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Axxonn’s Tom Hall releases solo album

29 Aug

Axxonn founder and artist Tom Hall has just released a new solo album which will come out as a joint release on Sonoptik and Complicated Dance Steps.

Thick, Sparse, Melodic, Drone, Noise, and Ambience come to mind when trying to describe MUTED ANGELS, but each word seems to melt away as they give way to the sound. This album sits firmly in the ‘experimental realm’ yet has little regard for staying within the confines of any one style.

Tom Hall has been delivering sound packages for almost a decade, both solo and through a number of bands/collaborations including AXXONN/Secret Birds and others, all the while showing a deft hand at various sonic styles. A spade is a spade to Hall and he applies that what you see is what you get attitude to Muted Angels… like his heart, Muted Angels lives on his sleeve.

The album is inspired by life’s mysteries, cruel happenings and wondrous surprises. Hall strives to represent these intangible moments and emotions through sound, particularly sound derived from an in depth studio practice that he describes as “trying to find the sweet spot in a speaker cone just before it tears”.

Often calling on his visual arts background, Hall pays little attention to studio etiquette and instead manipulates sound like paint, applying layers and mixing pigments to result in intricate and dynamic sound constellations or “happy accidents”. However chaotic or abstract expressionistic his practice may appear, Hall has defined a key approach over his past releases. He consistently controls the quality of his outputs, both on record and in live performance. Navigating the sonic realm confidently, Hall recklessly builds and tears down walls of sound whilst having both hands firmly on the wheel.

Muted Angels is a mile stone for Hall, one that sees him turning inward, rather than pulling support from peer networks, he has surrendered their support for a moment, and with an open heart chooses to go it alone…..

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Edie Sedgwick new release, new video and new tour dates!

29 Aug
ED and band put together this brand new video to help promote the European tour dates, its a great track and gives a sense of what people may expect from the live shows, check it out on the band’s website. Meanwhile, here is a reminder of the tour dates:
10.06.11 Torino, IT @ Blah Blah
10.07.11 Arona, IT @ Meltin Pot
10.08.11 TBA
10.09.11 TBA
10.10.11 Faenza, IT @ Clandestino
10.11.11 GERMANY-Munich, Kafe Kult
10.12.11 GERMANY-Esslingen, Komma
10.13.11 GERMANY-Würzburg, Immerhin
10.14.11 GERMANY-Bielefeld, AJZ
10.15.11 GERMANY-Berlin, Schokoladen
10.16.11 GERMANY-Leipzig
10.17.11 PRAGUE, CZ
10.19.11 KRAKOW, PL
10.20.11 NOVY JICIN, CZ
10.21.11 BRNO, CZ
10.22.11 PIESTANY, Slovakia
10.23.11 BRATISLAVA, Slovakia
10.24.11 VIENNA, Austria
10.25.11 ZAGREB, Croatia
10.26.11 Milano, IT @ Lo Fi
(with only two Italian dates left to confirm!)
Through 12 years, three record labels, over a dozen band members, one epilepsy diagnosis, and one filthy dress. E.D. Sedgwick has seen it all. It wasn’t pretty. “‘Love Gets Lovelier Every Day‘ is the ‘Smile’ of Washington, D.C. drag-punk rock,” says Sedgwick, a.k.a. Justin Moyer, the El Guapo/Supersystem bassist who started performing under his nom de plume in 1999. “Everything con- spired against this record. A collapsing record industry. Bandmates moving out of town. A couple of grand-mal seizures. Getting evicted from my studio, which was torn down by the city to build — wait for it — another studio. My decision to stop performing in a dress. The discovery of a 13th astrological sign, which means I’m no longer a Pisces, but an Aries (a fucking Aries!”
“The only thing ‘Love Gets Lovelier Every Day’ has going for it is really good songs, and a really good band to play them.”
Recorded in 2009 but caught up in record label, personnel, and personal drama until now, “LGLED” is a poignant memoir of a bad season — and, with a long slate of featured performers, a departure for an reformed electroclash artist who used to make records alone in his bedroom. Dance-y ragers like “Everybody Wants Some” (featuring Chad Molter and Mark Cisneros of Medications on, respec- tively, bass and sax) appear alongside “He Composed Lines That Frighten Stanzas,” a Pixies-ish rocker co-written by ex-Supersystem guitarist Rafael Cohen. And there is the titular, 12-plus minute pseudo-psychedelic medley equally inspired by John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme” and the B-side of the Beatles’ “Abbey Road.” But nowhere is Sedgwick’s unlikely evolution more on display than in “Silver Bullets,” the record’s first single.
“‘Silver Bullets’ is about survival,” Sedgwick says of the raucous, four-on-the-floor banger that name-checks Henry Rollins and Chris Cornell. “In the dark days of October 2009, I was moping in my soon-to-be-torn down studio when I started playing this reggaeton- ish two-note bassline. Then, I started writing lyrics from the perspective of a lead-singer Superman archetype. Like: ‘I’m not a were- wolf — silver bullets can’t kill me.’ Like: ‘I’m better than Bono. Bono can’t kill me.’ When the song was finished, I felt better. I was like, ‘I’m gonna get through this.'”
“Love Gets Lovelier Every Day,” will be released by Dischord in September 2011. The album will be available as a download or included with the purchase of this limited edition 3-song 7 Inch. Sedgwick’s new band will play select East Coast dates before head- ing to Europe in October.
“Love Gets Lovelier Every Day” tracklist (tracks 1, 2, 9 appear on the single):
1) Silver Bullets
2) See Saw
3) Natural Born Killers
4) Trip Inside My Mind
5) Everybody Wants Some (Van Halen Mix)
6) Shine a Light
7) Who’s That Knocking on My Door? (Post-Czech Mix)
8 ) He Composed Lines that Frighten Stanzas
9 ) Av a Dev i ne
10) (We’re Livin’ in the) 21st Century
11) Love Gets Lovelier Every Day Medley


