A Whisper In The Noise announce London show in May

18 Apr
Earlier this year, A Whisper In The Noise returned with their blissful, lush and now acclaimed new album entitled To Forget.
I am pleased as punch to announce that they will come over for a special one-off show in London at Cafe Oto as part of their wider European tour. They will perform on Wednesday 16th May with Max Bondi and Quinta in support. Check out the full details on the Cafe Oto online programme.
West Thordson’s project combines unusual instrumentation to create washes of haze and prettiness, reminiscent of early 4AD or the Kramer produced Low records. Their’s was one of the stand out performances when picked by Shellac’s Steve Albini to play ATP back in 2004. Check out stand out album track ‘Your Hand’ below.


“To Forget is stunning… a masterpiece of atmospheric expression. Their use of more acoustic instrumentation and percussion to create such a vibrant melancholia is truly inspired… and the pairing of West Thordson and Sonja Larson is simply meant to be.” – ALTERNATIVE MATTER


“Its movements are fragile and cautious, with instruments guided softly into life but self-restricted into fluid and comfortable gestures. Any dynamic ascents are slow and plentifully pre-warned, and all melodies fall within the graceful and cosy boundaries of pop” – ATTN


“AWITN’s embracing of a wider-screen sound for this fourth collection proper doesn’t compromise their affecting intimacy. Ever Blade Of Grass perfectly illustrates a fine balancing of punchy, insistent writing – the drums here crunch with real bite – with a vulnerability that endears the listener to these musicians’ cause without threatening to spill into melodrama…AWITN craft such beauty that, compared to this set, the likes of Sigur Ros sound as unruly as snot-nosed punk upstarts.” – BBC MUSIC


“Lush and richly steeped with feeling yet haunted by benign and world weary spirits…a sound that will demand of you reflection and introspection…a sonic masterpiece.” – LOUDER THAN WAR


“An album of reflective, filmic beauty whose glacial pace and haunting vocals are reminiscent of those other Minnesotan maters of intrigue, Low.” – MOJO


“It’s cinematic music, like the soundtrack to some bleak, beautiful and enigmatic series of images drfiting pastand fading away. Listen closely and you’ll see those images flicker in the cinema of your mind.” – PROG


“Cohesive and well constructed and the mood intensifies when you allow yourself to become lost in their world. The tone is full of loneliness and melancholy, but there is also a spark of magic which seeps into every track and counteracts the darkness. Dreamy, moody, beautiful: recommended for fans of slowcore.” – ROOM THIRTEEN


“A captivating, intriguing listen that absolutely screams (ironically) ‘classic record’ from the first listen, “To Forget” is not so much a rock album as it is an experiment in blending songwriting with ambient and modern classical composition. The textures present here are absolutely astonishing. The depth and resonance of almost every note takes the listener on a journey to a beautiful terrain wholly beyond the world in which we live. This album is the proof that sometimes a whisper is far more effective than a shout.” – STEREOBOARD


“Mesmerising…with songs of rare elegance and emotional depth, A Whisper In The Noise have made an album that will be hard to forget.” WHISPERIN AND HOLLERIN




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