Some notes on the Exitstencil press launch

24 Nov

On Monday evening I went to the official launch of Exitstencil Press at the Underground Gallery which is a small space near one of the exits (follow signs for the Strand) at Charing Cross station. I have to admit, I wasn’t exactly sure where I was going but I followed the sound of chatter and laughter and soon found my way. When I arrived at the gallery entrance I was welcomed by the drum machine samples of The Near Future, a band comprising Tony Barber, Danny Drummond and Gracie McGee, who were the entertainment for the evening, and entertaining they most certainly were.

The most apt description of the band that I found states; The Near Future are at the forefront of a dynamic new brand of electronic Pop music specifically recorded for optimum playback experience on the Zune (TM) system, committed to delivering a World Class Service (TM) designed to meet the demands of todays sophisticated customer. Their concept and delivery was very playful, for example they were each donning various uniforms and part acting out roles of middle-management (Tony), shop floor staff (Danny) and employee-of-the-month (Gracie) to genuine comedic effect. In my mind they captured and embodied all the best elements of punk music with their unique aesthetic, their creative delivery of socio-political themes, and best of all, they were utterly original.  I really didn’t want them to end and I would definitely recommend them to everyone!

As for the exhibition itself, it mostly comprised exclusive pieces by Gee Vaucher which are well worth a look, and available for purchase too if you are a keen collector. Also exhibited was some awesome craftwork by Pandora Vaughan. This is definitely well worth a visit.

Here is a breakdown of some of the other events and special entertainment over the coming days:

THURSDAY 24th NOVEMBER – 7pm – GEE VAUCHER will be around to share her new book MUCH ADO ABOUT SOMETHING and to answer any questions. She will be accompanied by super silkscreener MULA and they will be producing on the spot silkscreen prints together.

FRIDAY 25th NOVEMBER – 7.30pm – DOMINIC THACKRAY presents his new book ‘MY TSUNAMI OF EUPHORIA’ (lushly illustrated, typography, graphics, posters, drawings for film, music etc) with Q&A, projections, art on the walls and accompanied by the ORANGE CIRCUS BAND (mandolin/banjo/guitar) playing rollicking foot tapping songs from the Great Depression. Says Jim fields (dir: End of the Century) “Beautiful, witty and gently subversive, I love it”.

MONDAY 28th NOVEMBER – 7.30pm – CALVERTS the RADICAL PRINT CO-OP, will be presenting an evenings talk and discussion about their roots, and will show examples of the many books and pamphlets they have printed, especially arts based.

Check out the Exitstencil Press website for more information.

(thanks to Pandora for the photo)



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