29 Aug

2011-10-11 : KRAKOW (PL) @ Unsound Festival w/ Napszyklat
2011-10-12 : LYON (FR) @ Riddim Collision Festival – Sonic
2011-10-13 : GENEVA (CH) @ Le Kab
2011-10-14 :
 WINTERTHUR (CH) @ Kraftfeld
2011-10-15 :
2011-10-16 : LINZ (AU) @ Kapu
2011-10-20 : ZAGREB (CRO) @ Kset
2011-10-21 : 
 LJUBLJANA (SLO) @ Channel Zero
2011-10-22 : MILAN (IT) @ Cox18
2011-10-25 : BRUXELLES (BE) @ Magasin 4
2011-10-26 : AMIENS (FR) @ La Lune Des Pirates
2011-10-27 :
REIMS (FR) @ Cartonnerie w/ Raekwon >
2011-10-28 : PARIS (FR) @ Glaz’Art w/ Mad Professor
2011-10-29 : VENDOMES (FR) @ Rockomotives Festival
2011-10-30 : LA ROCHELLE (FR) @ La Sirène w/ Dj Muggs & QBert
2011-10-31 : 
 NANTES (FR) @ Soy Festival
2011-11-01 :
 TOULOUSE (FR) @ La Dynamo w/ Qwel & Maker
2011-11-04 : LUZERN (CH) @ Sedel
2011-11-05 : LA CHAUX DE FONDS (CH) @ Bikini Test
2011-11-07 :
 LEIPZIG (DE) @ Zoro
2011-11-08 : PRAHA (CZ) @ Klub 007
2011-11-09 : BERLIN (DE) @ Cassiopeia
2011-11-20 : ANTWERPEN (BE) @ Trix 
and more tbc…
IconAclass is the newest solo project from producer/MC, Will Brooks, who is best known for his work in dälek (Ipecac Recordings).
As MC and co-producer in dälek, he explored the left of center/ wall of noise world ala My Bloody Valentine meets Public Enemy on six studio albums. IconAclass sees him maintaining the gritty view of boom-bap he is know for, while returning to his roots. For the Ones is pure hip-hop, hypnotic heavy beats serve as more than just a backdrop for this MC. They focus a spotlight squarely on the lyrics, and iconAclass has a lot on his mind! From race relations to religion to corporate greed, IconAclass holds nothing back. Pushing forward into the new millennia with DJ Motiv providing the cuts, iconAclass is the next chapter for this ever evolving musician.
In his twelve year history with dälek , Brooks recorded six studio albums, plus countless 7″ and 12″ EP’s on labels from the US, UK, Europe and Japan. dälek also recorded collaborative records with Faust, Techno Animal, Young Gods, If/When, Kid 606, and DJ Baku. They toured the world extensively sharing the stage with the Melvins, Prince Paul, Zu, De La Soul, Isis, Pharcyde, DJ Spooky, Fantomas and countless others.
Additional notes
– First post-dälek release from one of underground Hip-Hop’s most vital MC’s.
– Guest appearances from Deadverse Massive members, Oddateee and Komplx.
– Perhaps the only hip-hop album in existence to name check both HouseShoes and the Melvins.
The Written Word: The iconAclass Manifesto is a book by Will Brooks, perhaps more widely known under his MC name dälek, in collaboration with graphic design artist Thomas Reitmayer.
The Written Word: The iconAclass Manifesto is a collection of all iconAclass lyrics to date. Focussing heavily on the lyrical side of HipHop, Brooks’ lyrics deal with everything from race relations to religion to corporate greed, putting a spotlight on the culture of HipHop itself with countless references to artists past and present.

