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Kranky announce reissue of Dreamscape’s La-Di-Da Recordings

11 Jul

Scant information exists in the historical record for early 1990ʻs Bristol, England trio Dreamscape. Internet searches reveal almost nothing, and their entire discography consists of one 7” single and a four song EP, with a second four song EP having been recorded but never released. The groupʼs members were Rebecca Rawlings, Scott Purnell and Jamie Gingell, the latter two also being the driving force behind the Sarah label stalwarts Secret Shine.

The first four songs on this album comprise the unreleased EP that was to be named “Greater Than God”, a title that was used later by Secret Shine for a Sarah extended play. Tracks five through eight come from their only 12” release, the Cradle EP on the La-Di-Da label. As a bonus, the final track is the only remaining demo of what was to be a series of new recordings, which never came to fruition. There are a few small glitches from the original source tape on this last track, but it was decided to leave it as is when mastering instead of fudging corrections.

The songs are perfectly constructed pop vignettes, soaring, atmospheric confections that are wholly in tune with the current wave of shoegaze revivalists. The group had no drummer, instead opting for an Alesis SR16 drum machine. But rather being a shortcoming, this was certainly a strength as the solid, unwavering repetition lets the guitars and vocals radiate in the stratosphere above.

That aural pleasures such as these could not gain any wider attention in their own time is a shame. Kranky are releasing this reissue this August, hopefully it  will garner some of the praise the group should have received then.


Ufomammut return with ORO: Opus Alter…the follow up to Opus Primum

11 Jul

UFOMAMMUT, Italian sorcerers of supernatural and obliterating doom return with the second part of ORO – Opus Alter, following five months after Opus Primum to complete the entire new album and give ORO its final shape. The record will be released on 17 September on Neurot Recordings.

As with all previous Ufomammut albums, the concepts behind ORO are expansive and multi-faceted, mutating the Italian palindrome which translates to “gold” with the Latin translation of “I prey.” ORO explores the concept of knowledge and its power; the magical stream controlled by the human mind to gain control of every single particle of the world surrounding us. ORO is the alchemical process to transform the human fears into pure essence; into Gold. Although ORO’s two chapters will be released months apart from each other, they must be considered as a single track in which the musical themes and the sounds appear and reappear, mutate and evolve, progressively culminating in the crushing final movement. OROis an alchemic laboratory in which substances are flowing, dividing and blending themselves in ten increments from the alembics and stills, culminating into the creation of Gold.

Opus Alter is going to fulfil and widen the perspective of the new work of Ufomammut. Starting where Opus Primum ended, Opus Alter evolves deeper into devastatingly powerful new territory, where chaos is metamorphosed by cacophonous sound, until the final notes resonate, knowledge is forged and Ufomammut strike gold.

Ufomammut have unleashed the first of five video teasers in support of the new release which you can view on YouTube now.

Stay tuned throughout the summer as more details on the release are confirmed and a tour schedule updated. In the meantime, do check out the website for confirmed dates and announcements.

Here is the touring schedule throughout the summer and Autumn, so far…


13. NL – Groningen, Vera

14. NL – Nijmegen, Festival d’Affaire

15. BEL – La Petite Maison dans la Prairie Stage – Dour, Dourfestival

18. PL – Warsaw, Klub Progresja

20. GER – Pössneck, Hells Pleasure Festival

21. A – Vienna, Arena


13. ITA . Musica W Festival – Castellina Marittima (PI)


01. ITA . Rock in Riot Festival – Martinengo (BG)


04. D – Leipzig, UT Connewitz

06. SWE – Malmo – Krank

09. FI – Turku , Klubi

10. FI – Tampere, Klubi

11. FI – Helsinki, Kuudes Linja

13. NOR – Oslo, Betong

18. B – Kortrijk, De Kreun

21. UK – Birmingham, Supersonic Festival


Poia – guitars and effect

Urlo – bass, vocals and synths

Vita – drums

Ciccio – soundlord

Lu – visuals


Happy 15th Birthday Constellation!

