Dangerous to society? Watch the new commercial from CAVE & give Threace a chance, released October 14th

12 Aug

Following the recent album announcement, CAVE have revealed their first insight into their brand new record, Threace, which shall be released on Drag City, 14 October and today we invite you to watch the album trailer: http://youtu.be/qaar268H5zI

Hippies, flower people: now is the time! Turn off, tune in, get yourselves primed for this aid to self-knowledge, and free your body to access the unconscious mind. Reject societal law, and free your mind to access that subconscious body-vessel.


Recorded on a 1” 8-track Scully machine that may or may not have spent some quality burn-in time at Muscle Shoals, Threace was half-planned and half-jammed using different mic placements, building up from a basic set of as few mics as possible.

Threace not only rocks, but fuses in funktified jazz-jams amid jelly-tight guitar rave-ups, saving the keyboards for colour commentary among the beats. While Jeremy Freeze (guitar) and Cooper Crain (guitar, organ) explore their six-string relationship, twinning to gut-clutching effect, Dan Browning (bass) and Rex McMurry (drums) bring the heavy with poly-colouristic thickness, bearing the load and raising the arch under which everything happens in CAVE.

CAVE go out of their way to provide the keys to closed doors of the mind – that higher, meditative place in the expansive universe. Don’t believe researchers’ warnings when they say Threace is dangerous – at least, not without trying it for yourself, first.


1. Sweaty Fingers

2. Silver Headband

3. Arrows Myth

4. Shikaakwa

5. Slow Bern

And finally, a little note for their overseas followers, CAVE shall be hitting locales big and small across the Midwest, West Coast and South this Autumn, including stops at Cataracts Music Festival in Indianapolis, Cropped Out Festival in Louisville, Seattle Psych Fest and Athens Intensified Fest, with the promise of UK/EU tours early in 2014.

Packed with mammoth jams which threaten to unscrew the doors of consciousness…Neverendless is one of the band’s most varied yet disciplined albums yet. – CLASH

With hit after hit of urgent-sounding synths and drums, CAVE never let up or get faster, either. That’s what they do best on Neverendless– they just keep going.– PITCHFORK

They’ve got the crisp chugging guitar licks, the ticking Dinger drums, the air of modernist aloofness…That is, until they suddenly and crazily wig out: the guitarist ramps up the fuzz, the synthist rides his knobs, the bassist begins jogging up and down his neck; everyone’s hair grows a couple of feet longer and the air is thick with nag champa.” – WIRE


The Melvins release Tres Cabrones on Nov. 4 via Ipecac, Buzz and Dale reunite with Mike Dillard for 12-song release

12 Aug

The Melvins are set to release Tres Cabrones, a 12-song release that finds Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover reuniting with original drummer Mike Dillard, on Nov. 4 in the UK/EU via Ipecac Recordings.

Tres Cabrones is as close as we’re willing to get to the Melvins 1983 line-up,” explained Osborne. “The best part is it’s all new songs. I specifically wrote tunes that would be good for these guys to play and it worked out great. We had no interest in rehashing tunes we wrote 30 years ago and chose instead to simply create NEW songs. It worked out perfectly.”

Making the Tres Cabrones record was a real treat indeed. It’s a trip down memory lane complete with debauchery and ultra violence, ” said Dillard, who left the band in 1984 only to be replaced by Crover.

After 30 years we release a record with the (almost) original line-up of the band,” added Crover. “I’ve always felt that drummer Mike Dillard was one of us. It’s great that he’s still a piece of the puzzle! Plus, I get to see what it’s like being the bass player in the Melvins! Tres Cabrones indeed!

The Melvins annexed Big Business band members Coady Willis and Jared Warren in 2006 for (A) Senile Animal and the quartet has remained in this incarnation for four additional releases including Everybody Loves Sausages, a covers album released this spring. Not ones to relax, the Melvins introduced Melvins Lite, a version of the band that teams Osborne and Crover with Trevor Dunn (Tomahawk, Mr. Bungle). Melvins Lite released their debut album, Freak Puke, in 2012 and subsequently embarked on a 51 date/51 State (including DC) tour of the United States.