Will Brooks and Thomas Reitmayer have been friends for many years, DJing and drinking and eating Pizza together. This collaboration finally found it’s focus in the release of The Written Word: The iconAclass Manifesto through Reitmayer’s newly founded Create and Destroy Press.

The Written Word: The iconAclass Manifesto will be featured in the upcoming DIY/underground HipHop documentary movie called “Leftfield”.

Additional notes
– Hardcover book
– Foreword by Adam Jones (Tool)
– Contributions and quotes from Joachim Irmler (Faust), Charles Hayward (This Heat), Iann Robinson (writer/ ex mtv vj), Prince Paul and DJ Houseshoes and the Melvins.
-The book will be released in October.

A review of All Pigs Must Die

24 Aug


There’s always a collective feeling of worry circulating the air around bands that are comprised of members of other more successful bands. The supergroup is rarely, if indeed ever very super. Often they’re other workings are reason enough for them to warrant notoriety, but the chances of them delivering anything that would usually merit a group of musicians to be given such a prefix is an infrequent treat. Going against the grain and flying the flag for the supergroup, members from the Hope Conspiracy, Converge and Bloodhorse have combined to deliver said treat to your ears, only to make them bleed.

All Pigs Must Die have taken their separate ferocities and amalgamated them into an album that spits out more hate in thirty-two minutes than most of their contemporaries could muster in their entire back catalogue.

God Is War is not so much a hardcore record as it is the personified form of anger and hatred getting together and having musical offspring. Comprising riff-laden thrash, with spitting vocals and a blast beating relentlessness, the cumulated sound is a twisted one, which can swing from American punk grooves to heavy metal chugs in an instant and making no apologies for doing so.

Pulverisation displays Kevin Baker’s hate-filled vocals in all their gravel-soaked glory, while Ben Koller’s drum work keeps the pace of proceedings at a constant velocity, ploughing in between bass pedal furies at break neck speed, with no hesitancy and no breakdowns, just perhaps a minor lull in album highlight, Sacrosanct, to make room for Matt Woods’ soloing aptitude.

The fury that spills out during their half hour rampage on you has been your own catharsis as well as there’s and feeling well and truly spent, you’ll spend the rest of the day recouping with a lie down and a cup of earl grey, before, of course, going back for another helping.

By Ross Timms

Steve Ignorant announces support acts for the final Last Supper show

11 Aug


In 1977, Steve Ignorant and Penny Rimbaud founded Crass.

In 1984 Crass disbanded.

