Supersonic festival announce Tony Conrad, Silver Apples, Circle and more to 2011 line up

9 Jun

21st – 23rd October 2011
Tickets on sale now via
With all the early bird tickets already sold out, Supersonic are keen to keep hungry punters satisfied and with that, we can proudly announce some extremely notable new additions to an already sumptuous line up…
First and foremost, Supersonic are thrilled to bring to the festival one of the most compelling figures in 20th century music, a giant in the American soundscape, Tony Conrad. Since the early 1960s, he has utilized intense amplification, long duration and precise pitch to forge an aggressively mesmerizing “Dream Music”. Conrad continues to exert a primal influence over succeeding generations with his ecstatic oscillations and hypnotic drones, overall a profoundly influential composer whose radical styles defies textbook definitions and challenges accepted notions of the minimalist canon.
Another very special new addition to the line up is the enigmatic and influential Silver Apples, now a solo act, SIMEON, aka “The Oscillation Man”, who sings and plays his famous hand-made instrument, ‘The Simeon”, made of “nine audio oscillators piled on top of each other and eighty-six manual controls to control lead, rhythm and bass pulses with hands, feet and elbows”…it really has to be seen to be believed!
To counter-balance the chaotic sounds of the festival, Nathan Bell, former Lungfish bassist, will calm our exhausted minds with his cyclic banjo music, true meditative hymns for the soul.
Also now taking to the stage are a band on top of their game, the shimmeringly blissful Circle. They will be delivering their rhythmic amalgam of hazy psyche, metal, progressive avant-rock and krautrock, no doubt with some surprises. And if we are lucky, we will get to hear some of the infectious jams from their new album. Of course, it would be absurd to not invite instrumental stoner rockers Pharaoh Overlord to play, given that the band features members of Circle. So prepare to be mesmerised by their utterly immersive hypnotic sounds. In keeping with the ‘Circle’ theme, Supersonic are pleased to announce their first film screening, Man With A Video Camera by Petri Hagner, a film about a man who decides to pursue his artistic talents by directing a film about the band Circle. A highly appropriate choice for the film programme, we hope you agree.
Another film just added to the programme is Kill All Redneck Pricks: KARP LIVES! 1990-1998, the biography of a friendship. Set in the Pacific Northwest against the backdrop of the Olympia, WA post punk and Riot girl movements of the early 90’s, the film details the joys and tragedies of three young friends who rise above their surroundings to form a band called KARP.
Don’t forget, more films to be announced soon as well as art, panel discussions and details of other special guests to be revealed.

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