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Bong unveil artwork and tracklisting for new album plus tour dates

29 Feb

Mana-Yood-Sushai is the brand new album from BONG which will see the light of day in May. In the coming weeks I will be announcing more specific album information, meanwhile Ritual Productions and Rarely Unable PR are pleased to share the tracklisting and artwork (which is an image from a painting by Nicholas Roerich entitled ‘Mount of Five Treasures’)

Feast your eyes on it below:


Track 1: ‘Dreams of Mana-Yood-Sushai’

Track 2: ‘Trees, Grass and Stones’

Be sure to catch Bong on tour when they play one of the following dates:

11/03/12 The Chameleon Arts Cafe, Nottingham

15/03/12 Plugged Inn, Sunderland

15/04/12 Bong @ Roadburn 2012, O13, Tilburg, NL

17/05/12 Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester, Essex

27/05/12 Trillians, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Stay tuned for further information…


Exile On Mainstream share teaser of a brand new Black Shape Of Nexus song

28 Feb


Earth tour kicks off next week!

24 Feb

Earth are set to embark an a big European tour which begins in the UK next week and will also take in the ever awesome ATP Festival before heading out on a grand trip that spans a whopping 30 dates. This tour will be in support of their stupendous new album Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light II which has just been released on Southern Lord.

See the full schedule below and try to get yourself to one of the shows:

03-03-2012 Arnolfini Gallery Bristol, UK w/ Mount Eerie & Ô Paon
05-03-2012 Button Factory Dublin, UK w/ Mount Eerie & Ô Paon
07-03-2012 Ruby Lounge Manchester UK w/ Mount Eerie & Ô Paon
08-03-2012 The Caves Edinburgh UK w/ Mount Eerie & Ô Paon
09-03-2012 Brudenell Social Club Leeds UK w/ Mount Eerie & Ô Paon
10-03-2012 ATP Festival Minehead, UK w/ Mount Eerie
11-03-2012 Union Chapel London, UK w/ Mount Eerie & Ô Paon
12-03-2012 The Haunt Brighton, UK w/ Mount Eerie & Ô Paon
13-03-2012 Patronaat Haarlem, NL w/ Mount Eerie & Ô Paon
14-03-2012 Het Depot Leuven, BE w/ Mount Eerie& Ô Paon
15-03-2012 La Maroquinerie Paris, FR w/ Mount Eerie & Ô Paon
16-03-2012 Iboat Bordeaux, FR w/ Mount Eerie & Ô Paon
17-03-2012 Azkena Bilbao, ES w/ Mount Eerie & Ô Paon
18-03-2012 El Sol Madrid, ES w/ Mount Eerie & Ô Paon
19-03-2012 Musichall Barcelona, ES w/ Mount Eerie & Ô Paon
21-03-2012 L’Epicerie Moderne Lyon, FR w/ Mount Eerie & Ô Paon
22-03-2012 Spazio 211 Torino, IT w/ Mount Eerie & Ô Paon
23-03-2012 The Box Firenze, IT w/ Mount Eerie & Ô Paon
24-03-2012 Auditorium Del Carmine Parma, IT w/ Mount Eerie & Ô Paon
25-03-2012 Le Romandie Lausanne, CH w/ Mount Eerie & Ô Paon
26-03-2012 Schlachthof Wiesbaden, DE w/ Mount Eerie & Ô Paon
28-03-2012 Arena Vienna, AT w/ Mount Eerie & Ô Paon
29-03-2012 Ut Connewitz Leipzig, DE w/ Mount Eerie & Ô Paon
30-03-2012 Dobeska Theatre Prague, CZ w/ Mount Eerie & Ô Paon
31-03-2012 Festsaal Kreuzberg Berlin, DE w/ Mount Eerie & Ô Paon
02-04-2012 Loppen Copenhagen, DK w/ Mount Eerie & Ô Paon
03-04-2012 Truckstop Alaska Gothenburg, SE w/ Mount Eerie & Ô Paon
04-04-2012 Inferno festival Oslo, NO w/ Mount Eerie & Ô Paon
05-04-2012 Strand Stockholm, SE w/ Mount Eerie & Ô Paon
06-04-2012 Nosturi Helsinki, FI w/ Mount Eerie & Ô Paon

…and to whet your appetite for the imminent tour check out this exclusive clip of Earth performing live at the (allegedly haunted) Brookdale Lodge in California’s Redwood Forest over at The Wire (currently championing Earth as cover stars of their March issue!)

