Deathfix (featuring members of Fugazi, Morel, Farquet & Medications) to release debut album on Dischord

28 Jan


Deathfix formed in 2009 after Brendan Canty (Fugazi) and Rich Morel (Morel, Blowoff) met while touring in Bob Mould’s band. Having discovered a shared affinity for the sounds of 1972 – particularly glam and progressive rock – they started getting together to work on music at Canty’s warehouse studio space. Two years later, hoping to graduate the band from its studio-shut-in phase to its live ensemble phase, they recruited Devin Ocampo (Faraquet, Medications) and Mark Cisneros (Medications) to hold down the rhythm section. Both talented multi-instrumentalists and producers in their own right, Cisneros and Ocampo quickly started contributing their own riffs and arrangement ideas.

The band’s self-titled debut includes seven songs that were recorded throughout 2012 at Canty’s studio. During that time, Morel and Canty’s demos were torn up and expanded through extensive improv sessions alongside Ocampo and Cisneros. Tracks that started out small and introspective were blown up to a size and volume more befitting of the group’s cavernous practice space.

The tone is dark, but the lyrics – which cover themes covers themes like sickness, breakups, corruption, drugs, fame, and losing ones mind – shouldn’t be read as straight biography. They’re works of fiction; character studies that just happen to touch on topics that are close to home.

Deathfix will tour the East Coast in March, 2013.

dEAThFiX S/T TrAcK-LisT 1) Better Than Bad 2) Low Lying Dreams 3) Hospital 4) Dali’s House 5) Playboy 6) Mind Control 7) Transmission

Recorded at Trixie Studios by Brendan Canty and Deathfix in 2012. Mixed at Pink Noise studios by Rich Morel and Deathfix. Mas- tered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service.


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