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AMENRA album stream via Metal Hammer and LP preorders commence

23 Nov

Credit Jeroen Mylle

The end is nigh as we enter the final few days before the climatic release of AMENRA’s crushing new studio album Mass V on Neurot Recordings).
Over the weeks, the band have lured us with album tracks and mind-melting video footage.  These multisensory delights have given us a great taster of what to expect from the album but now we can hear the whole record in its entirety which is streaming today via Metal Hammer.
The vinyl preorder will commence on the release date – Monday 26 November at 18:00 Brussels time. 250 of 500 limited silver vinyl will be available through, the other 250 at the band’s record release show on 22 December.
As a reminder, the LP version of the album will differ slightly from the CD version, as it contains different artwork, additional sounds and alternative mixes, by Billy Anderson and mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, Scorn, working with SUNN 0))), Earth, Isis and more…).
This edition is 2 LPs (one of which is one sided), has a special silver coloured 180g vinyl and comes with comes with a special lyric/picture booklet.
 The tracklisting is as follows:

Dearborn and Buried
a mon Âme
Nowena l 9.10

Keep an eye on the AMENRA facebook page for a special announcement next week about a very special and rare UK show.

Don’t forget AMENRA will be touring this beast of a record in all its brutality, here are the details of live appearances and their recently announced 2013 EU tour dates:








FRI 19/04 : Tilburg, Netherlands – Patronaat Church @ Roadburn Festival

EU TOUR 2013

4/25/2013 Glazart – Paris, FR w/ TBHR

4/26/2013 Epicerie Moderne – Lyon, FR

4/27/2013 Boulevard rock club – Misano Adriatico (RN), IT

4/28/2013 Traffic live club – Roma, IT

4/29/2013 Lo fi club – Milano, IT

4/30/2013 Gaswerk – Winterthur, Swiss

5/01/2013 Arena – Wenen, AU

5/02/2013 Feierwerk – Munchen DE

5/03/2013 Conne Island – Leipzig DE w/ Syndrome

5/04/2013 Klub Firlej – Wroclaw, Poland @ Asymmetry Festival

5/05/2013 Bi Nuu, Berlin DE w/ Syndrome

SUN 26/05: STUK, LEUVEN BE w/ Oathbreaker



Diminshed Men release their second album and announce EU tour January 2013

18 Nov
By distorting hard boiled film music through a cracked, overcast lens, Diminished Men refocus their influences into something entirely unique.

Capnomancy, their second release on the Abduction label (run by Alan Bishop of the legendary Sun City Girls and the Sublime Frequencies label), is a collection of stark, exotic instrumentals full of high tension energy and infected terror.  Cloaked in a supernatural fog and man made electrical storms, chiaroscuro landscapes read like a sci-fi postcard with a Giallo ransom note attached.

The bands jagged, hard-charging approach evokes images of slit jugulars and accelerated heart rates, all the while swathing you in a blissful claustrophobia, reflecting elements of Morricone’s dissonant horror scores, gritty noir cues, and the blood shot nerves of a kratom hazed Link Wray.  Distant searing guitars and pummeling drums seep with slow pan derangement, panicked suspense and clouded 50’s Americana delusion.  The smoke clears and reveals a mirage of melancholy Wenders-esque backdrops and AM radio nightmares, but quickly returns to some other world that it came from.

The final album to be released from his now defunct Aleph Studio, producer Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Earth, Wolves in the Throne Room, etc.) contributes greatly with his visceral, heavy production, making this album their darkest offering yet.

Another bizarre series of degenerate no-hit wonders from the phantom guitars of Steve Schmitt, multi-instrumentalist Simon Henneman, and drummer Dave Abramson, who also a member of Master Musicians of Bukkake and has collaborated with Secret Chiefs 3, Eyvind Kang, Kayo Dot, Grails, etc.  Capnomancy features guest appearances from members of Master Musicians of Bukkake as well as other Northwest delinquents, saxophonist Skerik and vocalist Sara Johanne.

