Dangerous to society? Watch the new commercial from CAVE & give Threace a chance, released October 14th

12 Aug

Following the recent album announcement, CAVE have revealed their first insight into their brand new record, Threace, which shall be released on Drag City, 14 October and today we invite you to watch the album trailer: http://youtu.be/qaar268H5zI

Hippies, flower people: now is the time! Turn off, tune in, get yourselves primed for this aid to self-knowledge, and free your body to access the unconscious mind. Reject societal law, and free your mind to access that subconscious body-vessel.


Recorded on a 1” 8-track Scully machine that may or may not have spent some quality burn-in time at Muscle Shoals, Threace was half-planned and half-jammed using different mic placements, building up from a basic set of as few mics as possible.

Threace not only rocks, but fuses in funktified jazz-jams amid jelly-tight guitar rave-ups, saving the keyboards for colour commentary among the beats. While Jeremy Freeze (guitar) and Cooper Crain (guitar, organ) explore their six-string relationship, twinning to gut-clutching effect, Dan Browning (bass) and Rex McMurry (drums) bring the heavy with poly-colouristic thickness, bearing the load and raising the arch under which everything happens in CAVE.

CAVE go out of their way to provide the keys to closed doors of the mind – that higher, meditative place in the expansive universe. Don’t believe researchers’ warnings when they say Threace is dangerous – at least, not without trying it for yourself, first.


1. Sweaty Fingers

2. Silver Headband

3. Arrows Myth

4. Shikaakwa

5. Slow Bern

And finally, a little note for their overseas followers, CAVE shall be hitting locales big and small across the Midwest, West Coast and South this Autumn, including stops at Cataracts Music Festival in Indianapolis, Cropped Out Festival in Louisville, Seattle Psych Fest and Athens Intensified Fest, with the promise of UK/EU tours early in 2014.

Packed with mammoth jams which threaten to unscrew the doors of consciousness…Neverendless is one of the band’s most varied yet disciplined albums yet. – CLASH

With hit after hit of urgent-sounding synths and drums, CAVE never let up or get faster, either. That’s what they do best on Neverendless– they just keep going.– PITCHFORK

They’ve got the crisp chugging guitar licks, the ticking Dinger drums, the air of modernist aloofness…That is, until they suddenly and crazily wig out: the guitarist ramps up the fuzz, the synthist rides his knobs, the bassist begins jogging up and down his neck; everyone’s hair grows a couple of feet longer and the air is thick with nag champa.” – WIRE

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