Lichens London show announced…

4 May

Roll-up for a spring presentation, a pan-generational double-bill featuring two of America’s finest progressive/cult figures; a veteran of the sixties Avant-garde, and an alumni of 90’s Progressive Rock and Post Hardcore. Read on for more information…

New York film-maker, composer and violinist TONY CONRAD plays his only solo UK show in advance of his ATP performance the following weekend. Conrad developed the distinctive third eye-opening howl of his violin alongside LaMonte Young, John Cale, Angus Maclise and Marian Zazeela in the Theatre of Eternal Music; he has remained a central figure in the contemporary avant-garde ever since, and his prolific output has included numerous astonishing collaborations with performers such as Keiji Haino, Gastr Del Sol and The Dead C.
Chicago-based musician Rob Lowe (90 Day Men, Om, Singer, Matteah Baim) demonstrates the startling, spectral grip of his mesmerising solo vehicle, LICHENS. Across two acclaimed LPs for Kranky, equally stunning collaborations with the likes of Cloudland Canyon and White/Light and a plethora of other entaglements and limited releases, Rob’s combination of intricate, insistent finger-picking and intense, otherwordly keening has seen him elevated to a position alongside both titans of minimalist, metal-inflected drone and the rich tradition of shamanistic, singular American experimental primitivists.

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