Dope Body soon to take the UK by storm; video for ‘Youth Relic’ let loose

13 May


Dope Body come on like the animal that knows one thing and one thing only: how to get up on it any night of the week like it’s the last Saturday night on planet earth.

They’re sweetly in tune with every day of the week and all their chemical properties – so much so that any evening under the stars can turn from droll to delectably cosmic and sweat-filled, hot and sticky like an awakenings-bright beam of light, leaping through the cosmos on it’s way to change life as it is known. In fact, Dope Body are so capable of projecting their collective force through time and space, they don’t even need to be physically there – just gather your besties and spin some Dope Body tunes from your favorite albie, Natural History, or 7″ swangle, Saturday and let the perspiration pour forth as prescribed.

Let’s examine the effect as captured in this brand-spanked newest visual enhancement for Dope Body audio encounter, that of “Saturday’s” ripping double A side,“Youth Relic”, now available to watch and share:

dope body vidstill

The only lesson learned, and it’s a biggie: it doesn’t matter who holds the mic, hoists the stick, or slings the guitar, nor does it matter if they’re of age… all that matters are the gutteral, basement-bound, post-wash, detergent sounds of a party – the kind only found in Dope Body musics, the kind they’ll bring to you while blazing their way across European and American continents this springly summer! Dope up.


5/18/13 Plissken Festival,  Athens – Greece
5/20/13 The Lexington, London – UK
5/21/13 The Bay Horse, Manchester – UK
5/22/13 Undertone, Cardiff – UK
5/24/13 Primavera Sound Festival, Barcelona – Spain
5/25/13 Villette Sonique, Paris – France
5/26/13 Le Romandie, Lausanne – Switzerland w/ Hot Snakes
5/27/13 Summer Student Festival, Padova – Italy
5/28/13 Arena, Vienna – Austria
5/29/13 Kafe Kult, Munich – Germany
5/30/13 Marie-Antoinette, Berlin – Germany w/ Purling Hiss
6/01/13 Pilot Club, Prague – Czech Republic w/ Excepter

It’s double trouble so don’t forget you can still watch and share the video for ‘Leather Head’:


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