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Exile On Mainstream records have a webshop!

19 Dec

What better way to splash your Christmas cash than in the brand new Exile On Mainstream records webshop.

You can now obtain all of their fine releases with just a couple of mouse clicks. They offer fast service, great prices and guaranteed shipout within 48 hours after reception of payment, all wrapped up with heart and joy to your doorstep. So far, so trivial but now it comes: all orders without extra shipping surcharge! Worldwide! Now how’s that?

To celebrate the season and the grand opening they have a limited offer for you: buy two items and get an Exile On Mainstream shirt FREE (while stocks last!). Just answer to the order confirmation e-mail and tell us your size!


Wolfbrigade sign to Southern Lord

13 Dec


WOLFBRIGADE: Swedish Crust Punk Overlords Sign With Southern Lord

 Pioneers of the Swedish d-beat/crust movement, WOLFBRIGADE have signed with Southern Lord for the release of their next three crushing full-length releases of malevolent darkness, the first being finalised to strike in the first few months of 2012.

Wolfbrigade have been storming the scene internationally in one form or another since 1995. Then formed as Wolfpack, the outfit unleashed three LP’s and as many EPs of their potent crust-inspired punk in less than five years, instantly making a massively influential impact worldwide and helping fuel an entire new wave of “d-beat” bands and scenes internationally. With some personnel changes at the turn of the century the band kicked off the new millennium under the revamped moniker Wolfbrigade. Since then the band’s already powerful attack became even more sinister and morose, yet more aggressive and pummeling. Following four LP’s and several splits and mini-releases under the Wolfbrigade banner since 2001, the outfit have remained at the top of their game and continue to release invigorating and demoralising socially-aimed antagonism on a regular basis.

The band’s newest CD, and first for Southern Lord — simply and aptly entitled Damned — will hit the streets in the UK early next year (the LP version will be released on La Familia Records). A top-notch surge of Wolfbrigade’s primal and hateful attack, Damned levels all in listening range with its 12 devastating anthems in under 35 minutes. Recorded at renowned Gothenburg-based Studio Fredman by Frederik Nordstrom (At The Gates, Amon Amarth, Opeth) the record showcases the band arguably at their finest hour. Here is a glimpse at the artwork:

With select touring planned in both Europe and USA throughout 2012, and at least two more releases confirmed for release via Southern Lord, it’s safe to say that we’ll all feel the sting of Wolfbrigade quite a bit in the years ahead.

Damned Track Listing:

1. Feed The Flames

2. Slaves Of Induction

3. Road To Dreams

4. The Curse of Cain

5. On Your Knees… In Misery

6. Ride the Steel

7. Hurricane Veins

8. From Beyond

9. Catch 22

10. Damned to Madness

11. Where No One Sleeps

12. Peace of Mind

Ufomammut complete two part Neurot Recordings debut

7 Dec

UFOMAMMUT, Northern Italy’s sorcerers of supernatural and obliterating doom, have completed the recordings for their sixth full-length, and first as part of the Neurot Recordings family. This week we are beyond excited to announce the details of this highly anticipated, mammoth follow-up to their 2010 full-length Eve, the band’s most critically-acclaimed and devastating piece of magic to date… until now.


Oro is the title for Ufomammut’s latest work, divided into ten massive movements overall which is now confirmed to be delivered in two separate pieces during the coming year. The first chapter, Opus Primum, will see arrival in April, and the second, Opus Alter, in September. The vinyl versions of both chapters will be handled directly by Ufomammut’s own label Supernatural Cat Records, who were responsible for the release of all of the band’s previous material. This is the third album in a row the band recorded with Lorenzo Stecconi.


As with all previous Ufomammut albums, the concepts behind Oro are expansive and multi-faceted, mutating the Italian palindrome which translates to “gold” with the Latin translation of “I prey.” Oro explores the concept of knowledge and its power; the magical stream controlled by the human mind to gain control of every single particle of the World surrounding us. Oro is the alchemical process to transform the human fears into pure essence; into Gold. Although Oro’s two chapters will be released months apart from each other, they must be considered as a single track in which the musical themes and the sounds show up and hide, mutating and evolving, progressively and increasingly stratifying culminating in the crushing final movement. Oro is like an alchemic laboratory in which substances are flowing, dividing and blending themselves in ten increments from the alembics and stills, culminating into the creation of Gold. The band are also in the process of crafting a full video/visual version of Oro which will accompany the audio.


Since their inception in 1999, Ufomammut has toured several times, and crossed the oceans to the United States for the first time in 2009 for a tour of the West Coast. They’ve performed at renowned, international music festivals including Roadburn, Hellfest, Ieper, Stoned from the Underground, Asymmetry, sharing the stage with Neurosis, Down, Amen Ra, Baroness, Sons Of Otis, Motorpsycho and endless more along the way. The band’s live show is supported by the internationally acclaimed video and graphic art of Malleus, a rock artists’ collective who conjure the entirety of Ufomammut’s visual impact.