The Melvins are currently in the midst of their 30th Anniversary Tour in their ongoing four-piece iteration (father-to-be Jared Warren is on paternity leave with Butthole Surfers’ bass player Jeff Pinkus filling in).

The Melvins’ 30th Anniversary Tour (Honky opens all dates except FYF Fest):


August 13 Salt Lake City, UT Club Sound

August 14 Boise, ID Neurolux

August 16 Seattle, WA Neumo’s

August 17 Seattle, WA Neumo’s

August 18 Bellingham, WA Wild Buffalo Hall of Music

August 19 Vancouver, BC Commodore Ballroom

August 20 Portland, OR Wonder Ballroom

August 22 San Francisco, CA Slim’s

August 23 Sacramento, CA Ace of Spades

August 25 Los Angeles, CA FYF Fest

August 26 San Diego, CA Casbah

August 27 Pioneertown, CA Pappy & Harriet’s





Disappears reveal hallucinatory jam ‘Ultra’ from new album, Era

12 Aug

Earlier this year, Disappears returned fully stretched out into the void with their KONE EP. Abstract and experimental, it erased any expectation’s people had about what Disappears sounded like or were capable of, as well as introducing new drummer Noah Leger – a pivotal force in what was to follow.

Era is the fourth annual report from Chicago powerhouse quartet Disappears which Kranky shall be releasing on 26 August.

Era sees the band further refining their love of dub, minimalism and repetition into their most original and stark set yet, venturing deeper into insular and dark musical terrain. It harks back to the early 80ʻs post punk period, when almost anything seemed possible with the classic two guitar, bass and drums lineup, and exploration and expansion of what could be done with these elements was at the fore. Dueling wiry and squalling guitars lead the way while a lock-down rhythm section provides the perpetual forward motion.

Era is Disappears at their most abrasive, contemplative, and paranoid – itʼs the sound of the void looking back – and the stark jam ‘Ultra’ is perhaps the best album track to exemplify this.

Available to download via Kranky’s Soundcloud, or via this direct link: https://soundcloud.com/kranky/disappears-ultra



1. Girl

2. Power

3. Ultra

4. Era

5. Weird House

6. Elite Typical

7. New House



THU NOV 21, 2013 – NANTES FR

FRI NOV 22, 2013 – LAVAL FR
LE 6 PAR 4








SAT NOV 30, 2013 – PARIS FR





THU DEC 05, 2013 – BERLIN DE

FRI DEC 06, 2013 – OSLO NO

SAT DEC 07, 2013 – BERGEN NO

With tensions at its core, Pre Language fuses white light with the darkness of anxiety.MOJO

…a more advanced take on the muscular post-punk Disappears introduced on Lux, and overall there’s an emphasis on clarity and precision instead of sheer volume. Disappears’ interplay is seamless.ALL MUSIC GUIDE

Pre-Language is a record of controlled thunder, of relaxed aggression.THE QUIETUS

For a city used to clawing their way ahead of everyone else, Disappears are the perfect aesthetic for the fight. They were able to bottle the pure raw power of the city on Pre Language, and now everyone else around the world can get a taste.” CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND

Esmerine reveal new track ‘Barn Board Fire’ from brand new album, Dalmak

12 Aug
Esmerine’s new album Dalmak emphatically confirms that the group has continued writing, exploring and collaborating – definitively extending its horizons in this new iteration of the band’s trajectory. Bruce Cawdron (marimba) resigned from his seat as drummer for Godspeed You! Black Emperor in 2012, allowing him to focus more fully on Esmerine alongside co-founder and cellist Rebecca Foon (Silver Mt. Zion, Set Fire To Flames); the two principals also recruited percussionist Jamie Thompson (Unicorns, Islands) and multi-instrumentalist Brian Sanderson as full-time members to solidify the group as a writing and performing quartet.