Incoming Cerebral Overdrive announce track listing and reveal artwork for forthcoming album

23 Feb

Last time we checked in about Incoming Cerebral Overdrive, we announced their anticipated new album, Le Stelle: A Voyage Adrift which will be released on 7 May via Supernatural Cat. Now we can proudly reveal the track-listing for the record and you can feast your eyes on the splendid cover art created of course, by Malleus












Read on for more the expanded press release for the album and stay tuned for accompanying video material and tour news in the coming weeks before release…

Born at the dawn of the new millennium in Italy, I.C.O. (Incoming Cerebral Overdrive) are heavy to the core.

I.C.O first emerged with their debut Cerebral Heart (Myphonic Records, 2008) which was characterised by a ferocious energy that has stayed with them to this day. However it was their union with Supernatural Cat and the 2009 album Controverso where they defined and honed their unique sound into something all the more dynamic. Their style on one hand was contemporary, heavy, furious and dirty, whilst also acknowledging and embracing Italy’s progressive musical past. Controverso really was the first step in a more focused direction.

The end of the first decade of the new millennium marks a new step in the evolution of the project. The title of the new chapter is: Le Stelle: A Voyage Adrift. The concept, an imaginary, dark and lonely trip adrift discovered in a diary. Emotions of fear, anger and irrational excitement are expressed, waiting for a certain epilogue into desolation, a final annihilation in a cosmic fusion.

Sonically, this new album is a journey that intersects and expands in a huge, deep and at times, claustrophobic monolith. Heavy cavernous guitars with back-breaking riffs, multifaceted, effect laden vocals and rhythmic notes plunge into a psychedelic mix of unpredictable sounds of distress and madness that we, the recipient, can only succumb to.

The album ultimately analyses the irrational, insane feelings of the man who face a journey toward the unknown. A diary has been found, but we can’t say anything more than what’s written inside. Impossible to identify the places (real or not, who knows) that he explored, what shines through his words are his fears, sensations and frustrations fed by a sense of belonging to a chaotic, incontrollable, and compromised whole.

The participation of Urlo and Poia of Ufomammut, both during the composition and the recording sessions opens the project to a new light. Recorded in Rome at Locomotore Studio by Lorenzo Stecconi (already soundlord for such important discs as Ufomammut and Lento).

Reminder: here are some way to keep in touch with all things Supernatural Cat:


BLOG: – &



Sea Monsters 2 coming soon to One Inch Badge records

22 Feb

Following last year’s fantastic celebration of Brighton’s musical underground Sea Monsters is back, bigger and better than ever! Expanding by five extra bands and nearly 40 extra minutes Sea Monsters 2 will be released by One Inch Badge on April 9th showcasing the 23 most exciting bands from Brighton across two fantastic CDs!

It’s been an incredible year for Brighton since the last Sea Monsters: a wealth of new DIY scenes emerged around new venues The Green Door Store and The Haunt; new promoters emerged to bring some of the most exciting and experimental international music to Brighton. The Maccabees, The Kooks, Esben and the Witch, Rizzle Kicks and Gross Magic all released some incredible material proving yet again why Brighton is king of the British music scene.

As always it was incredibly difficult to whittle the scene down to just 23 standout new artists. Across this comprehensive compilation you’ll get to hear the indie-pop perfection of Munich and Black Black Hills; the quirkiness of Restlesslist and Us Baby Bear Bones; the youthful exuberance of Tyrannosaurus Dead and Fear of Men; the electronic assault of DA-10 and The Physics House Band; the balls-out psychjamzzz of Negative Pegasus; and the heavier-than-thou dark-side of Sea Bastard and Plague Sermon; amongst many, many others. It’s an experimental set of music that switches genres more times in the space of two discs than even Madonna dared to, a real testament to the true depth and excitement of the Brighton scene in 2012.

