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iconAclass announces more European and UK tour dates for 2012

31 Jan

Here they are, with more to be announced:

2012-03-30 : Milan (IT) @ Leoncavallo w/ Uochi Toki

2012-03-31 : Saint Etienne (FR) @ Avatarium Festival

2012-04-05 : Paris (FR) @ Glazart w/ Dope DOD & Mad EP

2012-04-06 : Creil (FR) @ La Grange à Musiques w/ Busdriver

2012-04-10 : Bristol (UK) @ Start the Bus

2012-04-11 : Tourcoing (FR) @ Grand Mix w/ Dope DOD

2012-04-17 : Porrentruy (CH) @ Impetus Festival

2012-04-18 : Rouen (FR) @ Le 106 w/ Puppetmastazz


Eyvind Kang tour dates and album release information

31 Jan

The Narrow Garden is the latest full length from composer Eyvind Kang which will be released on Ipecac in February. Across his illustrious musical career in addition to arranging and performing with other musicians, he has released many recordings of original music notably the acclaimed choral piece “Athlantis” (Ipecac) and “The Yelm Sessions” (Tzadik). The Narrow Garden is no exception, offering one of his most original and perhaps one of his most playful recordings to date.

The music on The Narrow Garden sounds like it was composed for a film soundtrack in the way that Eyvind Kang creates evocative visual spaces with sound. True to form the album is composed of full-bodied pieces of music that evolve from minimal song structure to more grandiose musical statements throughout, ‘Forest Saman’i’ is a great example of this. ‘Pure Nothing’, ‘Mineralia’ and ‘Nobis Natalis’ nod to the choral tones on Athlantis and show definite eastern influences, whilst ‘Usnea’ and ‘The Narrow Garden’ experiment with some truly eerie samples.

Overall this is one truly atmospheric album.


European tour dates including one UK show have been announced:

Feb 1 – WORM Rotterdam, Netherlands

Feb 2 – Smart Project Space Amsterdam, Netherlands

Feb 3 – AngelicA Festival Teatro San Leonardo, Bologna, Italy

Feb 4 – Café OTO London, UK

Feb 5 – Arco y Flecha en el Círcol Maldà Barcelona, Spain

Feb 8 – Arkaoda Istanbul, Turkey

Feb 9 – Atelier Frankfurt, Germany

Stay tuned for more news coming soon.

Ufomammut reveal first chapter of two-part Neurot debut

31 Jan

More details on Oro: Opus Primum — the first installment of the new two-album series from Italy’s supernatural doom sorcerers, UFOMAMMUT — have this week been confirmed.

Already known for their attention to detail with each release, including incredibly detailed and quality artwork and packaging, as expansive and layered as every obliterating Ufomammut release is musically, this time they take it one notch higher and have completed a massive two-part album, set for release months apart.

Now confirmed for release in the UK on April 9th, throughout the rest of Europe on April 13th, and in North America April 17th, this week the artwork and track listing for the incredibly anticipated first installment of the series — Oro: Opus Primum — have been unveiled for the first time.


Oro: Opus Primum Track Listing:

1. Empireum

2. Aureum

3. Infearnatural

4. Magickon

5. Mindomine

More details on the album will be released in the weeks ahead as the world awaits the arrival of Ufomammut’s latest art. The second chapter in this monolithic two-part album, Oro: Opus Alter, will be released sometime in September with more details to be unveiled throughout the months following Opus Primum.

2012 will see Ufomammut expanding their touring circles wider across the face of the planet in support of Oro. Stay tuned throughout the year as more details on the release and the act’s tour schedule are confirmed.


Rarely Unable’s Ones To Watch – Mirrorring

26 Jan

Mirrorring is Jesy Fortino, who has recorded under the Tiny Vipers moniker, and Liz Harris, better know as Grouper.


They will be releasing their debut album, Foreign Body on Kranky on the 19th March. The recordings on this album came about through a songwriting session in Portland, Oregon and the resulting sounds are contemplative, reflective, and introspective, creating a feeling as much as a song, a mood as much as a tune.


One could try to assess what part of the album each artist was responsible for, but that would prevent one from seeing the proverbial forest for the trees.


Look out for this with a keen eye, fans of Liz and Jesy’s work will definitely not be disappointed.