European tours in 2011-2012 brought Esmerine to Istanbul, where the group’s enthusiastic reception led to an invitation for an artist residency in the city. Dalmak is the fruit of that visit: the majority of the album was recorded in Istanbul, where the band’s four Canadian musicians were joined by an equal number of Turkish guest players: Hakan Vreskala, Baran Aşık, Ali Kazim Akdağ and James Hakan Dedeoğlu on various instruments.

Dalmak is a Turkish verb with many connotations: to contemplate, to be absorbed in, to dive into, to bathe in, to rush into, to plummet. As a title for Esmerine’s new album, “dalmak” refers in a literal sense to immersion in the culture and music of Istanbul but also appropriately evokes the range of music that emerged from this immersion: a collection of songs that shift between meditative pulsing and enveloping restraint to headlong flights into rhythm and groove. With Dalmak, Esmerine presents some of its most richly minimal and intimate music alongside what is surely its most explosive, energized and ornate.

The Quietus have shared ‘Barn Board Fire’, a real gem and my personal favourite track from the brand new Esmerine album.
The album is a tour-de-force of cross-cultural music-making, emotive but unsentimental, deeply textured and detailed but never precious, superbly guided throughout by a balance of DIY rock, new folk and modern classical/contemporary sensibilities. On Dalmak, up-tempo rhythmic songs “Lost River Blues”, “Barn Board Fire” and “Translator’s Clos” are at the album’s core. Marimba, cello, drums, tenor banjo, bass and trumpet are joined by bendir, darbuka, erbane, meh, barama, saz and electric guitar from the local players for these centerpiece tracks, where extended melodic themes are passed around and woven through staccato grooves and polyrhythmic vamps in deeply satisfying fashion. Then, more studied cello and marimba songs “Learning To Crawl” and “White Pine” reveal the album’s gorgeously saturated warmth, depth and pulsing grit.

Constellation will release Dalmak on 2 September 2013.


Xibalba to embark on October European tour with Heirophant

12 Aug

Southern California’s hardcore bruisers XIBALBA have warned in advance of a tour with Italians HEIROPHANT, due to descend upon the UK/Europe in October and leave in its wake a continent reeling with tinnitus, broken bones and severe riff withdrawal.

Having brought their brawn-over-brawn, deathly hardcore to these shores before, it is to be said with full confidence that XIBALBA are no band you want to be missing. Their second LP, released on Southern Lord, was swallowed down with reverence and acclaim, and took their down-tuned assault to iniquitous new dimensions. XIBALBA’s breakdowns hit with the force of tsunamis and their riffs like mires of quicksand on Hasta La Muerte the band’s intense style infusing some of the most doom-ridden tones one will experience within the hardcore genre with unstoppable force.


28.09.13 Germany Essen @ Cafe Nova

29.09.13 Holland Amsterdam @ Winston

30.09.13 UK Birmingham @ The Wagon & Horses

01.10.13 UK Manchester @ Star and Garter

02.10.13 UK Glasgow @ The Classic Grand

03.10.13 UK Milton Keynes @ Craufurd Arms

04.10.13 UK London @ 229 Club

05.10.13 Belgium Mortsel (Antwerpen) @ JH Centraal

07.10.13 France Toulouse @ Le Saint des Seins

08.10.13 France Bordeaux @ The Bootleg

12.10.13 Spain Sevilla @ Sala Hollander

13.10.13 Spain Madrid @ Wurlitzer Ballroom

14.10.13 Spain Barcelona @ Rocksound

16.10.13 Italy Bologna @ Freakout

18.10.13 Germany München @ Backstage

20.10.13 Germany Berlin @ Cassiopeia

21.10.13 Poland Warsaw @ Hydrozagadka

22.10.13 Germany Hamburg @ Hafenklang

23.10.13 Sweden Stockholm @ Torpet

25.10.13 Germany Frankfurt @ 11er

26.10.13 Germany Stuttgart @ Keller Klub

If there’s a world record for heaviness, Xibalba are the rightful claimants.” – TERRORIZER

