Grumbling Fur prepare to unleash new material at upcoming London show

16 Jan

(image lovingly pinched from the Mothlite blogspot)

From a lineage of bands that include ULVER, SUNN O))), IMBOGODOM, ÆTHENOR, GUAPO, MIRACLE, GINNUNGAGAP, MOTHLITE, etc, GRUMBLING FUR is the most cosmic union of Alexander Tucker and Daniel O’Sullivan. After much critical praise for last years “FURRIER” album on Aurora Borealis,

Grumbling Fur have been working on a new opus. Combining blissed, euphoric pop prisms, laterally considered beat-making, and string arrangements from Saturn. They will be airing these galactic sounds in the protofuture.

The next show where they will be showcasing new material will be at the Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston on 9 February (on stage at 10:15pm).

“Grumbling Fur concoct a potent brew of doomy psychedelia, interspersed with blissful krautrock…all the more striking when pulsing rhythms and haunting melodies…emerge.” NME

“Grumbling Fur pray for smoke over cathedral pipes and joyous clamour, building a remarkably coherent ode to bliss from the dreamlike mire. Serves particularly well as a soundtrack to the lightshow under your eyelids.” VICE


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