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Bell Gardens US Release Date

19 Dec
Unfortunately due to postponed touring plans and personal circumstances beyond the band’s control, the US release date for Bell Gardens‘ full length album Full Sundown Assembly has moved back and is now officially set for Tuesday 15 January 2013 on Southern Records.
For their first long-player, Full Sundown Assembly, the duo expand on their strange yet beautiful soundscapes, replacing the sparse compositions of some of their earliest efforts and filling space with immaculate arrangements of layered instrumentation, favouring piano melodies, horns, pedal steel and lush vocal harmonies.
Bell Gardens raison d’etre may have been to pay homage to classic sounds of times past, yet with this very simple intention, Brian McBride and Kenneth James Gibson have created an album which sounds more like a lost pop treasure, finally unearthed.
In the meantime why not check out these two videos from their first long player for “Nowhere” and “Through The Rain“.
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