In 2007, as a personal tribute to Crass, Steve Ignorant performed a show at Shepherds Bush Empire called ‘The Feeding Of The Five Thousand’, a celebration of the Crass album of the same name, which was performed in its entirety. Answering the calls that have come from around the globe in response to the Shepherd’s Bush gigs Steve Ignorant has been touring ‘The Last Supper’ across the UK, Europe, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to rapturous audiences, celebrating the period of Crass’ work with which he feels most closely aligned – the period when he feels the band were at the strongest, most productive and most hopeful.

In November 2011 Steve Ignorant and his merry band of musicians comprising Gizz Butt (guitar), Pete Wilson (bass), Spike T Smith (drums) and Carol Hodge (vocals) will be performing the Last Supper for the last time, deliberately and significantly to be held once again at the 02 Shepherds Bush Empire.

This will doubtless be the last time any member of Crass will play these songs live again. Ever.

Steve has invited some old friends along to help make this a truly unforgettable event and I am pleased to announce the support acts for the final ever show…

The Cravats

Formed in 1978 near Birmingham, England, these dada fuelled, Jazz-Punk colossals soon became firm John Peel favourites with their unique brand of sax-riddled, bass-laced punk weirdness, doing 4 sessions for the great man and releasing numerous records on Small Wonder, Crass, Corpus Christi and most recently the double CD retrospective, ‘Land of The Giants’ on Overground Records, who, in January, are also re-releasing the band’s first 1978 LP, ‘The Cravats In Toytown’ on CD, as well as a brilliantly crafted new creation culled from the original ‘In Toytown’ master tapes by Penny Rimbaud of Crass, which one described as, “. . . Like an English Stately Home garden landscaped by Jackson Pollock.” The live band features, original founder and voice, The Shend (The Cravats, The Very Things) as well as legendary Cravats sax behemoth, Svor Naan along with Rex Speedway on fuzz club guitar, Rev. J. Noble on bass and Rampton Garstang, the tree-bending sticksman. Eccentrically frantic on stage, odd but on the ball and definitely not normal.

Paranoid Visions

Formed in Dublin in 1981, Paranoid Visions quickly allied themselves to the anarcho punk fraternity of the second wave of punk rock in the early 80’s. Heavily influenced by the Crass ethic of DIY music, the band formed their own F.O.A.D label and licensed their records to All The Madmen, home of the Mob, Thatcher on Acid, Blyth Power and the Astronauts. The band are currently completing their new album, entitled “Dichotomy: White Sands / Black Earth” for release in early 2012. the album features contributions from the Cravats’ The Shend, TV Smith, Goldblades’ John Robb and US punk band the Blame. A single (featuring TV Smith on guest vocals), “Outsider Artist” will be released to coincide with this show with Steve Ignorant, the bands largest London gig to date. Videos: politician 2011 (cd single), reached number 6 in the IRMA irish physical sales chart 2011, strobelight and torture (7″ and cd single), reached number 4 in the independant download charts 2010 Missing in action (album track from 40 shades of gangreen, 2007) video produced by students from tisch college, NYC, as part of their work experience in Dublin courtesy of hot press.

Andy T

Andy T. began writing poetry/lyrics around the mid 1970’s encouraged by the free festival scene which had a lot of roots and branches in Rochdale. Andy became friends with Crass, attending a lot of their gigs around the country. They were expressing similar feelings that he related to. He had been sending cassette tapes of his poetry and music to friends for quite a while. Crass decided to release a bunch of tapes they had received from all over the country as Bullshit Detector. Andy had something to do with 5 tracks on the first one. Andy T’s music has been described as ‘Joy Division meets Killing Joke at a dub reggae party, with a fat, old bloke shouting over the top’. It probably sounds like nothing you’ve heard before, please feel free to decide for yourself.

Some special secret guests will also be appearing!

