Goldblade Olympic T-Shirt Fiasco

8 Aug


Goldblade have found themselves at the source of some bother regarding the Olympics and t-shirt printing. John Robb issued this statement this morning…

“Whilst we have been thrilled with the success of the athletes and, being rather sporty types ourselves, really love their attitude to what they do. An attitude which contrasts neatly with the upcoming greed machine and pettiness of the football premiership we were still feel uncomfortable about certain aspects of the Olympics. It’s great that the whole event has lifted the spirit of the nation and if it gets people into playing sport instead of being sat in front of the TV then that’s a GOOD THING. But what we don’t feel comfortable with is the heavy handedness of the sponsors who, it must be said are some of the most unlikely sponsors for a sports event.

So we we decided to comment on this with a T shirt. We were quickly surprised that the Olympic symbol is not owned by the public (which makes some of the tattoos of it a bit awkward) and seems to be owned by a strange organisation who can come round to your house or shop and even confiscate a bread roll made in the shape of the Olympic symbol. We also thought this was rather funny and designed the T shirt to comment.We quickly ran into problems when no T shirt company in the UK would print the shirt, fearing the £20 000 fine that comes with using the Olympics symbol and certain words like Olympics, London 2012 etc and even the word Gold which would be tricky as that is half of the name of the band…The T shirt was not for profit, because like the skint fools we are, we were going to give any money we made from the shirt to sports charities.

Lots of love, Team GB (Goldblade)”

In more news, Goldblade are to headline their own festival, Bladefest, in Leicestershire on Saturday Sept 1st.

The festival is billed as ‘the UK’s smallest festival’ and is held on a farmer’s land in the beautiful Leicester countryside. The event will be opened by Goldblade playing the whole of their upcoming new album the Terror Of Modern Life in its entirety. There will also be other events like a football game, a nature walk conducted by professor Robb and professor Haynes and more to come…There are camping facilities on the site. The bill is Goldblade, TV Smith (The Adverts legend), Eastfield. Goldblade to open the gig by playing whole of their upcoming new album. Tickets for the event are available from


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