Dope Body let loose a brand new single, they call it Saturday

15 Feb
Dope Body

Dope Body

Look out dope fiends, DOPE BODY ARE BACK and they’re trippin’ right back to the ghutto with two new songs that comprise the Saturday 7″ single and have some live action in the works too.

Refocusing on the sonic principles that they were striving for in the first place, the Saturday single is a snapshot of a band taking care of business in lean, road-dog stance, ready to fuck or run, whatever happens first.

A feculent mist hangs in the air, obscuring fine details and taking a bit of edge from things – which is good because the power-trio-plus-singer that makes Dope Body is mostly all elbows and nails and split ends and bone shards and narrow-eyed sideways shades that cut like a knife, scoring the skin and hurting at the things underneath. Even the bass, low as it is, is delineated with a serration that punches through the smoke from the guitar amplifier, the drums and the screaming. Everyone tumbles together into the chorus like a sudden lucky cave-in, everything falling exactly where it should.

Fun stuff—and Saturday is nice and short as well – gets straight to the point, no messing.

Drag City will be unleashing this feral beast on 18 March 2013 and Dope Body have already been confirmed to play Primavera Sound Festival on 24 May with more dates to be announced very soon.

I’ll leave you with some lavish praise for their rampant long player which we all know and love, Natural History…

Dope Body

Dope Body

“‘Natural History’ is one of the freshest sounding Hardcore albums to come our way in some time. Brutal, yet, but Dope Body’s brutality is one of artistic frankness, a refusal to excuse you from some of the uglier sounds in their arsenal.’Weird Mirror’ opens with a guitar being re-wired, before exploding into chunky Black Flag style riffage and powerhouse, unrelenting vocals.” – CLASH

“This music can be brutal, at times even ugly, but it’s always – above all else – fun. They may be about to head-butt you to the ground, but they’re doing it with smiles on their faces.” – FOAM HANDS

“This is music made by a calculated bunch in a haphazard and incredible way. You think you have them pinned down one moment, only for them to challenge your assumptions the next…it hovers in that twilight zone between complete buffoonery and genius.” – NINEHERTZ

“They have pulled off an exquisite balancing act, with the ugly, serrated, angular noise and the arena sized melodic sensibility actually complementing each other harmoniously.” – QUIETUS

“Dope Body is without doubt one of the most exciting bands in music right now if not the most and Natural History quite possibly album of the year, it will take something truly outstanding to match it..” – RINGMASTER

“Shook….recalls godhead Silo or vintage Melvins…immediate follow up Road Dog…jitters and skitters like a grubier version of Les Savy Fav. An odd mix of scuzzy lumpen grunge (think Tad or Bleach era Nirvana)…all swilling and swirling together in a manner that’s…altogether rather satisfying.”- ROCK A ROLLA

“This is by no means a traditional or predictable record: the tone shifts from the sort of stoner adventurism that characterises Royal Trux’s early LPs, to all-out blasts of apocalyptic noise.” – SKINNY

“The sort of visceral attitude that feels so necessary in a musical climate that seems to be caught between timid melodious pleasantry or hazy, half-assed electronic obtuseness. So perhaps that’s what makes Dope Body work: they have all the basic prerequisites to be a great rock’n’roll band as described above, sure, but more importantly, they seem unafraid of a little bloodletting in the service of its cause.” – STOOL PIGEON

“The overwhelming impression is Killing Joke filtered through a thundering wall of noise.” – TERRORIZER

“Best of all is “Weird Mirror”…a celebratory guitar-drums rumpus that switches between euphoric peaks and heads-down chug.” – UNCUT

“The heady brew of sonic sounds is complimented by vocalist Andrew Laumann’s assorted yelps, howls and reverberations and makes for perhaps one of the most exciting bands of our time. Its punk rock thrown in the blender with the Jesus Lizard, Lightning Bolt and other assorted supplements, as if to celebrate your stupor. At the same time, it’s perfectly accessible, losing none of its quality for it either.” – WE MUST OBEY


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