CAPNOMANCY (Release date – JAN 7, 2013)

Produced by Randall Dunn

Recorded and mixed by Randall Dunn at Aleph Studio -Seattle

All music by Diminished Men:

Steve Schmitt- guitars, wine glasses, breathing

Dave Abramson- drums

Simon Henneman- electric and upright bass, guitar, piano, optigan

 w/ guests:

Sara Johanne -vocals on “Hoarding Light”

B.R.A.D. (Master Musicians of Bukkake, Burning Witch) – vocals, gongs

Milky Burgess (Master Musicians of Bukkake, Earth) – guitar

Sam Wambach- saxophones

Skerik (Garage a Trois, Critters Buggin’) – saxophones

Randall Dunn- cuica

Mastered by Mell Dettmer

Abduction Records

Distributed by Forced Exposure


Side 1

1. Oblong Trance

2. Black Vapor

3. Kapnos Escape

Side 2

1. Hoarding Light

2. Tacombover

3. Capnomancy

4. Expulsion

The band will be touring the new material toward the end of January, full details to be announced next week, in the meantime, here are the dates and the countries they will visit:

 Thu 31/01/2013 – Netherlands

Fri 01/02/2013 – Germany

Sat 02/02/2013 – Denmark

Sun 03/02/2013 – Germany

Mon 04/02/2013 – Germany

Tue 05/02/2013 – Austria

Wed 06/02/2013 – Italy

Thu 07/02/2013 – Italy

Fri 08/02/2013 – Italy

Sat 09/02/2013 – Switzerland

Sun 10/02/2013 – France

Mon 11/02/2013 – France

Tue 12/02/2013 – France

Wed 13/02/2013 – Germany

Thu 14/02/2013 – Belgium

Fri 15/02/2013 – Belgium

Sat 16/02/2013 – Netherlands



AMENRA let loose another awe-inspiring video via Brooklyn Vegan

12 Nov

As the worldwide release of their Neurot Recordings debut Mass V nears release at the end of this month, today Belgium’s ethereal sludge spiritualists AMENRA release a brand new official video from the anticipated opus.

The video for “Nowena I 9.10” was filmed using stop-motion animation created and edited by Stef Cuypers and AMENRA guitarist Mathieu Vandekerckhove. “Nowena I 9.10” is the third and possibly most tension-filled song found on Mass V, the epic six-minute anthem also featuring guest vocals by Neurosis’ Scott Kelly.

View “Nowena I 9.10” for the first time via Brooklyn Vegan

“Nowena I 9.10” lyrics:

the darkest hours will seem long

they will feel like for ever

then new light breaks into dawn


novena burns for my brothers at night

a flame that burns the bodies of light


brothers burn. I see the fire in their eyes.


the past is your now

the present now passed


now is the time


(everything awaits you and the light will let you)


AMENRA will release Mass V in Europe on November 26th and in North America on November 27th, their first release as part of the Neurot Recordings family. Today, the CD version of the album is available for preorder. Orders for the standard CD pressing can be placed now direct via Neurot, while the special, limited edition colored CD version (black top/black bottom) signed by the band and containing additional artwork and can be ordered from Soulslayer. The vinyl version of Mass V will be available for preorder in the coming days.


