Stinking Lizaveta to release new album 7th Direction this August

13 Jun

Yanni Papadopoulos (guitar) and his brother Alexi (upright electric bass) grew up with the liberating, fist throwing, DIY sounds of the DC scene in the 1980s. Cheshire Agusta’s (drums) origins are in West Virginia, raised on hard mountain music, classical piano, and Stravinski. Their stories converge in Stinking Lizaveta.

Born in 1994 in the basements of West Philadelphia and tempered by seventeen years of American and European tours, sharing stages with bands such as Clutch, Corrosion of Conformity, Rollins Band, Fugazi, Zeni Geva, Today Is The Day, Weedeater, Hidden Hand, Don Vito, Antikaroshi, End of Level Boss, and Beehoover, Stinking Lizaveta has built a reputation as one of progressive metal’s most unique and devastating live acts and stands as one of America’s most durable and powerful rock bands. Stinking Lizaveta is the instrumental trio specialising in what one reviewer calls, “insane improvisations, relentless rhythms, and volumes of groove.” Stinking Lizaveta will restore your faith in rock and roll.


And here we are: 2012 brings 7th Direction, the long awaited new album by Stinking Lizaveta. It was produced by the great Sanford Parker of Engine Music Studios. Sanford has performed with Minsk, Buried At Sea and Nachtmystium and has engineered/produced the heaviest of us all including Brutal Truth, Bible of the Devil, Bloodiest, Krieg, Lair of the Minotaur, Pelican, Rwake, Sweet Cobra and Unearthly Trance to name but a few. He proves his versatility by capturing 7th Direction, an album which defies categorisation as Stinking Lizaveta always does, with their ability to span emotional range and style.

Without speaking a single word, Stinking Lizaveta has achieved maximum narrative capacity with 7th Direction. After all, it’s what they always wanted and always did: tell stories.

Thank you to the good folks at Exile On Mainstream records for another killer release!


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