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Wartorn: Pledging allegiance to Southern Lord

20 Dec
Southern Lord will unleash hell with the new full-length from Midwestern death squad WARTORN.Since 2004 this Appleton, Wisconsin-based brigade has protested political tyranny and societal injustices with a devastating brew of metallic crustpunk. WARTORN has assaulted live audiences across thirteen countries across North America and Europe in support of releases on renowned crust/punk labels including Profane Existence and Crimes Against Humanity, while its members also take part in other active and notable acts like Dresden, Remission, and Words That Burn.

Taking their attack to the next level, the energy and production of their newest full-length Iconic Nightmare elevates WARTORN’s powerful songwriting and execution to new levels, surging with nine crushing anthems in barely twenty-five minutes. Southern Lord will drop Iconic Nightmare on CD this January 21st in the UK and EU; diehards of Wolfbrigade, From Ashes Rise, Tragedy and the like should not pass this one by.

Stay tuned for upcoming WARTORN live assaults and more news in the weeks ahead.


Iconic Nightmare Track Listing:

1. The Iconic Nightmare

2. Unfinished Blueprint

3. Permanent Blackout

4. No Sanctuary No Salvation

5. Six Feet Under

6. Knee Deep In Blood

7. All Flags Still Burn

8. Betrayal

9. Burial Ground

For more on the band, head over to their Facebook or myspace pages.
And more more news from the all-powerful Southern Lord, take a peek at their twitter feed or facebook.

Drag City set to release Ensemble Pearl debut March 2013

20 Dec
DC544_gatefold_OUT_201112 FIX2
Now ready for the light of day are the recordings made by Ensemble Pearl.
Cosmic heavy amplified rock drops and ripples, auras radiate and expand into cloudforms, through which lightning bolts. Tides rise, the moons wax upon a place somewhere between Link Wray, Hex-era Earth and early Tangerine Dream. The echoes return, leaving a trail that blows and drifts, creating a separate piece. The metal of coils is the metal of the earth, the air… the meteoric and primal elements found in space. Ensemble Pearl reaches through the clouds and atmospheres and brings it all back down to the ground, to forge further creations for woman and man. This music production is inspired by rock from the classic era (50s through 70s) and acousmatic contemporary composition alike.
Ensemble Pearl are Atsuo, William Herzog, Michio Kurihara and Stephen O’Malley.  Their debut album also features the elemental forces of Eyvind Kang and Timba Harris. These players have all moved air and earth in many other projects and can create monolith and river alike on their own – but for Ensemble Pearl they give and take, knowing and understanding each other’s strengths and lack of weakness. Rather than blast sheets of air-filling sound, their contributions float the space with positive and negative dynamics. There are no borders being patrolled, allowing Ensemble Pearl to move from place to place unhindered. Over the course of six sides of music (and four sides of vinyl) they ride the jet stream as the world revolves slowly below, static almost, shimmering imperceptibly, mostly water. In and amongst the sprays of foam, there’s a wash of twin-lead psych-proggery, a raft of tribal-beat sun worship, a passing rumble of neck-stretching, some delicate noise-blowing, a bit of float-and-drone and finally, a majestic drift into the deep waters of dub atmosphere.

Ensemble Pearl was recorded by Masato Suzuki, mixed by Randall Dunn and mastered by Bob Weston. The album features artwork from Simon Fowler and Michał Mozolewski that extends and enhances the music in integral fashion, helping to make Ensemble Pearl a complete experience for the aspirant listener, a full-spectrum sensory bath.
The album will be released in March 2013 on Drag City on double LP (housed in a gatefold sleeve), CD and digital formats. Look forward to more information on this exciting project in the new year. But for now, bask in the news of this mighty ensemble indeed.

Amenra excluse release show this Saturday in Brussels

20 Dec


The wait is almost over, AMENRA‘s Mass V record release show is nigh and today we have some exciting announcements to make ahead of the show on Saturday 22 December at AB in Brussels.

Joining AMENRA, TBHR, Oathbreaker and Scott Kelly will be Church Of Ra’s own TREHA SEKTORI from Paris bringing his unique soundscapes to the clubspace. And as previously mentioned, Edwin Pouncey aka Savage Pencil from The Wire will be giving a talk about Subterranean metal. You can find more information about that exciting prospect right here.

Though tickets sold out in record time, there will be mulitple cameras set up around the venue to record the event in its entireity and you can watch the live stream via AB tv:  so you needn’t miss out!

