Torche tour dates altered

4 Jun

torche euro tour

As previously announced, Torche will be touring this August in support of their critically acclaimed release, Harmonicraft and recent 7″ released through Volcom Entertainment. There’s been a few changes since the announcement – the Glasgow and London shows have moved and the venue has changed in Belfast also. The amended listings are below:

Sunday, August 18th 2013 – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
Monday, August 19th 2013 – Garage, London
Tuesday, August 20th 2013 – Broadcast, Glasgow
Wednesday, August 21st 2013 – Grand Social, Dublin
Thursday, August 22nd 2013 – Voodoo, Belfast

 Some kind and true words about this enduring great release:

Harmonicraft is an absolute joy, skillfully interweaving the elephantine riffs fans have come to expect with the elegant mid-90s post hardcore artfulness of Jawbox and Quicksand, and adding a vocal otherworldliness that shares airspace with Janes Addiction, riffage akin to Helmet’s gloriously grizzled metal chops, and the complex grunge guitar histrionics of Dinosaur Jr. And then they up that ante even further by throwing in the kind of melodies and air of celebration that made the world fall in love with Foo Fighters…But there is much, much more to Harmonicraft than the culmination of an excellent record collection.” – 8/10 CLASSIC ROCK

[Harmonicraft] still brings the heft and thick cut distortion, but never wastes a single moment’s breath on anything superfluous. So whether it’s head-spinning fretboard wig-outs of Sky Trials or the sleepy sludge of Roaming, everything on here hits the spot…this record is deserving of a mainstream audience.” – 4/5 KERRANG

The cover art…actually serves as a rather apt visual representation for exactly what it is that makes the group such an enigma: their inane ability to appear fun, whilst actually being quite dark, and to culture hugely melodic, almost pop hooks yet graft them to gigantic thunderous riffs that are amongst the heaviest around…in a different league.” – 9/10 METAL HAMMER

Heavier than a herd of concrete buffalo and catchier than avian flu, this is Torche at the top of their game.” – 8/10 ROCKSOUND

Delivering again and again on this delicious joyride of an album…Harmonicraft is a sublime edifice of hard rock candy that, if there were any justice, deserves to transform Torche into the biggest band on the planet.” – ROCK A ROLLA

 “A band with all the power that heavy riffage can offer, and all of the sweetness of pop, yet few of the pitfalls or cliches of either, Steve Brooks and co are firmly in motion right now, and it’s in everyone’s interests to get on board for a blissful ride.” – 4/5 TERRORIZER

Torche pummel through that kind of hectic, American metal that was never really grunge but made kids like me go mental in awful clubs up and down the country 20 years ago, but manage to make it vital again.” – 4/5 ZERO TOLERANCE


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