Scott Kelly announces EU tour plus two new releases on new Townes Van Zandt inspired label My Proud Mountain!

5 Mar

In recent years, Scott Kelly has been demonstrating his work as a solo artist. After touring with Bob Wayne and Munly in the States as well as touring with John Baizley (Baroness) in Australia, he is finally coming back to Europe. On board: new songs of two new records that will be released in 2012.

In early summer the album recorded together with Steve Von Till and Wino, will be released.

Ladies and Gentlemen: SCOTT KELLY, STEVE VON TILL & WINO – songs of TOWNES VAN ZANDT!

Townes Van Zandts music has had a profound effect on me as a man and as a musician. I discovered his songs 13 years ago at the same time as I had already began following a new path for myself as musician, seeking to express myself through a more direct, stripped down acoustic approach. Townes Van Zandts music is not only brutally honest, he has an ability to paint a picture with his words that is so far beyond the reach and depth of anyone else I have heard to this day. I am honored to be a part of this record and get the opportunity to bring his music to people who are fans of what I have been doing, and I am humbled to be in the presence of my two brothers Steve Von Till and Wino.” – Scott Kelly

In autumn Scott Kelly’s next solo album will be released. After Spirit Bound Flesh and The Wake this is the third album with his name. However, it provides a crucial renewal, this new record is recorded with a four-man team. In order to reflect this, Scott Kelly uses a new artist name: SCOTT KELLY AND THE ROAD HOME – “the forgiven ghost in me”

In Europe both records are released on the new label MY PROUD MOUNTAIN, which was born from the idea of the Townes Van Zandt recordings. In the US, Neurot Recordings will continue to be the label.

While touring Scott Kelly is playing a mixture of songs from both new records and some old songs also. Songs and moments that touch you very deeply and profoundly impress you. Emotions are rarely made so comprehensible than when Scott Kelly (or band mate Steve Von Till) is performing them. Touching and moving songs that live through the unison of a simple minimalistic guitar playing and an unforgettable voice. Everyone who has experienced it once, wants to come back over and over again…

Scott Kelly – Europe 2012

20.04.2012 France Belford Galerie Cheloudiakoff

21.04.2012 France Paris Commune Image

22.04.2012 France Lille l’Aeronef (Les Paradis Artificiels)

23.04.2012 NL Leiden LVC *

24.04.2012 Belgium Kortrijk De Kreun*

25.04.2012 Belgium Liege La Zone*

26.04.2012 Germany Wiesbaden Walhalla*

27.04.2012 Swiss Basel Hirscheneck*

28.04.2012 Swiss Lausanne Le Bourg

29.04.2012 Swiss Bern ISC Libechov u Melnika near

30.04.2012 Tcheck Prag Old Chapell*

01.05.2012 Russia St. Petersburg Dusche

02.05.2012 Russia Moscow Plan B

03.05.2012 Greece Athens Roi Mat

04.05.2012 Germany Dresden AZ Conni*

05.05.2012 Germany Berlin Cassiopeia*

*= Support by OLDSEED


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