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Supersonic Festival announce initial line up!

17 May
Supersonic Logo
The Supersonic Festival enters it’s ninth year, widely considered the best experimental music festival in the UK. Hordes of loyal festival supporters return each year and the number of attendees expands to include more people from across the UK, Ireland and continental Europe.

So what makes Supersonic so special (other than its easily accessible Birmingham location)? It has always been more than just a music festival, attaining the heights of a diversifying experience which tantalises our visual senses as much as our aural ones, offering an extraordinary event for adventurous audiences. Without a doubt, there is always something for everyone to enjoy, as the organisers understand their audience, embrace variety and go out of their way to put on a unique event which both stimulates and educates music, film and art lovers. And you can rely on Supersonic to surprise audiences with the kind of collaborations we thought we could only dream of, always making it an unforgettable event.

In-keeping with tradition, the festival (run by Capsule – curators and purveyors of the finest music and art) will return to its natural home, the Custard Factory for another year. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, they go ahead and announce the first additions to their ever-evolving and always eclectic festival line up…

This year, Supersonic Festival are proud to welcome to the main stage one of the heaviest bands in the world, Electric Wizard. Providing a sonic aural trip far, far away from this world, where only cyclopean walls of crackling vintage valve amplifiers set to the full overdrive, crushing doom and primal ritualistic beats can wash away all the filth and drudgery of everyday life.

Particularly exciting is the UK exclusive performance of ZU93, the meeting of some special musical minds indeed. David Tibet of the absolutely essential Current 93 and members of the ridiculously talented Italian instrumental trio Zu make up the group, along with other amazing musicians; Stefano Pilia (the best guitarist of the avant-garde scene in Italy) and cellists Luca Tilli and Andrea Serrapiglio. Hauntingly beautiful, this really is the stuff that dreams are made of. You can expect more news of what to expect from their live show in coming months.

Supersonic are also proud to welcome back Zombi, after bringing them to the UK for the first time back in 2006. Producing work that is epic in concept, sound and artistic approach, Steve Moore and A.E. Paterra (the masterminds and multi-instrumentalists behind Zombi), have re-imagined the architecture of progressive rock and dynamic instrumentals, creating stirring melodies and moving cadences, carving a niche in underground music distinctly their own.

Supersonic will bring another extra special collaborative project to UK shores going by the name Fire! Combining the musical talent of Mats Gustafsson on sax, rhodes and electronics, Andreas from Wildbirds & Peacedrums on drums, Johan Berthling from Tape on bass, plus mind-bending master musician Oren Ambarchi playing guitar and electronics, Fire! perfectly amalgamate noise, rock and free-improv with a groovy Krautrock mantra. This promises to be a collaboration that everyone will be talking about!

Also gracing the main stage is one of the most visible and prolific names in the avant garde underground, Secret Chiefs 3. Providing an alchemical fusion of wild sounds spanning multiple genres, including “Morricone-esque cinematic grandeur, midnight surf guitar, traditional Middle Eastern rhythms and time signatures, demonic death metal, and electronic deviance” (Pitchfork).

White Hills will bring their mind-melting psychedelia to the festival for those people looking for “the rightful heir to Hawkwind’s massive legacy” (Goldmine), whilst Lucky Dragons will astound with their notoriously immersive live shows where the audience is as integral to their performance as they are. The perfect band to bring like-minded people together.

Experimentalists of the truest kind, Eternal Tapestry have confirmed their invitation, so expect finely crafted free improvised guitar with structured rhythms and lots of layered ambient sound. Add to that, Bardo Pond performing their notorious esoteric psychedelia, replete with droning guitars, feedback, dense distortion and surges of reverb and white noise and Skull Defekts, Sweden’s answer to Sonic Youth and The Ex, not to mention one of the hardest working bands we know.

Meanwhile local legend Mick Harris (Former member of Napalm Death) performs as Scorn, taking blast-beats to an entirely other level. Speaking of blast beats, black metal cultivators Wolves In The Throne Room have just been confirmed and will be performing songs from their new upcoming album. And for that dose of chaotic sounds and wild unpredictability comes Japanese noise artist Astro, solo project of Japanese musician Hiroshi Hasegawa of the influential noise music group C.C.C.C and also a.P.A.t.T who sound like the best bits of everything you’ve ever heard, this completely original, utterly bewildering 2-7 piece band use all the genres possible to create a daft yet beautiful mess. Running all over stage whilst swapping instruments. Eclectic doesn’t cover it.

Bringing something new to the festival is Antilles, a well-kept secret in the French underground community, whilst fellow French violinist Agathe Max will be gently weaving her elegant violin threads into cacophonous sounds. Keeping up the French connection are Monarch, one of the slowest, heaviest and loudest funeral doom metal bands Europe has to offer, driven by the pure intent on creating blood curdling feedback drenched physical sound through the use of insane volume and low end frequencies, and with a wall of sweet vintage amps.