2012 will see the band expanding their touring circles wider across the face of the planet in support of Oro. Stay tuned throughout the year as more details on the release and the act’s tour schedule are confirmed. For all press requests for Ufomammut and Neurot Recordings please contact



Poia – guitars and effect

Urlo – bass, vocals and synths

Vita – drums

Ciccio – soundlord

Lu – visuals

Rarely Unable’s Ones To Watch in 2012 – Disappears

6 Dec

Although not a new band, Disappears are surprisingly still making their way into the minds of the masses. I say surprisingly because I genuinely think that these guys should be appreciated by far more people, I mean, in my mind they should be a household name, certainly with more hype surrounding them.

When they burst into my consciousness with their debut Lux (Kranky) I first thought I was listening to a lost tape from the Flying Nun label. Their ballsy garage rock was full of hooks, technically perfect and so catchy. Their distinct sound totally swept me off my feet. Guider (Kranky) came next earlier this year which took a turn into more Krautrock, trance-like territory which was a welcome change in an exciting new direction. I finally got lucky and got to see them play in London and with Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) on drums earlier this year which was just astounding…talk about being lost in the music.

Now as 2011 nears a close, there is talk of a new Disappears album penned for March 2012 entitled Pre Language and some more live action (thank you Kranky!!) Steve Shelley is now a fully integrated member and their tunes are now even more refined and a more potent amalgam of the two former releases. It was recorded in Hoboken New Jersey at Sonic Youth’s Echo Canyon West studio and mixed with John Congleton (The Paperchase and renowned producer).

I for one am very excited to share the new record when the time comes and urge everyone to investigate in the meantime. If their annual album turnaround is anything to go by then we will be hearing much more from the band in the future, here’s hoping!

I shall leave you with a live video from Philly playing out a song from the new album…

Disappears live in Philly

New Whisper In The Noise album due in 2012

2 Dec

We are happy to report that Exile On Mainstream has received the final master for the new A WHISPER IN THE NOISE album! 4 long years of waiting for what we rate the most anticipated comeback in our recent history! “To Forget” is the title of the new effort by West Thordson and Sonja Larson, who form AWITN 2012 and it will be released on February 27th 2012 throughout Europe, the USA will follow a month later.

The album will be released as CD, LP and in digital format. The CD will feature a custom made 12panel “‘cruciform’ cardstock folder in high end print with partial high gloss foiling. The LP will come in a custom made cardstock folder in high end print with partial high gloss foiling as well.

A massive 5weeks European tour is currently set up to promote release, starting on April 20th 2012 covering Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, the UK, Poland, Greece and Sweden.

Following the approach to songwriting with a somewhat field-inspiring attitude that takes influences not only from music but nature, its power and sounds, “To Forget” took shape over nearly two years.  AWITN in 2012 are much more focussed and let sound overtake the talking instead of trying to picture feelings through sound: a certain power of nature to prevail the inner struggles of one’s self. If you are blessed by the ability to dig into this you will find the beauty of “To Forget” – a piece of music, shining by it’s purity and cinemascopic waves of sound – a piece not to be trifled with, but to sink into. A creation that is able to create by becoming a part of the listener’s emotional landscape.


  • To Forget
  • Black Shroud
  • A Sea Estranging Us
  • All My
  • Sad, Sad Song
  • Every Blade of Grass
  • Maya’s Song
  • Your Hand
  • Of This Sorrow

Earth announce UK tour in March 2012

1 Dec


The second half of the Angels of Darkness/Demons of Light is at hand and Earth are ready to unveil it on the highways and byways of the UK and EU. Rarely Unable HQ is so proud to announce the tour dates for 2012 and some further information about the new album…

Sat 3-Mar UK Bristol Arnofini Gallery

Mon 5-Mar UK Dublin Button Factory

Wed 7-Mar UK Manchester Ruby Lounge

Thu 8-Mar UK Edinburgh The Caves

Fri 9-Mar UK Leeds Brudenell Social Club

Sun 11-Mar UK London Union Chapel

Mon 12-Mar UK Brighton The Haunt

Recorded in the same two week session as produced the first part, Angels of Darkness/Demons of Light II carries on in the freely improvised/folkloric vein of the title track from the last release. Tape was rolled and spontaneous composition occurred.

The line-up again consists of Adrienne Davies on drums and percussion (on this release there is more percussion of all sorts), Lori Goldston returns on cello, and Karl Blau plays bass. This marks the first time the band on the record has toured outside of the US west coast in preparation for the album. As with the first part, it again has truly amazing artwork by Stacey Rozich (see sneak preview below).

Many have found this half more hopeful and less dark and death oriented than previous work. Song titles include ‘Sigil of Brass’, ‘His Teeth Did Brightly Shine’, ‘Multiplicity of Doors’ (A Waltz!), ‘The Corascene Dog’, and ‘The Rakehell’.

Angels Of Darkness/Demons Of Light II is ultimately a completely unanticipated direction for Earth, and a very welcome one at that.

Southern Lord will be releasing the record in February.

The next year will see much touring from earth and some startling solo endeavours from Dylan Carlson. Stay tuned for more information…