A review of All Pigs Must Die

24 Aug


There’s always a collective feeling of worry circulating the air around bands that are comprised of members of other more successful bands. The supergroup is rarely, if indeed ever very super. Often they’re other workings are reason enough for them to warrant notoriety, but the chances of them delivering anything that would usually merit a group of musicians to be given such a prefix is an infrequent treat. Going against the grain and flying the flag for the supergroup, members from the Hope Conspiracy, Converge and Bloodhorse have combined to deliver said treat to your ears, only to make them bleed.

All Pigs Must Die have taken their separate ferocities and amalgamated them into an album that spits out more hate in thirty-two minutes than most of their contemporaries could muster in their entire back catalogue.

God Is War is not so much a hardcore record as it is the personified form of anger and hatred getting together and having musical offspring. Comprising riff-laden thrash, with spitting vocals and a blast beating relentlessness, the cumulated sound is a twisted one, which can swing from American punk grooves to heavy metal chugs in an instant and making no apologies for doing so.

Pulverisation displays Kevin Baker’s hate-filled vocals in all their gravel-soaked glory, while Ben Koller’s drum work keeps the pace of proceedings at a constant velocity, ploughing in between bass pedal furies at break neck speed, with no hesitancy and no breakdowns, just perhaps a minor lull in album highlight, Sacrosanct, to make room for Matt Woods’ soloing aptitude.

The fury that spills out during their half hour rampage on you has been your own catharsis as well as there’s and feeling well and truly spent, you’ll spend the rest of the day recouping with a lie down and a cup of earl grey, before, of course, going back for another helping.

By Ross Timms


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