Kranky presents Oren Ambarchi and Robin Fox collaboration this October

28 Aug

Presenting a new collaboration featuring Oren Ambarchi on guitar, the electronics of Robin Fox, and both performing on various other instruments. The music on this album came about as the result of the two being asked to co-compose the soundtrack for a new production by renowned Australian contemporary dance company Chunky Move for their Connected production.

Chunky Move’s artistic director Gideon Obarzanek was drawn to the organic and deeply musical qualities of Ambarchi’s work and the digital, almost scientific quality of Fox’s sound. Over a process of many weeks these two aesthetics were merged. Working both in the Chunky Move studio and Head-gap studio in Melbourne, new works were forged from both digital and analog sources.

This release brings together two of the most extraordinary artist/musicians working in Australia today. Both are renowned internationally for their individual practices, and here they join forces to produce powerful music that fuses Ambarchi’s legendary guitar sound with Fox’s mathematically rigorous tones and textures. This fusion results in sound works that stretch in scope from the sublime and spacious to the intensely dense and foreboding. Treading a precarious line between music and abstract sound, between organic and inorganic tones, this collaboration is a must listen for anyone interested in contemporary soundworks.

Release date 22 October 2012

Press Quotes for Oren Ambarchi

“Ambarchi’s patience in allowing calm tones to live healthy, long lives creates a blinking grid. It’s what I imagine a black and white Lite Brite would sound like if it were allowed a temporary whisper.” – Pitchfork

“Oren Ambarchi’s work, both solo and in collaboration with names as wide-ranging as Fire! and Sunn O))), finds him twisting guitar tones to the point where they fold in upon themselves.’ – The Quietus

Press Quotes for Robin Fox

“A really incredible mix of full-blown-out rectified-wave digital histrionics and a ridiculous psychedelic light show…” – Keith Fullerton Whitman

“The distortion of space and reality is awe-inspiring.” – New York Theatre review


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