If you are one of the lucky ones who scored a ticket to the show, then don’t miss out on snapping up limited copies of Mass V on LP (also comes with a screenprint) and CD, both formats will be available at the release show for purchase and are likely to sell out fast.

It doesn’t end there either, as there is much live activity confirmed for 2013, feast your eyes on some of the festival appearances and EU tour dates below:


FRI 11/01 : Eurosonic Festival – Machinefabriek, Gronigen, NL
TUE 22/01 : Garage, London UK w/ Cult of Luna
SUN 10/02 : Dekreun, Kortrijk BE w/ Eleanora
SAT 16/02 : Winterfest – Perron, Ieper, BE
FRI 22/02 : Burgerweehuis, Deventer, NL w/ TBHR
SUN 24/02 : Mod, Hasselt, BE w/ Hessian
FRI 19/04 : Roadburn Festival – Patronaat Church Tilburg, NL


4/25/2013 Glazart – Paris, FR  w/ TBHR
4/26/2013 Epicerie Moderne – Lyon, FR
4/27/2013 Boulevard rock club – Misano Adriatico (RN), IT
4/28/2013 Traffic live club – Roma, IT
4/29/2013 Lo fi club – Milano, IT
4/30/2013 Gaswerk – Winterthur, CH
5/01/2013 Arena – Wenen, AU
5/02/2013 Feierwerk – Munchen, DE
5/03/2013 Conne Island – Leipzig, DE w/ Syndrome
5/04/2013 Asymmetry Festival – Klub Firlej – Wroclaw, PL
5/05/2013 Bi Nuu, Berlin, DE w/ Syndrom

For more from Amenra, head on over to their Soundcloud, Tumblr or Facebook.

Prepare yourself: Rotten Sound, Martyrdod and Enabler let loose in Europe – updated dates!

20 Dec


It comes with genuine pleasure to announce a killer tour kicking off in February 2013 featuring ROTTEN SOUND and Southern Lord bands MARTYRDÖD and ENABLER.

MARTYRDÖD are promoting their newest full-length, Paranoia which was released on Southern Lord in June 2012, showing the world the band’s straightforward d-beat oriented style with crushing strength. The album rages with the brute-force crustpunk attack found on previous releases, yet also expands the band’s sound with more dynamic leads empowering dis-harmonies and more tension-filled buildups than ever before. After formation in 2001, MARTYRDÖD have since slammed the crustpunk and underground metal scene with a surplus of CD and LP releases on such brutal labels as Plaguebearer, Havoc, Farewell, La Familia and Prank, as well as sporadic touring across Europe and a massive offensive on the United States in 2011. Featuring current/former members of Skitsystem, Agrimonia, Miasmal and more the outfit have amassed a brutally-diehard following in the underground hardcore, crust and metal scenes.

ENABLER will be showcasing tunes from their most recent album of July 2012, the band’s first release for Southern Lord, All Hail the Void.  Coalescing energetic and dynamic elements of hardcore, punk, crust and death metal into their own brutal brew, ENABLER have amassed a fanatical fanbase through last year’s Year One CD, multiple EP’s and split releases with Drainland, Ambassador Gun and Yautja and more over the last few years, not to mention the countless regional live shows, tours and festival appearances. All Hail the Void surges with the most enraged talent from this destructive outfit to date, unwavering in its 35-minute rampage. The album’s original artwork and layout was commissioned to be handled by Jimpaler, who has handled similar duties for several previous ENABLER releases.
Founded by guitarist/vocalist Jeff Lohrber (Harlots, Eyes Upon Separation, Trap Them, Today is the Day, Shai Hulud), the ENABLER lineup has been reshaped and is now rounded out by guitarist Eric Dunn (By Way of Sunstorm, ex Harlots), bassist Amanda Daniels and drummer Dave Mann (Mouth of the Architect, ex Rune).
22.02.13 Norway Oslo @ John Dee
23.02.13 Sweden Gothenburg @ Showdown
24.02.13 Sweden Stockholm @ Bergsunds Strand 43
25.02.13 Denmark Copenhagen @ Pumpehuset
26.02.13 Germany Hamburg @ Hafenklang
27.02.13 Holland Leeuwarden @ Gloppe
28.02.13 UK London @ Underworld
01.03.13 Ireland Dublin @ The Pint
02.03.13 UK Leeds The Library Pub – 1pm matinee show !!! NEW !!!
03.03.13 Belgium Brussels @ Magasin 4
04.03.13 Germany Frankfurt @ Elfer
05.03.13 Slovenia Nova Gorica @ Mostovna
06.03.13 Germany München @ Feierwerk, Kranhalle
07.03.13 Germany Berlin @ Bi Nuu
08.03.13 Poland Warsaw @ Progresja
09.03.13 Germany Bischofswerda @ East Club