If you would like more detailed information about the support acts then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We would be most grateful if you would consider this event for listings and preview ahead of time and if you would like to speak to Steve Ignorant to get his perspective on performing these songs live for the last time then I will gladly arrange, he is ready and willing…


So here it is then – the final date for the final gig, it’s so weird looking at it knowing it’s going to be the last time I ever perform Crass songs live on stage. I know that was the idea behind this Last Supper tour, but to see it in black and white in front of you like this really makes it final. I know that every gig I do is special and that me and the band put 1000% into every performance, but I have to admit to you all, this one will be special.

If you’re thinking of coming, bring some tissues – it’s gonna be emotional– Steve Ignorant

The Last Supper

O2 Shepherds Bush Academy


Saturday 19th November. Doors 7pm

Special guests: The Cravats, Paranoid Visions and Andy T

Tickets £20, on sale now from Ticketweb, the Southern web shop, UK tickets.



Exile On Mainstream bands hit the road in full force

10 Aug

A string of Exile On Mainstream bands have just announced a host of European winter tour dates.

The tail end of 2011 will see four of EOM’s impressive roster take to various locations on mainland Europe as well as visiting the UK.

Experimental doom two-piece, Beehoover will be doing a short stint of five shows around their native country of Germany in November accompanied by Pagan sludge legend Ulme.


16.11.2011 GER Stuttgart, Schocken (+Ulme)

17.11.2011 GER Jena, Rosenkeller (+Ulme)

18.11.2011 GER Dresden, AZ Conni (+Ulme)

19.11.2011 GER Berlin, Red Rooster (+Ulme)

20.11.2011 GER Hamburg, Molotow (+Ulme)

Eccentric math rock duo Dyse will be playing short bursts of shows through the course of October, November and December, beginning in Germany, before moving onto play four Austrian dates and later returning to Berlin to continue to grace their compatriot with their live shows up until Christmas.


07.10.2011 GER Köln, Sonic Ballroom

08.10.2011 GER Münster, Gleis 22

14.10.2011 GER Dresden, Scheune

15.10.2011 GER Erfurt, Museumkeller

21.10.2011 GER Würzburg, Immerhin

22.10.2011 GER Karlsruhe, alte Hackerei

05.11.2011 GER München, Backstage

06.11.2011 AUT Wien, Rhiz

07.11.2011 AUT Wien, Rhiz

17.11.2011 AUT Feldkirch, Graf Hugo

20.11.2011 AUT Stuttgart, 1210

02.12.2011 GER Berlin, tba.

03.12.2011 GER Berlin, tba.

9.12.2011 GER Rostock, Zuckerfabrik

10.12.2011 GER Flensburg, Volxbad

11.12.2011 GER Lüneburg, Jeckyll & Hyde

17.12.2011 GER Jena, Kassablanca

On the back of recent album Blown Realms and Stalled Explosions, which dropped in late May, Bay Area’s Enablers will be bringing their spoken word groove rock sound to an array of European countries. The six week tour will see them play one off shows in Switzerland and the Czech Republic as well as longer stints in Germany Spain and the UK.


