:
17th. Grunspan – Hamburg – D (w/ Amen Ra)
18th. Conne Island – Leipzig – D (w/ Amen Ra)
19th. Arena – Wien – D (w/ Amen Ra)
20th. Spaziale Festival – Torino – I
27th. FZW – Dortmund – D
29th. Effenaar – Eindhoven – NL
30th. LKA – Stuttgart – D
19th. Balla Coi Cinghiali Festival – Bardineto – I
14th. Superkronic – Leipzig – D
15th. Festaal Kreuzberg – Berlin – D
16th. Stengade – Copenaghen – DK
17th. Inkonst – Malmo – SWE
18th. Blitz – Oslo – NO
19th. Truck Stop Alaska – Goteborg – SWE
21st . Nuclear Night Club – Oulu – FI
22nd. Lutakko – Jyväskylä – FI
23rd. Yo-talo – Tampere – FI
24th. Korjaamo – Helsinki – FI
26th. Molotow – Hamburg – D
27th. Underground – Cologne – D
28th. 013 – Tilburg – NL
29th. Holland – TBC
30th. Baroeg – Rotterdam – NL
01st. Het Depot – Leuven – B
03rd. The Croft – Bristol – UK
04th – UK – TBA
05 th – UK – TBA
06th. Purple Turtle – London – UK
07th – France – TBA
Don’t forget you can keep up to date with all the latest news regarding Supernatural Cat at all of the following outlets: