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Hardcore bruisers 33 announce killer London show

24 Feb

Enough said.

Boduf Songs announce 2011 European tour dates

24 Feb
Boduf Songs will be heading to mainland Europe for live performances this March, in celebration of the latest release, “This Above All Else In Spite of Everything.” and will play the album in its entirety each date.


The fourth Boduf Songs extended play was created using Mathew Sweet’s standard recording set up of a single microphone and a small array of instruments, but it comes with a few surprises – most notably the prominence of electric guitar, bass and stomping drums on a few tracks. All of the elements that make his previous sound creations so arresting are still present; the impeccable song structures, the minimal approach, the delicate yet dominant singing. The album opens with the naked sound of the hammers of an old upright piano striking strings, an apt metaphor for the lyrical content which is just as raw and exposed. Mathew broadens his vocal approach here, exploring range and employing some unpredictable, well-placed harmonies. This Alone Above All Else In Spite Of Everything is effectively a concept record, and makes for a dramatic journey. Mat states..

There is a theme that runs through each song and the track order is paramount to that – it’s a hugely important part of making a record work.

So pay attention.

On this tour the live band will consist of Mathew Sweet, Clive Henry, and Jessica Bailiff Sweet.

Boduf Songs will play the following venues:

02.03. F – Paris @ Lespace B
03.03. NL – Tilburg, Incubated @ Paradox
04.03. B – Diksmuide @ 4ad Musiekclub
05.03. D – Dortmund @ Pauluskircke
06.03. NL – Utrecht @ Bastiaan & Ellen’s
08.03. D – Duisburg @ Steinbruch
09.03. D – Leipzig @ Conne Island
10.03. D – Berlin @ Schokoladen
11.03. D – Dresden @ AZ Conni
12.03. D – Stuttgart @ Galao
13.03. D – Bamberg @ Morph Club
14.03. D – Erfurt @ Woodstock record store
15.03. CZ – Pardubice @ Divaldo 29
16.03. CZ – Praha @ A Studio Rubin
17.03. A – Vienna @ Rhiz
18.03. CZ – Brno @ Falk Cafe
19.03. SK – Trencin @ Kino Luc
20.03. SK – Bratilslava @ A4 – Zero Space
21.03. HR – Zagreb @ KSET
22.03. SLO – Maribor @ Pekarna-Gustaf
23.03. IT – Udine @ Cas’Aupa
24.03. IT – Genova @ La Claque/Teatro della Tosse
25.03. IT – Ravenna @ Bronson

Constellation news – Pat Jordache releases album details

24 Feb
Pat Jordache has been making elliptical sparkling waves in Montreal’s vibrant noise-pop community for several years now. His band Sister Suvi with Merill Garbus made a fierce but short-lived impact, serving up dense, lo-fi, supercharged complexity and garnering accolades from Pitchfork among others for their Now I Am Champion album. With the departure of Garbus for the American west coast and her focus on tUnE-yArDs, Pat drew inspiration from that friendship and from Garbus’ hermetic solo process, retreating to minimum wage employment while working up home recordings of solo material.

Future Songs is the bracing result of Pat’s isolation; an album of brilliant off-kilter pop, anchored by woozy baritone vocals, angular guitar lines and a gloriously careening approach to rhythm and arrangement. Evoking sounds and sensibilities that encompass David-Baker-era Mercury Rev, Joy Division, Scott Walker and Can, to name just a few, Future Songs was self-released on cassette and went up on Bandcamp in summer of 2010, circulating quickly through Montreal’s DIY music community and Tumblr accounts across the continent. While entirely self-recorded, with almost all parts played by Jordache, the material unmistakably cried out for full band treatment, for which there was no shortage of eager participants.

Early Pat Jordache shows were solo ventures, re-working the recorded music using a DD-3 pedal capable of looping only 1.4 seconds of sound. These droning minimalist arrangements soon came to be supported by the explosive percussion efforts of duelling drummers Phillip Chanel, Jeffrey Malecki and Thom Gillies. Rory Seydel (Shapes and Sizes) soon joined the group on guitar, allowing for a more faithful interpretation of the recorded songs. Pat Jordache toured house show circuits as a 3-piece and 4-piece throughout 2010 while playing tirelessly at home in Montreal’s underground spaces, with occasional forays into the mainstream, including a raucous and rhapsodic late-night set at the Pop Montreal after-party venue.