15.09.2011 GER Leipzig, UT Connewitz

16.09.2011 GER Dresden, Beatpol

17.09.2011 GER Berlin, Schokoladen

18.09.2011 GER Potsdam, Fabrik

20.09.2011 POL Warsaw, Powiekszenie

21.09.2011 POL Krakow, tba.

22.09.2011 CZ Prague, tba.

23.09.2011 AUT Linz, Stadtwerkstatt

24.09.2011 ITA

25.09.2011 ITA tba.

26.09.2011 ITA tba.

27.09.2011 ITA tba.

28.09.2011 ITA tba

29.09.2011 FRA Marseilles, La Machine a Coudre

30.09.2011 ESP Barcelona, The Moog

01.10.2011 ESP Lleida, Cafe del Teatre

02.10.2011 ESP Zaragoza, Aw Arrebato

04.10.2011 ESP Madrid, La Faena II

05.10.2011 ESP Badajoz, Rincon Pio Sound

06.10.2011 ESP Tolosa, Bonberebea

07.10.2011 FRA Perigeaux, Bartolo

08.10.2011 FRA Nantes, tba.

09.10.2011 FRA Clermont-Ferrand, Raymond’s

12.10.2011 UK London, The Lexington

13.10.2011 UK Nottingham, Chameleon

14.10.2011 UK Birmingham, Hare & Hounds

15.10.2011 UK Bristol, The Cube Cinema

16.10.2011 UK Brighton, The Hope

17.10.2011 FRA Lille, La Peniche

18.10.2011 FRA Paris, Les Instant Chavires

19.10.2011 FRA Tours, Le Temps Machine

20.10.2011 FRA Rennes, La Bascule

21.10.2011 BEL Brussels, Magasin 4

22.10.2011 BEL Liege, La Zone

23.10.2011 SUI Bern, Roessli (w/ INSECT ARK – Dana Schechter of Bee And Flower & Angels Of Light)

24.10.2011 GER Karlsruhe, Jubez (w/ INSECT ARK – Dana Schechter of Bee And Flower & Angels Of Light)

25.10.2011 GER Hamburg, Kampnagel (w/ INSECT ARK – Dana Schechter of Bee And Flower & Angels Of Light)

26.10.2011 NL Utrecht, dB’s (w/ INSECT ARK – Dana Schechter of Bee And Flower & Angels Of Light)

27.10.2011 GER Bielefeld, AJZ (w/ INSECT ARK & EARTHLESS)

28.10.2011 GER Dortmund, Institut (w/ INSECT ARK – Dana Schechter of Bee And Flower & Angels Of Light)

Following Danish sludge trio Rising confirming the release date of anticipated new album To Solemn Ash in October, the first predominantly metal band to be signed to Exile On Mainstream will be playing eleven shows as part of a two week tour of Germany this November.


03.11.2011 GER Kiel, Schaubude

04.11.2011 GER Hannover, tba.

05.11.2011 GER Dresden, Beatpol

06.11.2011 GER Hamburg, Hafenklang

07.11.2011 GER Osnabrück, Bastard Club

08.11.2011 GER Köln, Sonic Ballroom

09.11.2011 GER Wiesbaden, Schlachthof

10.11.2011 GER Berlin, Comet

11.11.2011 GER Leipzig, UT Connewitz

12.12.2011 GER Nürnberg, K4

13.11.2011 GER Potsdam, Black Fleck, w/ Tanker

A review of Grumbling Fur

9 Aug

Grumbling Fur- Furrier (Aurora Borealis)

If every band’s improvised musicianship could muster anything on the same plateau of Grumbling Fur’s day-long, ad-hoc venture, surely the notion of writing an album before entering the studio would be a forgotten about normality.

Having the ability to craft such a powerful series of tracks in such a short space of time is the ultimate testament to Grumbling Fur’s collective composite prowess, which boasts members of Mothlite, Guapo and Circle, to name a few, and makes Furrier all the more impressive.

It doesn’t sound as if it was created off the cuff, as if they merely sat around jamming for ten hours before splicing together the segments of noise that somehow combined to make a respectable song or two.  Instead, it’s a delicately pieced together affair. Somehow regimenting numerous layers of what would be sonic chaos and turning it into rhythmic ambience.

The whale noise like introduction to album opener, Furfather, absorbs you into an ulterior world, where you can only imagine Daniel O’Sullivan et al would have ventured to when piecing together their workings. As the first track slips into sophomore song, A Little Cloud, it effortlessly skims from a pitter patter of ambience to pulses of a distorted groan that dips in and out as it pleases.

Sommaren Ar Har keeps a disciplined beat to proceedings amidst the wonderment of everything else and transfers the dreamlike sereneness into a more nightmarish setting. It’s only at this point that Furrier begins to reveal its true worth and the colossal feel of the album comes to fruition.

Grumbling Fur have created an Everest of a record, which although peaks and troughs along the way, is ultimately a 14-song assent to the ambient drone summit, conquered in typified fashion with a plentiful helping of reverberating bass murmurs, carefully placed cymbal splashes, unfathomable vocal upsurges

Review by awesome intern Ross Timms