Scoring over 4000 plays in its first week alone you can stream the entire Sea Monsters 2 compilation over at the One Inch Badge soundcloud page.

1. Restlesslist- Magma
2. Nullifier – Canguu Thunderbolts
3. Munich – Hero of Mine
4. Tall Ships – Hit the Floor
5. Soft Arrows – The Arcade Grave
6. Fear of Men – Doldrums
7. Tyrannosaurus Dead – 1992
8. The Physics House Band – Titan
9. Speak Galactic – Long Distances
10. DA-10 – Respirator
11. Squadron Leaders – Brothel Creepers

1. Sons of Noel and Adrian – Rise
2. Us Baby Bear Bones – Rain
3. Jumping Ships – Talisman
4. Black Black Hills – Celebration
5. Heliopause – Try to Lose
6. Robert Stillman – Impossible Tree
7. Twin Brother – Backseat Routine
8. Cinemascopes – Small Blue Waves
9. Negative Pegasus – Floating Omen
10. I’m being Good – Nanoparty
11. Plague Sermon – Black Sleep
12. Sea Bastard – Taedium

Biographies for the individual bands can be found below:

Restlesslist : Brighton’s surf prog instrumentalists Restlesslist are about to go cataclysmic. Hauled up through 2011 preparing what we can fairly say is the most ambitious sound to come out of Brighton ever since errrrr ever!
Nullifier : Nullifier is the musical experiment of Jim and Todd. Jim, cynically, sees reality as sentimental. Todd drinks beer and dances a lot. Sometimes they get it together & finish a song. They are big advocates of basslines chopped to 1/8, and distorting EVERYTHING. Live they grow 12 extra legs.
Munich : Munich deliver an ambitious stadium sized patchwork of cinematic British anthemic pop. A widescreen guitar based blanket to delve under on a cold and gloomy day, or a super-soaked in the middle of summer.
Tall Ships : Tall Ships combine complex, layered and beautiful soundscapes with intelligent songwriting. Drawing from elements of math rock and angular pop Tall Ships draw influence from Battles, Minus the Bear, Sigur Ros and Prince.
Soft Arrows : Taking the raw, direct energy of a garage band and the expansive, wavering melodies of shoegaze and playing in near darkness, Soft Arrows create big sounds and claustrophobic vibes.
Fear of Men : Fear of Men are undoubtedly one of the key breakthrough acts of the Brighton scene in 2011. Drawing influence from The Chills, Grouper, The Raincoats and Daniel Johnston, FOM create youthful fuzz-pop which instantly caught the ears of both Italian Beach Babes and Sex is Disgusting.
Tyrannosaurus Dead : Formed only a year ago TD create a melodic and fuzzed sound unlike anyone else around yet manage to retain a warmth and familiarity owing to the amalgam of their strong Dinosaur Jr and Sonic Youth influences.
The Physics House Band : Born from a love of classic 70’s fusion and contemporary electronica, PHB make compositions reminiscent of Jaga Jazzist, Yes and Pink Floyd, coupled with the technical tunefulness of The Mars Volta and Battles.
Speak Galactic : Speak Galactic make nonlinear, underwater pop music, using pitch-shifted guitars and reverb smeared tape loops.
DA-10 : Made up of MPC master 10-David and synth genius Danalouge, DA-10 take their name from a mythological piece of hardware with the power to fuse crispy drums, twinkling lead lines and poo-your-pants bass.
The Squadron Leaders : Born out of the ashes of Fission Ignition (an experimental fusion of electro, surf guitar & bebop brass) came The Squadron Leaders, a group of true instro/surf originals.
Sons of Noel and Adrian : Hot off tour supporting Mumford and Sons, the undisputed kings of the folk-noir scene offer up a sneak preview of their forthcoming sophomore album ‘Knots’ which will be released on 12” vinyl via OIB in 2012.