Monstrous purveyors of a gut-punching style of hardcore, Xibalba epoitmozie the more sclerotic aspects of this particular form of sonic violence…Brusque, atonal riffs and punishing sludge tempos, delivered with assiduous discipline.” – ROCK A ROLLA

An apocalypse of brutality.” – KERRANG

Mostly it’s a violent, confrontational slab of braggadocio-infused brutal riffage.” – METAL HAMMER

100% incredible… like an earthquake going off in your ear.” – TIGHT TO THE NAIL

Relentless misery and breakdowns so heavy they could destroy small villages.” – ROCKSOUND

 “A real step forward for a band who could have rested on their laurels – BIG CHEESE

OBELYSKKH: Germany’s Most Pungent Doom Act Prepares Third LP For Release

12 Aug

German doom kingpins OBELYSKKH’s debut LP, Mount Nysa, set the hooks into the stoner/doom underworld’s jaws, and their 2012 follow-up, White Lightnin’, hoisted them a notch above countless contemporaries with a whole new level of visibility and even more potent delivery of their progressive, explorative, psychedelic sludge/doom tactics. Now, less than a year after the release of White Lightnin’, OBELYSKKH is anxious to pummel the population with the quartet’s most prophetic audio destruction to date.

Since 2008, OBELYSKKH has held a solid reputation within their respective scene, each album delivering a more intense and expanded take on their visionary practices. The accolades magnified on last year’s White Lightnin’, a crushing, sludge-strewn masterpiece produced by Billy Anderson saw the band crawling out of the underground and gaining more visibility.

Now less than a year later, the newest auditory voyage OBELYSKKH has metaphysically embarked on, comes to fruition in the form of third LP, Hymn To Pan. While captured in sessions directly subsequent to the recording of White Lightnin’, the beautifully-crafted and incredibly potent music on Hymn To Pan showcases this modest quartet on an entirely new musical plateau. Audibly texturising organic expanses of doom/sludge metal in an more psychedelic fashion than before, this southern German outfit here outlays their most advanced material to date, with six enormous tracks which test the boundaries of modern media at one hour and eight minutes of otherworldly, beautifully, destructive contemporary doom metal rapture. Hymn To Pan was recorded by the band and mastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, Nails, High On Fire, Integrity, etc.).

Hymn To Pan will see release on September 2nd in the UK and the rest of Europe; the album is to be released on CD, digital and 2xLP containing three recorded sides; side D is a blank mirror (a great tool to adjust your vinyl player settings).

Pelican announce first new album in four years, hear new track from Forever Becoming due October via Southern Lord

11 Jul

Pelican promo

HEAR NEW ALBUM TRACK “IMMUTABLE DUSK” HERE: http://pitchfork.com/reviews/tracks/15718-immutable-dusk/

Pelican, the Chicago-based quartet whose instrumental excursions to the confluence of caustic heaviness and cathartic melody pioneered a subgenre, have announced their first full album in four years, Forever Becoming, due October 14th in the UK/EU on forward-thinking metal imprintSouthern Lord.

Recorded at Electrical Audio with Chris Common (who engineered the group’s last album as well as albums by Chelsea Wolfe and These Arms Are Snakes), Forever Becoming is an immense, speaker-rattling meditation on the acceptance of mortality and its place in the eternal cycle. Composed of eight songs (full tracklist below), the album boasts a sonic palette that veers from pummeling metal, to contemplative ambience, to melodic catharsis all with landmark grace.

Following a hiatus that saw the departure of founding guitarist Laurent Schroeder-Lebec and the arrival of new second guitarist Dallas Thomas(also of The Swan King), the forthcoming album is the work of a wholly revitalised unit, sounding more focused and assured than ever. The current lineup’s undeniable chemistry was forged in front of crowds at festival appearances, including Bonnaroo, Roadburn, and Maryland Death Fest, as well as a handful of headlining club shows. Pelican return to the road in support of the new album with a host of European dates kicking off this week. Then this Autumn they shall continue their touring activities with reigning post-hardcore stalwarts Coliseum, focusing on the East Coast (the band’s first tour of the area since 2009), in addition to a coveted slot at this year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest.