Future Songs opens with the clarion call of “Radio Generation” (also pressed on a tour-only 7″ with previously unreleased “Radar” on the B-Side), where Jordache’s falsetto kicks off the tune against stuttering and fluttering guitar vamps before settling into an off-beat chord pattern and verses delivered in Jordache’s unique baritone. “Get It” follows, built from a great staccato riff and driven by tripled octave-shifted vocals. “Salt On The Fields” brings back the damaged Beach Boys falsetto winding around a rhythmic track of bubbling wood block and chimes, with a taste of afro-beat guitar lines. “Gold Bound” is woozy psych-tinged lo-fi folk. “The 2-Step” instantly sounds like a lost classic from a Joy Division session. “ukUUU” deploys nature sounds, reverse vocals and spaghetti western guitars winding their way towards a speak-song testimonial and a Velvets-style doo-wop to close the album. All in all, an awesome ride.

With the original sessions lost in the theft of Jordache’s laptop from a Montreal roadside smoked meat shop, the initial release of Future Songs was in lo-res, self-mastered 160 kbps mp3. In one of the many small miracles of our digital age, full resolution back-up .wav files of the sessions were dredged up from a forgotten Mediafire account, from which the songs were re-mastered for the Constellation release of the album.

Constellation are planning to release this record on 26 April in the UK. Meanwhile, you can listen to the track, ‘Get It (I Know You’re Going To)’ on the Constellation website now.
Future Songs is… rough-housing; it is stargazing when you’re in love, reeling from a blow to the head, wearing sunglasses.

Neurot Recordings sign Across Tundras

24 Feb

Creating unique moonshine-soaked organic rock in the hills of Tennessee, ACROSS TUNDRAS seamlessly meld classic rock, folk, country, psychedelia, and doom into an original, organic style of rock that defies classification and bleeds true Americana. In true nomadic style Across Tundras have previously set-up camp on multiple labels including Crucial Blast and Forgotten Empire, and have now found a home with Neurot Recordings.
Stated Neurot/Neurosis’ Steve Von Till on the signing: “It is with great honor that Neurot Recordings welcomes Across Tundras to our home. Their past releases have shown immense dedication to spirit and commitment to growth and sonic evolution. Those are traits that we admire and look for when declaring kinship among those also on the quest for emotional release through sound.” 

Across Tundras’ Tanner Olson this week also made a statement on their induction into Neurot’s family: “The opportunity to stand alongside such a talented and driven group of artists and musicians is something we have been working along time for. Neurot Recordings releases the most inspired and original music out there, and its a huge compliment that they see us as kindred musical spirits. Eternal gratitude to the Neurot family for believing in us and giving a proper home to our nomadic sounds.

More details on the recently completed, brand new Across Tundras album will be announced shortly. Stay tuned for tour announcements and more through the coming months as well.

Aurora Borealis to release debut album from The Haxan Cloak

24 Feb

The Haxan Cloak self titled debut album is barely believable.
Exploring mystic and occult audio space with cello, field recordings, violins, hand-made percussion and the human voice, this is barely conceivable as an artist’s first album. The depth and quality is tangible in every hair-raising moment, at every crescendo when one is left teetering above the abyss…
Combining elements of modern classical, film score and electronica with modern free-folk and even metal sensibilities, The Haxan Cloak is a truly diverse album.
‘Burning Torches Of Despair’ brings to mind a sedated Prurient trapped on a galleon, whereas ‘Fall’ and ‘Parting Chant’ have pathos of incredibly powerful modern Classical pieces, with stunning vocal performances from collaborator Mikhail Karikis.
‘The Growing’ shows a more modern, more digital side with it’s nod to modern electronic and even dubstep in it’s processed percussion, though culminating in unexpected grindcore blast beats courtesy of noted tattoo artist and drum maestro Liam Sparkes (Trencher). Additional visceral power was gained thanks to the mastering of Kris Lapke (long time cohort of NYC’s Hospital Productions, home of Prurient amongst others).
Simple classification is beyond impossible for this varied and majestic album. The Haxan Cloak simply is, was, and ever shall be.
01. Raven’s Lament
02. An Archaic Device
03. Burning Torches Of Despair
04. Disorder
05. Fall
06. The Growing
07. In Memoriam
08. Parting Chant
The album will be released via Aurora Borealis, who have organised a launch party on a boat in London (yes, you did read that correctly) on Thursday March 31st. More details will be forthcoming.
Meanwhile, Haxan Cloak will be supporting Wild Palms on the following dates:
Mar 2 – Fibbers, York
Mar 3 – Rough Trade East Instore – DJ SET ONLY
Mar 4 – King Tuts, Glasgow
Mar 5 – The Factory, Manchester
Mar 7 – Static Gallery, Liverpool
Mar 8 – The Cooler, Bristol
Mar 9 – Hare And Hounds, Birmingham
Mar 10 – Hoxton Square Bar, London – DJ SET ONLY
Mar 11 & 12 – The Green Door Store, Brighton
You can check out a remix Haxan Cloak did for Wild Palms on Soundcloud
The man behind the ‘cloak’ so to speak is a Sound Designer and Composer who has composed for installations at the V&A Gallery, Future Gallery and also created an original piece for The Rambert School of Dance. Other clients include Toyota, Sony Playstation, Google Chrome, Samsung, Vimeo and Swarovski. Pretty wide-ranging then!