Us Baby Bear Bones : Us Baby Bear Bones are Daisy Warne and Puff Gandolfo. Creating often ethereal sounds, they combine uncomfortably honest lyrics, sweetened vocals and flights of fancy, with sounds akin to Why?/Pinback.
Jumping Ships : Jumping Ships are an alternative rock pop quartet who have just released their second EP ‘Standard Bearer’ (Rocksound 8/10) through Alcopop! Recent shows include supporting Bombay Bicycle Club, Camden Crawl, and The Great Escape.
Black Black Hills : Intricate and complex without compromising their perfectly crafted melodies, BBH create indie pop music at its most intelligent and exciting. 2011 saw Black Black Hills release their two most accomplished singles to date, The Cebration and A Drowning.
Heliopause : Begun as a way of articulating those inexplicable, intimate moments in life, Heliopause produce lush- sounding, understated, cinematic pop.
Robert Stillman : Robert Stillman is a composer and multi-instrumentalist whose work lives at the intersections of song, sonic arts, and history. Reflecting an awareness of process, location, and medium, RS’s compositions draw upon popular and folk forms – most recently, American pre-jazz and rural music. 2011 saw the release of Stillman’s critically acclaimed album ‘Machine’s Song’ on One Inch Badge.
Twin Brother : Twin Brother is the stage name of 20-year-old multi-instrumentalist Alex Wells. Possessing a strong vocal likened to Nick Cave and Tom Waits, TB will excite fans of Arcade Fire, The National, The Strokes.
Cinemascopes : With a heavy arsenal of kraut rhythmed, pedal ridden, panic stricken jams, Cinemascopes are one of Brighton’s most exciting bands. With their debut record coming in 2012 expect to hear a lot more from these boys.
Negative Pegasus : Neg Peg make hard-psych noise rock from echos, feedback and whispers. All prehistoric rhythms, down-tuned riffs and disintegrated electronics.
I’m Being Good : Brighton bands don’t come much more historic than I’m Being Good. Starting life as bedroom warrior Andrew Clare’s early 90’s guitar-dirge-on-tape steed, TBG swiftly clocked up five LPs of beautiful, ugly, detuned, spitting and spluttering rock as well as an infamous ‘Peel session’.
Plague Sermon : In the 7 years since its inception, Plague Sermon has meandered far from it’s scream roots. Picking up members of Charlottefield, State Icons and Trencher, the band has forged a volatile, unpredictable blend of minimal, hypnotic, cyclical drones, ethereally grinding melodies and deafening sludge riffs.
Sea Bastard : Formed in July 2011 from the ashes of recently-deceased Brighton doom bands, Jovian and Funeral hag, Sea Bastard is a fusion of their two sounds; the uncompromising lethargy of Jovian meeting the groove of Funeral Hag.

Ufomammut unleash teaser video trailer for Oro recording sessions

21 Feb

In anticipation of their forthcoming release, Oro: Opus Primum and the follow-up Oro: Opus Alter, Ufomammut have released a video trailer as an early indicator of what to expect from these monolithic new recordings.

The footage was filmed during the recording sessions with Lorenzo Stecconi at Locomotore Studio in Roma, where Ufomammut have recorded their previous albums.

This video offers a unique insight into the formation of their gargantuan riffs, succinct drum blasts, stirring synths and effects and purposeful vocal passages. As the footage draws to a close we are left with an impression of how all of these elements are seamlessly bound together by this dynamic and cohesive trio.

If you thought that Eve was a bold step in Ufomammut’s sonic adventure, then just wait until you hear these titanic recordings from start to end…

With Oro: Opus Primum being released via Neurot on 9 April in UK and you can expect to hear more very soon.