From Finland comes Pekko Käppi, remarkable student of the jouhikko instrument also well-versed in the Finnish runo-singing tradition. Welcomed back with open arms is innovative artist Cloaks, returning for a consecutive year, assembling his unique Dj and effects set and coming all the way from Melbourne Australia will be Blarke Bayer / Black Widow, a wildly experimental duo comprising Ben Andrews (Blarke Bayer) also a member of My Disco and Agents Of Abhorrence and Robert MacManus (Black Widow) formerly a member of Grey Daturas.

On top of all that there is still art, film, panel discussions and most importantly, details of other special guests to be revealed…


Capsule’s Supersonic festival has evolved…to consistently provide one of UK’s most anticipated Festival line-ups. Fans of dubstep, krautrock, free-jazz and doom metal were all catered for on a bill which promised to both rupture the ears while stimulating the mind through its diverse selection of music, film and specialist talks.” – CLASH

Excellent.” – GUARDIAN

Supersonic is definitely not for the faint-hearted or half-arsed music fan. It’s created for you from all angles of the musical spectrum.– NME

The UK’s best alternative, noise and metal festival” – QUIETUS

Supersonic, in our opinion is the best festival in the world right now.” – ROCK A ROLLA

Every attraction is in some way a visceral sensory experience – ear candy for lovers of the sonically extreme…So many other music festivals offer you what you expect to hear, merely affirming your good taste in music, Supersonic is a place to be educated and surprised: new, experimental and intellectually nourishing.– WIRE

Here is a summary of those performing, go to for more detailed info.

a.P.A.t.T. (UK) –

Steve Ignorant’s Last Supper Tour Heads Down Under

17 May

Steve Ignorant Live

Having just completed a storming series of shows in the USA and Canada, the fabulous Steve Ignorant ensemble is now rehearsing their new touring bassist Pete Wilson. In order to ensure they recieve the maximum novelty value of Antipodean sun, the band have chosen to rehearse in Norwich.

If you happen to be among of the hardy band of souls who live in Australia or New Zealand, these half-dozen shows represent your first and last opportunity to witness Steve Ignorant sing Crass songs. In fact, apart from a single show in London’s Shepards Bush this November, these shows represent the last chance of anyone, anywhere, to see these songs sung live by the man who sang on the records.

These shows are therefore literal history in the making, a never to be repeated full-stop. Book your tickets NOW so that in years to come you will be able to reduce young punks to misty-eyed envy with the words: “I was there”.

Australian Shows

Friday June 10th Brisbane | Prince of Wales Hotel
With Special Guests Alien Virus, Dregz, D Rouser
Tickets via Oztix

Saturday June 11th Sydney | Salmagundi Studios
With Special Guests – The Rumjacks, Steppin Razor & Inebrious Bastard
Plus DJ Doledrum and DJ Franco
Tickets via Oztix

Wednesday June 15th Perth | The Bakery
With Special Guests SSA, The New Husseins and The Blazin’ Entrails.
Tickets via Oztix and

Friday June 17th Melbourne | The Tote
With Special Guests The Duvtons, Bastard Squad & Leprosy.
Tickets via Oztix and in person at the venue.

Tickets on sale via
New Zealand Shows
Saturday 18th June Wellington | Bodega
With Special Guests Gripper, Mr Sterile Assembly

Sunday 19th June Auckland | The Kings Arms (Early show – Steve Ignorant on stage 8pm sharp)
Special Guests tbc
All shows R18
Tickets on sale via and Real Groovy Records (Auckland)

Why Should Joe Lally Get Used To It?

17 May

Joe Lally played bass in Fugazi from the band’s inception in 1987 until their hiatus in 2003. When the members of Fugazi decided to take an indefinite break from recording and performing Joe began working on solo material and has continued to write and perform new material in collaboration with a wide variety of musicians and friends.

Joe has released two albums on Dischord Records, “There to Here” in 2006 and “Nothing is Underrated” in 2007, and has toured extensively in the USA, Europe,  Brazil, Japan and beyond. Joe’s albums and his tours have until recently featured a large cast of collaborators including his Fugazi mates, members of Capillary Action, Zu, Melvins, and others.

Why Should I Get Used To It? (Cover)

On Joe’s newest album, “Why Should I Get Used to It” he has settled on a more permanent line-up featuring his current touring mates, guitarist Elisa Abela and drummer Emanuele Tomasi. The album was recorded in Rome, where Joe has
lived for the last several years, and has just been released on Dischord in conjunction with Joe’s imprint, Tolotta Records. Therefore your excuses for not owning a copy – unless you’re struggling to feed your kids – now number zero.
Joe and his band will continue to tour in 2011, with dates in Europe and Brazil already booked, and many more dates and territories to follow.

Stay tuned for more information.

Wolves In the Throne Room recording brand new album

16 May
Black Metal cultivators Wolves In the Throne Room are currently fully immersed in the process of harvesting their next full-length album.
The new album, though still untitled, will be the third Wolves In The Throne Room full-length for Southern Lord Recordings. Aaron and Nathan Weaver, the founding and only full-time members of the band, will collaborate once again with producer/mystic Randall Dunn (Earth, Sunn O))), Boris), who produced the band’s mammoth Two Hunters and Black Cascade albums.