11 Jul

For those of you who are yet to subscribe to the Constellation newsletter, I strongly recommend you visit their site and sign up straight away, as it is there where you will find out first about such brilliant things as this…


– NOVEMBER 2012 –

Constellation is extremely pleased to announce a series of 15th Anniversary concerts that will take place in Europe this autumn. They’ll be partnering with some of their favourite venues and arts organisations to present multiple-night mini-festival events featuring a diverse cross section of artists including newer groups like Siskiyou and Elfin Saddle, long-standing roster acts like Sandro Perri, Eric Chenaux and Hangedup, as well as two of the label’s best-known bands: Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra and Do Make Say Think.

At each of the two-night events, TSMZ will close one show and DMST will close the other. Exact line ups amongst other details will be confirmed and announced later this summer, but every concert will feature at least 4 bands and sets by at least 8 different acts across the two nights.

The event at Bern’s Reitschule is unique in that it runs for a full three days, starting on Friday 16th November with the final European date of Godspeed You! Black Emperor‘s Autumn 2012 tour (a golden opportunity to see the band in a much smaller, grittier venue with some truly awesome natural room compression).

Don’t forget, check their website, for a complete run-down of the details as they currently stand, as well as to listen to the latest MP3s and videos of said artists.


The Godspeed behemoth keeps on rolling, as extensive touring plans for this Autumn continue to take shape.  As Constellation have already announced, after hitting the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago next week and ATP’s I’ll Be Your Mirror in New Jersey in September, the band will spend two weeks on the road in the United States. They’ve now unveiled a second leg of touring this Autumn, which will take in a sizeable chunk of continental Europe including two shows in London. The band’s final date will coincide with the first of Constellation’s 15th anniversary celebrations in Bern, Switzerland. You can check the whole tour schedule here.

Happy birthday Constellation, what a fantastic way to celebrate 15 years of bringing incredible music to the fore.

Bell Gardens anounce singing to Southern Records and unleash single and video

5 Jul



I am over the moon to officially announce the forthcoming release of Bell Gardens‘ single “Through The Rain” on 6 August on Southern Records, to be followed by the full-length album Full Sundown Assembly in September.

Bell Gardens is the love child of Kenneth James Gibson (Furry Things, [a]pendics.shuffle) and Brian McBride (Stars Of The Lid), conceived over many late nights talking and playing for each other the songs that have inspired them over the years. Citing influences such as Jack Nietzsche, Phil Spector, The Beach Boys and Dennis Wilson’s solo recordings, both musicians harboured a burning desire to traverse a pop sound that often belies their respective backgrounds in the fields of experimental electronic, techno and minimalist music.

“Through The Rain” is a perfect introduction to the lush world of sound that Bell Gardens have carefully crafted through the use of real instruments and classic recording techniques. It’s a bright, floaty burst of musical sunshine and sweet vocal harmonies, with a deeply embedded vein of mystery and wistfulness.

The b-side of the single is a loping, steel-guitar infused interpretation of the late great Townes Van Zandt’s “Don’t Let The Sunshine Fool Ya”.

Two sides of a seven inch which won’t let you down, no matter what the weather. Grab a piece of Bell Gardens’ rainbow pie and watch the accompanying video to the single on the Southern Records YouTube channel.

Thank you for your time, and stay tuned…


Guano Padano new album and to support for Faith No More in London

5 Jul

If ever there was a soundtrack in search of its correspondent in the world of film, the album Guano Padano would definitely be in good company with the works of Fellini, Leone, Jarmusch and Sofia Coppola.

These words of Joey Burns of Calexico, referring to Guano Padano‘s first album, best describe the world around which the band members Danilo Gallo (bass), Alessandro “Asso” Stefana (guitar) and Zeno De Rossi (drums) exist.