Meanwhile feast your eyes on this video by clicking on it and keep your eyes and ears peeled for news…

The Winchester Club announce a London show at the end of February

17 Feb

Ides Of Gemini unveil artwork and tracklisting for upcoming full length on Neurot

17 Feb

IDES OF GEMINI is a collusion of musical forces precipitated by the haunting and inimitable vocal prowess of singer/bassist Sera Timms, also of Los Angeles dark-psych alchemists Black Math Horseman. The compositions are the long-simmering mental fallout of veteran music and film journalist J. Bennett (guitar/backing vocals), who has spent most of the last 14 years writing for such publications as Decibel, Terrorizer, Revolver, Alternative Press and Thrasher. The third and final corner of the triangle is Kelly Johnston, whose martial drumming techniques and soaring backing vocals literally brought Ides Of Gemini to life as a performing entity.

Last year, Timms and Bennett recorded and self-released Ides Of Gemini’s four-song EP, The Disruption Writ, which was anointed “My Favorite Demo of 2010” by the highly influential music blog Invisible Oranges. Lyrically, the songs detailed the terrifying permanence of dismemberment in all its unsettling forms: psychological, emotional and physical. Musically, though? Someone on the Internet called it “dream doom.” Nobody likes to be pigeonholed, but Ides Of Gemini will gladly take up temporary residence in that particular nook for the sake of shorthand. Which is to say that “dream doom” will do the trick for now. And now is nothing if not fleeting. Mostly because Ides Of Gemini are about to unveil their full-length debut, Constantinople, via Neurot Recordings.

Set for release on May 28, 2012 in UK/EU, Constantinople’s nine-tracks were produced by Ides Of Gemini, engineered and mixed by Chris Rakestraw (Danzig, Skeletonwitch) at Sunset Lodge Recording in Los Angeles and features striking cover art collaboration by Timms and Bennett. See below:

Comments Bennett of the soul-searing offering: “To say that this album is the result of blood, sweat and tears is the understatement of the year. This record exists only by the sheer will and determination of the three band members. Personally speaking, I wrote about half the music during the five months of 2011 in which I was unable to walk. Constantinople means many things to Ides Of Gemini, but it is primarily an example of victory over horseshit.

Constantinople TracklListing:

1. The Vessel & The Stake

2. Starless Midnight

3. Slain In Spirit

4. Resurrectionists

5. One To Oneness

6. Reaping Golden

7. Austrian Windows

8. Martyrium

9. Old Believer

Further info on Ides Of Gemini to be announced in the coming weeks.

Sera Timms’ voice is a national treasure. It’s a reverb-soaked choir of 4AD ghosts floating over scratchy guitars. Burzum scoring a spaghetti western. This stuff gives me chills.” – Decibel

Black Breath unveil UK and EU tour dates – yipee!

16 Feb

It comes with great excitement that Black Breath have announced a tour with Victims and Tormented in support of their new album Sentenced To Life out on Southern Lord March 26th.

