Philm European tour well underway

24 Apr
Dave Lombardo’s Los Angeles based power trio, PHILM, will be hitting the rousing European music scene to introduce progressive rock enthusiasts to their decadent, all-powerful show experience. The bands appearances will kick off in Athens, Greece on April 20th 2013, and will carry them through Turkey, Italy, Zurich and finally, The Netherlands.

Philm’s drummer, Dave Lombardo comments:

“I have traveled through Europe numerous times with SLAYER, FANTOMAS & GRIP INC. It’s beautiful country and the fans are exceptional. I am beyond excited to bring PHILM to the region and introduce my fans to yet another part of my musical journey.”

See PHILM on tour at the following shows:
April 24 – Bologna, Italy – Locomotiv Club
April 26 – Zurich, Switzerland – Rote Fabrik
April 27 – Amstelveen, Holland – The Headway Festival / P60
April 28 – Eindhoven, Holland – The Dynamo

About PHILM:
Dave Lombardo-Drums
Gerry Nestler-Vocal & Guitar
Pancho Tomaselli-Bass

Scaling his infamous drum set down to a four piece kit, reminiscent of his drumming mentors of the late 60’s, is certainly a shock to Dave Lombardo enthusiasts whom have justifiably typecast the exceptional talent to the genre he helped trail-blaze. But, the depth of his musical aptitude is much more than what has come to be known as his signature sound. Lombardo’s prodigious skill and affinity for heavy, penetrating grooves birthed a temperamental, highly gifted child: PHILM. A sonic experimentation that would not only impress his musical heroes of past, but is currently leveling the psychedelic/progressive rock partisans of today.

An obvious reason for this multi-genre amalgamation can be directly linked to the gentlemen that play alongside Lombardo in PHILM – bassist Pancho Tomaselli is a long-time member of funk rockers, War. Singer/guitarist Gerry Nestler fronts prog metallists, Civil Defiance.

The three innovative musicians have masterfully revived the concept of the Power Trio. Their often improvised live set can find their audience entranced by a tonal journey that is both awe-inspiring and haunting. PHILM easily satisfies the palate of the most vexed of neo-psychedelia fans.

Check out the making of Harmonic, their debut here:

PHILM’s album, HARMONIC, is now available on Amazon.
Get more PHILM news & info:


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