1. Terminal
2. Deny the Absolute
3. The Tundra
4. Immutable Dusk
5. Threnody
6. The Cliff
7. Vestiges
8. Perpetual Dawn


July 11 DE – Erfurt – Stoned From The Underground

July 12 DE – Berlin – Festival Kreuzberg

July 13 FIN – Joensuu – Ilosaarirock

July 15 UK – Brighton, The Haunt

July 16 UK – Leeds, Brudenell Social Club (w/ JK Flesh)

July 17 UK – London, The Garage (w/ JK Flesh)

July 18 NL – Tilburg, 013 (w/Torche)

July 19 BE – Dour, Dour Festival (w/Torche, Converge)

July 20 DE – Siegen, Vortex Club

July 22 ITA – Milan, Segrate

July 23 ITA – Roma, Traffic Live

July 24 AT – Innsbruck, PMK

July 25 AT – Vienna, Arena (w/ Mouth Of The Architect)

July 26 RU – Moscow, Plan B (w/ Mouth Of The Architect)

July 27 RU – St Petersburg, Arktika (w/Mouth Of The Architect)


Oct 17 – Brooklyn, NY – Invisible Oranges CMJ Showcase
Oct 18 – Brooklyn, NY – Invisible Oranges CMJ Showcase
Oct 19 – Allston, MA – Great Scott *
Nov 1 – Cleveland, OH – Peabody’s ^
Nov 2 – Washington, DC – DC9 ^
Nov 3 – Philadelphia, PA – First Unitarian Church ^
Nov 4 – Chapel Hill, NC – Local 506 ^
Nov 5 – Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade ^
Nov 6 – Birmingham, AL – Zydeco ^
Nov 7 – Baton Rouge, LA – Spanish Moon ^
Nov 8, 9, & 10 – Austin TX – Fun Fun Fun Fest
Nov 13 – Chicago, IL – Bottom Lounge
* w/ King’s Destroy
^ w/ Coliseum

Their ruminative riffology and ability to raise apocalyptic visions mark them out as practitioners of a new, reflective metallurgy…They create whole weather systems with their long looming chords.” – UNCUT

Imagine Mogwai coated in bronze – but boasts greater dynamic range and, on Final Breath’s shoegaze, a fine first use of vocals” – MOJO

Combines all the elements that have made each of their records great into one cohesive, immensely rich whole that’s a good bet for best Pelican album ever.” – ROCK A ROLLA

Returning to their roots…in a move that’s as inspired as it is unexpecte, the soulful tones…hazy space-rock back-drop, building up to a glorious, stratosphere-scraping climax. Best Pelican album ever.” – ROCKSOUND

“A grandiose, imaginative affair from the instrumentalists that will leave your speakers a quivering wreck by the time it reaches its epic conclusion.” – METAL HAMMER

Pelican continue down their glorious path of mashing thick grooves with multi-layered riffs…Eight tracks of amazing, spaced-out and very smart post-rock. Now go purchase this and add it to your collection!.” – ZERO TOLERANCE

Intricate and devastatingly heavy in equal measure, the new songs underline that they’re still on a roll creatively.” – TERRORIZER 

An effective showcase for a variety of moods and textures. These four pieces make a case for Pelican’s future being far brighter than expected.” – KERRANG!

It signals the sound of a band reinvigorated and ready to experiment with strong melodies and even stronger song personalities. Ataraxia/Taraxis reinstates Pelican at the top of the instrumental food chain and, if they continue like this, they show no sign of coming down.” – DROWNED IN SOUND

While this superb fourth album retains much of what has made Pelican consistently ace…there’s enough new to ensure their continued relevance as they approach a decade of sonic dominance…It rocks. Hard.” – NME