Now back with their incredibly rich and fullfilling new album 2, Guano Padano continue to prove themselves adept at constructing music that is both cinematic and evocative. Much like the atmospheric scores of Morricone which marry with the films of Sergio Leone. but also in the vein of smaller Italian film scores that are often overlooked. Musically speaking, 2 is a solid amalgam of styles, as desert rock, country, folk, jazz, blues and even surf influences come to the fore.

Guano Padano have previously collaborated with the likes of Alessandro Alessandroni (whistling the unforgettable Morricone soundtracks ), Gary Lucas (guitarist Jeff Buckley and Captain Beefheart), Chris Speed (clarinet, collaborator of John Zorn) and Bobby Solo (called upon to interpret an old Hank Williams song, Ramblin ‘Man, with a master’s touch). Surrounding the trio for the release of 2, are again names of the highest level; Marc Ribot (John Zorn, Tom Waits), Chris Speed, the versatile Mike Patton, Paolo Botti, Vincenzo Vasi, and Paul Niehaus (Lambchop).

In sum, the diligence of Guano Padano in honing their craft has resulted in a record that is rare and valuable and Ipecac Recordings is proud to present it.

This Sunday, 8th of July, Guano Padano will be supporting  Faith No More at The Hammersmith Apollo, London. Doors are at 6.30pm.

All booking information can be found here on the Hammersmith Apollo website.

Presenting Darsombra’s new audio/visual spectacular, Climax Community

5 Jul

Darsombra is Brian Daniloski and Ann Everton’s audiovisual music venture. Daniloski, a veteran of heavier, sludgier, grittier rock bands such as Meatjack and Trephine, controls the sound of Darsombra, alternating between mammoth vocal swells, monolithic soundscapes and searing guitar riffs replete with leads, loops, and samples. One part metal, one part psychedelic rock, sprinkled with a dash of prog and krautrock, all in all, utterly experimental. However, there is more than just Daniloski’s sonic world at play here as video artist Ann Everton takes his work to the next level by bringing her own visions to the stage through her kinetic psychotropic video projections, creating a constantly shifting backdrop to Daniloski’s live performances.

Climax Community, Darsombra’s 2012 release on Exile on Mainstream, marks the evolution of Daniloski’s familiar epic arrangements with a change of pace and more dynamic variance than on his previous recordings. With three songs clocking in at 45 minutes, this is definitely a record to dive into and explore it’s depths. The first track, “Roaming The Periphery” is a 23-minute opus of colossal vocal swells and guitar pilgrimages, a full meal in itself, leaving the listener both stimulated and soothed. “Roaming the Periphery” leads into a short yet absorbing acoustic track “Green”, then followed by the album closer “Thunder Thighs” with it’s 18-minutes of mind-melting, wordless storytelling. The inclusion of “Green”, between the two, ample time-giants of the record, is a cunningly essential one, as it reminds the listener that it isn’t the great mountain-monster from Fantasia’s “Night on Bald Mountain” creating these aural sagas – but rather, a man, with a guitar, who practices everyday, and will continue to do so from now to the horizon. This sort of psychedelic experience doesn’t recreate the effects of drugs; the music is the drug.

Climax Community ultimately represents Darsombra’s love for the creative journey to other planets through music. Both the LP and CD will be released with a direct link to the visual accompaniment to this project, intended for viewing whilst listening to the album, for a full visceral experience. The visuals can be viewed at the following URL:

Disappears unleash brand new video for Love Drug

5 Jul


Disappears have just released the latest video from their most recent album Pre Language called “Love Drug” by director Michael Mayer.

Disappears are currently embarking on another European tour, check out the remaining dates below:

05 Jul 2012 DE Berlin Lido w/ Lee Ranaldo
07 Jul 2012 NL Utrecht Ekko
08 Jul 2012 NL Eindhoven Effenaar
10 Jul 2012 GR Athens AN club
11 Jul 2012 FR Paris Point Fmr
12 Jul 2012 FR Bordeaux Iboat
13 Jul 2012 SP Benicassim FIB Festival / FIB Festival