Here are the shows so far…

29-03-2012 Baroeg Rotterdam Netherlands w/ Victims, Tormented

30-03-2012 Trix Antwerp Belgium w/ Victims, Tormented

31-03-2012 De Kreun Kortrijk Belgium w/ Victims, Tormented

02-04-2012 The Underworld London w/ Victims, Tormented

03-04-2012 Islington Mill Manchester w/ Victims, Tormented

04-04-2012 Clwb for Ibach Cardiff w/ Victims, Tormented

06-04-2012 Heretic Club Bordeaux France w/ Victims, Tormented

07-04-2012 Mogambo San Sebastian Spain w/ Victims, Tormented

08-04-2012 Sala Caracol Madrid Spain w/ Victims, Tormented

09-04-2012 Razzmatazz 3 Barcelona Spain w/ Victims, Tormented

10-04-2012 La Dynamo Toulouse France w/ Victims, Tormented

11-04-2012 Tap-Tap Schaffhausen Switzerland w/ Victims, Tormented

12-04-2012 Juha West Stuttgart Germany w/ Victims, Tormented

13-04-2012 Roadburn Festival Tilburg Netherlands w/ Voivod

14-04-2012 Ajz Bielefeld Germany w/ Victims, Tormented

15-04-2012 Hafenklang Hamburg Germany w/ Victims, Tormented

16-04-2012 Hemgarden Lund Sweden w/ Victims, Tormented

17-04-2012 Debaser Stockholm Swedenw/ Victims, Tormented

18-04-2012 Revolver Oslo Norway w/ Tormented

19-04-2012 Truckstop Alaska Gothenburg Sweden w/ Tormented

20-04-2012 Templet Lyngby Denmark w/ Tormented, Saviours

21-04-2012 Festsaal Kreuzberg Berlin Germany w/ Christian Mistress,Tormented

22-04-2012 Fzw Dortmund Germany w/ Christian Mistress, Tormented

24-04-2012 Ajz Chemnitz Chemnitz Germany w/ Christian Mistress, Tormented

25-04-2012 Arena Vienna Austria w/ Christian Mistress, Tormented

26-04-2012 Etnoblog Trieste Italy w/ Christian Mistress, Tormented

27-04-2012 Lo-Fi Milan Italy w/ Christian Mistress, Tormented

28-04-2012 Jugendhaus Wangen Wangen Germany w/ Christian Mistress, Tormented

29-04-2012 Lakei Helmond Netherlands w/ Christian Mistress, Tormented

More to come soon…

Exitstencil Press: What’s in store

15 Feb
Here’s the latest news and updates from the folk over at Exitstencil Press giving you a taster of the treats in store over the coming months.
PENNY RIMBAUD’S sketch book ‘62 Renaissance Drawings’, was published just before Christmas and beautifully printed by Calverts, the co-operative printers in London who not only produce fine work but are a great enthusiastic bunch to work with.
PENNY also has several audio projects in the pipeline which will issued under the name of EXITSTENCILISMS, the sister label that deals with the recording side of what we are doing and runs parallel to EXITSTENCIL PRESS and is distributed by SOUTHERN. The first project from Penny and co ‘OH MAGICK KINGDOM’ is now available.
Just look in the ‘Recordings’ section of the website and you can link through to Southern.
Secondly, you may have seen the beautiful print made by PANDORA VAUGHAN, a limited edition made ready for the official launch of Exitstencil Press, which took place just before Christmas. This print was a taster for the publication that will be released later in the year. These exquisite needlepoint pieces explore the architecture of confinement which we impose upon ourselves. This ongoing series interprets institutional floor plans of prisons, altering details and using the colours of landscapes to create an alternative reading.
Thirdly, work is making progress on the publication of LITTLE ANNIE’S adventures in Mexico. As you would expect, you wonder how she could still be alive and kicking, but kicking she is, and still performing and writing. We hope to have this book ready by June.
GEE VAUCHER’S ‘Crass Art and Other Pre Post Modernist Monsters’ book is being reprinted and we hope to have this ready in time to print by the end of May. This book has been out of print for over ten years and the new edition will include some new pages of work including the illustrations which bought time in Southern Studio for Crass to make ‘The Feeding of the Five Thousand’ their first album.
GEE VAUCHER also has another book ready which is one of seven in a series based on Max Ernst ‘Une Semaine de Bonte’. Whether she will ever finish the whole series is doubtful, but by the end of the summer you should see the first in print and then who knows.
As to events, GEE has an exhibition opening on the 2nd MARCH at the DROCHEAD ARTS CENTRE in DROGHEDA. IRELAND. Plus she will be one of a panel at the UN-CONVENTIONAL WOMEN’S DAY in MANCHESTER at the City Hall on 4th MARCH..
In June, PENNY will perform at the VORTEX. LONDON. The line up is still being gathered and more information will go onto the NEWS page closer to time.
If you managed to see the show that Gee was part of at the BOO-HOORAY GALLERY in NYC, this will be coming to the HAYWARD. LONDON 18th SEPTEMBER.
A much bigger show, it will include quite a few events which are still being planned so more details later in the year.
Keep your eyes peeled for more news..