AMENRA Confirmed Live Rituals:

12/01/2012 Db’s – Utrecht, NL @ Le Guess Who Festival w/ Oathbreaker [info]

12/22/2012 Ancienne Belgique – Brussels, Belgium *record release show w/ Oathbreaker, TBHR, Scott Kelly [info]

1/11/2013 Machinefabriek – Groningen, Netherlands @ Eurosonic Festival

2/10/2013 De Kreun – Kortrijk, Belgium [info] w/ Eleanora

2/16/2013 Perron – Ieper, Belgium @ Winterfest

2/22/2013 Burgerweeshuis – Deventer, Netherlands w/ TBHR

2/24/2013 Mod – Hasselt, Belgium w/ Hessian

4/19/2013 Patronaat Church – Tilburg, Netherlands @ Roadburn Festival [info]


European Tour 2013:

4/25/2013 Glazart – Paris, France w/ TBHR

4/26/2013 Epicerie Moderne – Lyon, France

4/27/2013 Boulevard Rock Club – Misano Adriatico (RN), Italy

4/28/2013 Traffic live club – Roma, Italy

4/29/2013 Lo Fi club – Milano, Italy

4/30/2013 Gaswerk – Winterthur, Switzerland

5/01/2013 Arena – Wenen, Austria

5/02/2013 Feierwerk – Munchen, Germany

5/03/2013 Conne Island – Leipzig, Germany w/ Syndrome

5/04/2013 Klub Firlej – Wroclaw, Poland @ Asymmetry Festival

5/05/2013 Bi Nuu – Berlin, Germany

5/26/2012 Stuk – Leuven, Belgium w/ Oathbreaker


Stars Of The Lid London show tickets selling fast

12 Nov

Lovingly pinched from Miles Of Smiles…




“We’re unspeakably thrilled to announce that on Monday 10 December STARS OF THE LID finally return for their first London show in over 4 years (and their 3rd overall with Miles of Smiles). Adam Wiltzie and Brian McBride will be joined for this very special performance by a 9-piece string section and the mind-melting projections of Luke Savitsky. Support from Bristol-based Roly Porter (ex-Vex’d) and Anna Rose Carter.

Tickets are shifting FAST already so we strongly advise that you book early to avoid frustration and regretfulness in equal measure.”


* * * * *

Miles of Smiles very proudly present…


Monday 10 December 2012
St John-at-Hackney
Lower Clapton Road, London, E5 0PD
Doors 7.30pm

Tickets £15 adv


Over a 19 year career spanning 7 albums for Sedimental, Sub Rosa and Kranky, Adam Wiltzie and Brian McBride have granted the elegant, melancholy swells of Arvo Part and Gavin Bryars with both a weightlessness and a crushing physical density (a literal sublimity!) that leave STARS OF THE LID absolutely unparralled in the field of ambient composition.

Those attempting description of the band’s recorded output routinely reach for metaphors both elemental and celestial, but it is only in a live setting that the glory of their art can be fully understood; where the duo’s meticulousness and patience with guitar and laptop guide their string nonet from a restrained quiver to a mounting gale, and back; where, likewise, the pale reverence of Luke Savitsky’s visuals gather in intensity to a boiling incandescence; and where the stones of the building are ultimately liable to sing in blissful communion.

As a taster, have a look here for a couple of Adrian Nettleship’s remarkable photos of the band’s last London appearance (at St Giles in-the-Fields in 2008).


“..Roly Porter’s Aftertime appears to have a monopoly on the darkness that defined his previous project. Not that he’s any stranger to the bleak stuff; Vex’d infused dubstep with the harsh, metallic textures of industrial and techstep drum ‘n’ bass, the duo’s Degenerate album in particular forsaking the genre’s subby warmth for something colder and entirely more alien. His tremendous solo debut works with similar moods and textures, but is almost entirely beatless; the result evokes the wasteland left after Vex’d scorched the earth. Largely featureless, save gales of (acoustic, recorded) violin that blow across its surface, it’s stark and underpinned by the rumble of infernal machinery. In its ambivalent attitude towards technology and industry, it fits neatly alongside Roll The Dice’s recent In Dust album, but forsakes forward momentum for tense, perpetual stasis. What makes it such a thrilling listen, though, is its changeability. Like Ben Frost’s By The Throat, there are elemental forces at work here: album highlight ‘Geidi Prime’ begins as a soothing lullaby before descending into a hellish maelstrom of cracked electronics and depth charge kickdrums, and ‘Corrin’ ascends into a glorious, towering harmonised drone, even as sub-bass roils away just beneath. A brilliant, bracing record.” The Quietus