Steve Ignorant announces London as final show of Last Supper Tour

24 Feb
Steve Ignorant announces the details of the FINAL show of the Last Supper tour…
So here it is then – the final date for the final gig, it’s so weird looking at it knowing it’s going to be the last time I ever perform Crass songs live on stage. I know that was the idea behind this Last Supper tour, but to see it in black and white in front of you like this really makes it final. I know that every gig I do is special and that me and the band put 1000% into every performance, but I have to admit to you all, this one will be special.
If you’re thinking of coming, bring some tissues – it’s gonna be emotional– Steve Ignorant

The Last Supper
O2 Shepherds Bush Academy
Saturday 19th November.  Doors 7pm
Special guests: The Cravats
(more to be announced and probably some unannounced ones too.)
Tickets £20, on sale tomorrow (17 Feb) from Ticketweb, the Southern web shop, UK tickets.

In 2007, STEVE IGNORANT gathered some friends together and put on two shows at Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London.
Called The Feeding Of 5000, the show was a celebration of the Crass album of the same name, which was performed in its entirety.

It most certainly was not a CRASS reunion, and never sought to be.
The Last Supper tour answers the calls that have come from around the globe in response to the Shepherd’s Bush gigs. Steve is celebrating the period of Crass’ work with which he feels most closely aligned – the period when he feels the band were at the strongest, most productive and most hopeful.
Steve continues to perform with a full band. The touring line up includes Gizz Butt (guitar), Bob Butler (bass), Spike T Smith (drums), Carol Hodge (vocals) and of course Steve Ignorant (vocals). As well as featuring Crass songs (plus a few other favourites) there are some rather special visuals. 

Having started in London in 2007, this new expanded show has visited other parts of the UK and Europe and is soon going to head across the pond to North America before the FINALE in London. At which point the door will be firmly closed.

Kranky to release full-length album by Implodes

24 Feb

Implodes is a Chicago quartet that has coalesced around guitarists Matt Jencik and Ken Camden in the last few years, with the group settling on their current lineup in 2009. The group has been hunkered down in a secret location, hard at work honing their craft, and occasionally venturing out for for signs of intelligent life in the real world, as well as the increasingly frequent live show. The first pronouncement from the group was a 2009 self-titled cassette, followed by a solo album from guitarist Ken Camden on kranky entitled Lethargy & Repercussions in early 2010.

About the brand new album Black Earth
Black Earth is a haunted and magical place. There’s an old barn there with many rooms and a silo that’s filled with dead insects. Outside there’s a big wood pile filled with spider webs that probably has black widows living in it. There are mysterious plants growing everywhere. At night, when the air is crisp and clean, you can lie on your back by the fire and look up at the stars and listen to the animals and insects making their music. A trip to Black Earth could change you forever and you may want to never leave.
Implodes has been to Black Earth and they made an album in its honor, dark and murky music for that dark and murky place. Cavernous guitar tones and dense melodies are present everywhere. Hidden beneath the layers of reverb, delay and distortion are deceptively simple and beautiful songs about experiences that have been obscured for many years that suddenly become profoundly important. The cobwebs just needed to be pushed aside a bit.
Implodes-s/t cassette – Plustapes 2010
Ken Camden-Lethargy & Repercussions LP 2009