Details of Diminished Men’s EU tour dates amended

20 Dec

Following news of a second album from Diminished Men set to come out in January 2013, we are now able to reveal full details of where you can catch this illustrious band on their accompanying European tour in January and February. Be sure to catch them at one of the following venues and please note the changes since the original post:

 JAN 31- Amsterdam, NL @ OCCII

FEB 1 – Hanover, DE @ Sturmglocke

FEB 2 – Weikersheim, DE @ Club W71

FEB 5 – Vienna, AT @ Venster 99

FEB 6 – Linz, AT @ Stadtwerkstatt

FEB 9 – Delemont, CH @ SAS

FEB 10- Geneva, CH @ L’Usine

FEB 13- Hamburg, DE @ Hafenklang

FEB 14- Berlin, DE @ Jagerklause

FEB 15- Utrecht, NL @ Tivoli Spiegelbar

FEB 16- Brussels, BE @ Atelier Claus

Capnomancy, their second release on the Abduction label (run by Alan Bishop of the legendary Sun City Girls and the Sublime Frequencies label), is a collection of stark, exotic instrumentals full of high tension energy and infected terror. Cloaked in a supernatural fog and man made electrical storms, chiaroscuro landscapes read like a sci-fi postcard with a Giallo ransom note attached.

If that isn’t enough intrigue to coax you out to see them, well we don’t know what is!

Here’s a sneaky video of the mighty men live in action for you too.

Bell Gardens US Release Date

19 Dec
Unfortunately due to postponed touring plans and personal circumstances beyond the band’s control, the US release date for Bell Gardens‘ full length album Full Sundown Assembly has moved back and is now officially set for Tuesday 15 January 2013 on Southern Records.
For their first long-player, Full Sundown Assembly, the duo expand on their strange yet beautiful soundscapes, replacing the sparse compositions of some of their earliest efforts and filling space with immaculate arrangements of layered instrumentation, favouring piano melodies, horns, pedal steel and lush vocal harmonies.
Bell Gardens raison d’etre may have been to pay homage to classic sounds of times past, yet with this very simple intention, Brian McBride and Kenneth James Gibson have created an album which sounds more like a lost pop treasure, finally unearthed.
In the meantime why not check out these two videos from their first long player for “Nowhere” and “Through The Rain“.
 Southern Logo

Southern Lord announce first CD release of chaosmongers Kromosom

19 Dec
Boasting an entirely unhinged, filthy auditory assault, Melbourne-based ragers KROMOSOM have hooked up with Southern Lord Recordings for the band’s first CD release, Live Forever.
Born in the smouldering wake of now defunct Australian crust acts Schifosi and Pisschrist, and featuring current members of Leprosy, Bloody Hammer and fellow Southern Lord mercenaries Nuclear Death Terror, KROMOSOM have kicked a massive dent into the international crust/punk/hardcore circuit working under the band doctrine: “Noisier, nastier, rawer.” Through several vinyl-only indie releases and steady waves of international touring since their 2010 inception the band caught the attention of Southern Lord who now confirms the first CD release in KROMOSOM’s discography with Live Forever.
The bruising fifteen-track assault captures all of the band’s material previously only available on vinyl, including their self-titled 12”, tracks from the Hardcore Pollution split 7” with Isterismo, and the Paranoid 7,” all mastered for maximum pandemonium by Jack Control (World Burns to Death, Severed Head of State). If this doesn’t get you raging it’s time to hang up your boots and join the rest of the sheep.
Live Forever will be released in the UK/EU on January 21st, 2013, amidst steady, ongoing bursts of live actions through the rest of the year, as KROMOSOM are already confirmed to invade America once again this Spring for Maryland Deathfest, Chaos in Tejas and more.
kromo cd
Live Forever Track Listing:
1. DBH
2. Bred To Lose
3. Shapeshifter
4. Paranoid
5. Fallout
6. Are You Free?
7. Chaos Night
8. Systematic Death
9. Living Dead
10. Live Forever
11. Hysteria
12. Swine Control
13. Wasted Life
14. Force Fed Lies
15. Sentenced To Life
In case all of this is news to you, check out the band’s facebook page here, or head over here to get a taster of what may be in store…