This week Aaron Weaver supplied some insight on the creation of the new album:

“I got into a daily rhythm of greeting the weak winter sun in the morning, working outside in the rain until midday, then retiring to our studio to work on the music late into the night. I did this nearly every day for two months. Quite a monastic lifestyle actually. I didn’t see many people. We were totally lost inside the record. Once the record was conceived from beginning to end, we met with Randall and started to slowly build the tracks at his studio in Seattle. I think that this album will be the best thing that Wolves In the Throne Room has created. We’ve never been able to devote this much time to writing and recording. It feels like this will be the culmination of everything we’ve done up to this point.”
In addition to the Weaver brothers, the album will also feature vocal contributions from Jessika Kenny, who contributed so much to the transcendent tone of the band’s massive Two Hunters album.
More information on the album will be brought forth in the coming weeks, as the band complete the album and prepare for a surely busy year of Wolves In The Throne Room actions worldwide.

Master Musicians of Bukkake: Totem 3

16 May

Following the success that was Totem 2, Important Records offer you Totem 3. Produced by Randall Dunn, this is the final offering before entering the new wave of the failed future from Master Musicians Of Bukkake.

Totem 3 journeys from quiet Bardo womb meditations and instrumental mantras, to the delusional glee of Kali Yugafied Indian rock. Totem 3 is the most diverse and heartfelt of the Totem trilogy; a steady, pulsating musical mirror that expresses the atrophy of our “Modern World” through the no-age hallucinations of passionate melodies. A place where disembodied nomadic djinn join in laments, attempting to push through cell-phone interference with a message of no return. Culminating finally in the Totem trilogy’s finale; the John Carpenter-esque synthetic horror film decay of our “FAILED FUTURE”.
MMOB Totem 3 Cover

This is spiritual music made for healing by people who are pursuing the betterment of the mind and body. We live in an age of anxiety and this is music that pushes back against it. This is music that wants, above all, to be joyful. There’s nothing more useful than pushing against this contemporary anxiety and MMOB does it with humour, style, brains and substance.

Totem 3 is a record that sounds as good to your ears as it does to your mind. Please play it loudly.

MMOB Website

Conspiracy Records

USX return with a blinding new single-track full length

16 May

USX Valley Path Sleeve

U.S. Christmas play a unique brand of psychedelic, high-volume blues rock that evades any easy classification. Founded in Marion NC in the summer of 2002, USX now approaches a decade of playing, recording, and evolving.

USX released its fifth full-length album, Run Thick In The Night, in fall 2010, and is now following with an epic full-length single track album,The Valley Path. NATE from the band has this to say:

A true idea must be made real. When the idea for The Valley Path was imagined, all involved agreed it was true and went forward. Forward in thought, forward in vision, forward in action. We achieved what we wanted to achieve, and whatever is said about The Valley Path, it will stand.
USX has played more gigs than I can remember, from Marion to Prague, Detroit, Austria, Memphis and Switzerland. Dirt floors and Masonic temples, churches and ghettos, wilderness and cities. To dozens and hundreds – occasionally thousands. We have recorded our songs, projected our collective visions. We have realized all that we have imagined. At this point, we have nothing to prove. We’ve been under the gun many times, and whatever anyone might think about us, we’ve never flinched. Never compromised. When things are good – and they usually are, being in this band is a dream. But we can’t entirely escape reality. Fuse boxes blow, power fails, instruments break, people leave. We vomit in parking lots and go play inside. We sleep sitting up and wake up sore. Or we sleep in places most people would not wilfully enter. We are hungry and miss home. We go on, and we are thankful because we have songs. And when we write our songs become a part of us, our centre. Our home.
A song does not have to be a part of a collection. It is more important for music to take the path it chooses, and an artist must be willing to let this happen.
The Valley Path is one song. And a song is a thing that changes.”

NATE – USX (December 25, 2010)

U.S Christmas Website

Neurot Recordings

Steve Ignorant tour update – Baltimore cancelled, Scranton added (May 7)

6 May

Pinched from Steve Ignorant’s website today:

Bloody really bad news. Our gig in Baltimore is definitely cancelled and we are not able to find a suitable replacement venue.  We are still trying to find out if you will get a refund – for now we suggest you contact the vendor you bought your tickets from.
When we’ve found out what the fuck went on I’ll tell you the whole story, but for now can I just say please understand that this is out of our control.  It’s not just us that’s been shafted, there are apparently about 20 other sold-out shows that have met the same fate.  What can I say apart from sorry, and we’re absolutely gutted.  Baltimore, I’m really really sorry.
Now, the good news is we’ve found another venue willing to let us play a gig on Saturday.  It’s in a place called Scranton Pennsylvania and all the details are below.  If you can get there that’ll be great but I understand if you can’t.
Also I’m really pleased that Goldblade will be joining us on Saturday as well.
Again – Sorry, Baltimore.

Steve Ignorant presents The Last Supper

Crass Songs 1977-1984

at Eleanor Rigby’s


JERMYN, PA 18433

tel 570-876-3660

Doors 7pm

Tickets $16 in advance

+ Goldblade

+ Local support tbc