Exitstencilisms will soon present Acts Of Love

26 Jan

In my daily internet surfing I know I can always rely on Southern Records to provide some gem of information. This post contains information, lovingly pinched from the Southern blog about the soon to be unleashed Acts Of Love release on Exitstencilisms…

“Everything that we write is a love song.” – Crass,Yes Sir, I Will

Recorded towards the end of Crass’ seven year social bombardment and previously released in 1985 on vinyl, Acts of Love was Penny Rimbaud’s ‘other voice’. Fifty poems written from 1968 to 1973, set to music – classical, jazz and avant garde – composed by Rimbaud and performed by Eve Libertine.

Penny Rimbaud: “Throughout the late Sixties and early Seventies, I had worked on a series of fifty poems entitled Acts Of Love, an expression of the existential/zen hybrid which to this day remains the core of my philosophical musings. The poems laid out a raison d’être far from the political, psychological and social complexities which later began to engulf me. To counter what had become the darkness of Crass, I felt compelled to return to those poems as a source of light, and further, to make them public. I wanted to the work to be a celebration of the communality of beauty, of a shared purpose within creativity. I was looking for a confirmation of unity, a reclamation of the great romantic tradition, an act of unconditional love.”

Gee Vaucher: “For me, Acts Of Love was the starting point anyway – the poems and the original illustrations were done a long time before Crass.They were part of the inspiration, part of the source of going on to say what we did. For me, it’s a return to those roots – not going backwards, but the source of inspiration within oneself. It’s a very natural extension of what we’ve done with Crass. What we tried to do is remind people of why they were putting themselves in a very dangerous position socially and personally, by making a beautiful record really.”

Existenciilisms and Southern are proud to present a new edition of the first ex-Crass work from Penny Rimbaud, Eve Libertine and Gee Vaucher. Now presented as it was originally conceived, as a 124 page perfect-bound book of 50 poems by Rimbaud, each illustrated by Vaucher. With the accompanying audio CD of songs composed by Rimbaud and sung by Libertine, remastered in 2008 and now released for the first time on CD.

Penny Rimbaud: “Early in 2005, John (Loder) and myself discussed the possibility of re-mastering Acts Of Love for release as a CD. I was very excited about the idea because I knew that on vinyl it had had to be severely compressed. On CD it would sound as it was when it was recorded. Tragically, John died before we were able to start work on the project. It was one that I know was dear to his heart, and it is with great pleasure now that I have been at last able to complete it.

Included on the CD which accompanies the book are the original 50 tracks of the 1985 album release in remastered form, plus an 21 additional tracks of studio extras and out-takes, and a poem by Eve Libertine.

In addition to the book edition of Acts of Love, Southern are making a limited package including the book and a hand screened art print featuring the cover illustration by Gee Vaucher. This special edition of 120 copies is available by mail order only.

What in the world are you thinking of, laughing in the face of love?”- John Oko Lennon, Instant Karma

Exitstencilisms is the audio partner of Exitstencil Press, committed to following its radical tradition and upholding its high standards of new creativity. Exitstencil Press was founded in the late sixties by Penny Rimbaud and Gee Vaucher to act as an outlet for their various works, visual, musical and written. Since that time they have resolutely continued to encourage the creation, production and promotion of new, progressive works, be it their own or by the now extensive community of fellow artists that over the years has built up around them. Already released are three digital singles by Penny Rimbaud. Further works to come, including the Exit recordings from the ICES 72 festival.

Acts Of Love is available to pre-order now from the Southern web store.


Tim Hecker will play ATP curated by The National

26 Jan

Excitingly, Tim Hecker has just been added to All Tomorrow’s Parties curated by The National festival which will happen at Butlins Holiday Centre, Minehead, England from the 7th-9th December 2012. Head on over to the ATP website for more information and ticketing details.

Prior to that, Tim Hecker will be performing two very special organ shows in one evening on 6 February at St Giles Church, London. Performing songs from his highly acclaimed Ravedeath, 1972 album, this is simply unmissable.



Justin Broadrick announced JK Flesh album for April

26 Jan


Godflesh, Head of David, Napalm Death, Techno Animal, Jesu, Greymachine, Palesketcher – just some of the projects from the insanely prolific Justin Broadrick, who in his new relationship with 3by3, raises his Techno Animal moniker JK Flesh from the dead, to once again prove his mastery of all things brutal.


This new record certainly resembles the darker side of Broadrick’s sound (circa Techno Animal, Godflesh and Greymachine) but simultaneously contextualises this within the unfamiliar turf of the post-dubstep/industrial canon pushed by 3by3, finding a fitting home in the process.


JK Flesh will be appearing at 2012’s Roadburn festival as part of Broadrick’s ‘Artist In Residency’ where fans can hear the material ahead of release on April 30th.


More detailed information will follow in the coming weeks.