Hailing from the idyllic wilds of the south coast of Wales, Anna Rose, born November 1988, grew up being inspired by her surroundings. She started playing piano aged seven and was influenced by many modern day classical composers as well as the natural beauty around her. Anna’s piano solo work takes its debut on the label Schedios Records. Silver Lines, comprising of five pieces, and is a raw, emotional reflection of her upbringing in Wales. She is currently based in London where she is studying, collaborating and developing her music.

Ever wondered how good Wolbrigade/Wolfpack are live?

12 Nov

…I know I have but this video recorded live from Enemy Of The Sun fest reveals all, and the results are astounding.

Undersmile & their acoustic alter-ego Coma Wall sign to Shaman Recordings; limited 12” vinyl set for release early in 2013

12 Nov

Shaman Recordings are proud to announce their second release; Wood and Wire, a “self-split” between Oxford’s mighty drone/doom/sludge-bringers UNDERSMILE and their acoustic alter-ego COMA WALL. That’s one side of Americana-influenced, atmospheric doom-folk and one side of Undersmile’s characteristic, monolithic heaviness.

Following on from their debut EP A Sea of Dead Snakes, the Undertaker split (w/Caretaker) and their critically acclaimed debut album Narwhal, Wood and Wire marks the bands’ first foray onto vinyl and they have produced a record that reflects their diversity as a band and hints at what’s to come, for both incarnations.

Having played acoustic sets at the inaugural DesertFest and in support of Dylan Carlson (Earth) COMA WALL is the name UNDERSMILE have given to their acoustic project as a way to separate the two disparate but interlinked sides of their musical personality (highlighted by Coma Wall’s acoustic take on Undersmile’s “Cutter’s Choice”). Their contribution to this record is a taster for a future COMA WALL record.

Wood and Wire‘s acoustic side features production work from the band’s previous producers Jimmy “Evil” Hetherington (A Sea of Dead Snakes, Narwhal) and Umair Chaudhry (Undertaker split) while side B is produced by Justin Greaves (of Iron Monkey, Crippled Black Phoenix, Electric Wizard, Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine). Featuring three songs on either side, this is Undersmile as you’ve never heard them before.

The incredible artwork has been created by Craig Bryant (of Bast) whose work has previously been featured on posters for the likes of Dylan Carlson, Eagle Twin, Pombagira, Lattitudes and many more.

This slab o’wax is scheduled for release during early 2013 via Shaman Recordings and will be strictly limited to 300 copies on transparent purple vinyl with digital download card.

The Secret album out now & tour dates with Converge approaching

12 Nov

If one ever needs a prompt that apocalypse is near, a session with Italy’s most destructive musical force will certainly reinforce the thought.

Since 2003 THE SECRET has waged musical warfare with their incendiary brew of blasting, metallic hatred, their songs growing sonically more caustic and lyrically more impatient with the human race with each studio offering. The band combines elements of crust/grind, primitive black metal, dark soundscapes and monolithic riffs to take the listener by the hand through a hallucinated trip towards a foggy and yet invisible tomorrow. So as the end of the world is supposedly upon us in 2012, what more appropriate time would there be than now to attack the planet with a new LP from this hateful act?

THE SECRET’s attack is more corrosive and convincing than ever on the newly completed Agnus Dei. As with their third album Solve Et Coagula, the new opus was recorded by Kurt Ballou (High on Fire, Converge, Black Breath) at Godcity Studios, resulting in a blasphemous titan that is without question their heaviest, and most filthy crust-ridden recording to date. Swelling with thirteen unstoppable new anthems in under forty-five minutes, Angus Dei will prove itself to be the most hateful release from this killing machine to date, as every album in their discography has.

