Wolves In the Throne Room recording brand new album

16 May
Black Metal cultivators Wolves In the Throne Room are currently fully immersed in the process of harvesting their next full-length album.
The new album, though still untitled, will be the third Wolves In The Throne Room full-length for Southern Lord Recordings. Aaron and Nathan Weaver, the founding and only full-time members of the band, will collaborate once again with producer/mystic Randall Dunn (Earth, Sunn O))), Boris), who produced the band’s mammoth Two Hunters and Black Cascade albums.

This week Aaron Weaver supplied some insight on the creation of the new album:

“I got into a daily rhythm of greeting the weak winter sun in the morning, working outside in the rain until midday, then retiring to our studio to work on the music late into the night. I did this nearly every day for two months. Quite a monastic lifestyle actually. I didn’t see many people. We were totally lost inside the record. Once the record was conceived from beginning to end, we met with Randall and started to slowly build the tracks at his studio in Seattle. I think that this album will be the best thing that Wolves In the Throne Room has created. We’ve never been able to devote this much time to writing and recording. It feels like this will be the culmination of everything we’ve done up to this point.”
In addition to the Weaver brothers, the album will also feature vocal contributions from Jessika Kenny, who contributed so much to the transcendent tone of the band’s massive Two Hunters album.
More information on the album will be brought forth in the coming weeks, as the band complete the album and prepare for a surely busy year of Wolves In The Throne Room actions worldwide.

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