Robert Stillman to support Mono in London tonight

7 Jun


Tidal Shift and Rarely Unable are delighted to welcome Robert Stillman as the only support act for Mono in London tonight. Stillman will be opening up this all the more special event at 8pm tonight, a great chance to share new sounds from his superb new album Machine’s Song (One Inch Badge) with a big audience.

This album presents Stillman’s self-described ‘archaeo-futuristic’ sound in all of its ragged glory: a varied musical territory of fairground organs, marching band percussion, piano rags, and ticking mechanical music, all in various states of construction/deconstruction. Bearing audible influences of Kurt Weill, John Fahey, and Jelly Roll Morton, Stillman’s music moves fluidly between Americana-infused song and 1950’s style sound- collage, emerging from a tape-hiss canvas like a broadcast from sometime between 1878 and 2078. The album is being streamed in its entirety on Soundcloud and you can read more on his blog.

Stillman will be playing another show this month but this is the only London one, on 21st he will be in Brighton (the Haunt w/ Tuneyards).


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