The band will continue to pulverize audiences with their unstoppable live show in support of Agnus Dei through the New Year, or until the supposed pending Apocalypse later this year will permit, including a forthcoming European tour supporting Converge, Touché Amoré and A Storm of Light in November and December.

THE SECRET European Tour w/ Converge, Touché Amoré, A Storm of Light:

11/23/2012 Essigfabrik – Koln, Germany

11/24/2012 Magasin 4 – Brussels, Belgium

11/25/2012 Koko – London, UK

11/26/2012 02 Academy 2 – Birmingham, UK

11/27/2012 Arts Centre – Colchester, UK

11/28/2012 Classic Grand – Glascow, Scotland

11/29/2012 Academy 2 – Manchester, UK

11/30/2012 The Button Factory – Dublin, Ireland

12/01/2012 Concorde 2 – Brighton, UK

12/02/2012 L’Astrolabe – Orleans, France

12/03/2012 Tivoli – Utrecht, Holland

12/04/2012 Fabrik – Hamburg, Germany

12/05/2012 Brew House – Gothenburg, Sweden

12/06/2012 Rockefeller – Oslo, Norway

12/07/2012 Strand – Stockholm, Sweden

12/09/2012 Nosturi – Helsinki, Finland

12/11/2012 Loppen – Copenhagen, Denmark

12/12/2012 SO36 – Berlin, Germany

12/13/2012 Conne Island – Leipzig, Germany

12/14/2012 Futurm – Prague, Czech Republic

12/15/2012 Kantine – Augsburg, Germany

12/16/2012 Durer Kert – Budapest, Hungary

12/17/2012 Mochvara – Zagreb, Croatia

12/18/2012 Arena – Wien, Austria

12/19/2012 Factory – Milan, Italy

12/20/2012 Traffic Club – Rome, Italy

12/21/2012 Kiff – Aarau, Switzerland

12/22/2012 Substage – Karlsruhe, Germany

Check out this recent mixtape that they did for Vice Italia:

Here are some recent live photos taken from their release show in Italy, to credit Carla Buscaglia.



OM release State Of Non-Return video

12 Nov

It comes with real joy that OM have delivered a massive black and white video for “State Of Non-Return,” one of the album tracks from their most recent opus Advaitic Songs which came out in Summer on Drag City.

Offering a fly-on-the-wall glimpse of OM deep in big-time studio meditation, director Terrie Samundra and director of photography/editor Walter Lech capture the band riffing with themselves, rifling with others, and relishing it all through the mixing board in contemplative fashion, clearly guided (and sated) by unknown forces.

Immerse yourself in this intimate video…

Boduf Songs signs to Southern Records for new album

12 Nov

Mat Sweet, aka Boduf Songs has been consistently releasing phenomenal albums since his 2005 self-titled debut. Since then, with each album, he has continued to evolve the Boduf Songs sound from a very minimalist acoustic approach to something all the more adventurous.

Following the darkly transcendental This Alone Above All Else In Spite Of Everything in 2010, Boduf Songs has been busy recording a brand new full length album and has found a suitable new home for it.

Southern Records are proud to be releasing the record in January 2013 and could not be more happy to be working with such a gifted talent. Likewise Mat Sweet is very excited at the prospect of finally unveiling this new album.

Look out in the coming weeks as we announce the title, reveal more details about the album and share some stunning new songs from it.

Colin Stetson unleashes new video, European tour now in full swing

12 Nov

The ridiculously talented Colin Stetson is on the road this November performing live across Europe – you can see all the dates on his website. This Saturday 17th November he will make a stop in Dublin to perform at The Twisted Pepper’s birthday, details of which can be found here:

Constellation Records also announced the arrival of a new video on their vimeo page, which continues to baffle and amaze each time I watch it. Check it out for yourself:

And if you get a chance, do check him out…one day I will see it for myself. Until then, I can only marvel at the video footage and read live reviews in envy.