Ramesses to release Chrome Pineal, Ritual Productions first LP!

5 Apr
Like manifestations of Lucifer’s messengers, Ramesses have been delivering their hellish hymns of characteristic cult retro heavy doom rock for nearly a decade now. Their last album Take The Curse spawned a more expansive amount of interest and intrigue than ever before, and introduced them to greater audiences. This year, Mark Greening (drums), Tim Bagshaw (guitar) and Adam Richardson (bass, vox) return with two releases, the first of which a 12” vinyl and digital release Chrome Pineal, which is due out on Ritual Productions on 16 May. The 12” features three brand new studio recordings and three live tracks, recorded in 2007, Denmark, plus brilliant artwork by the unsung French surrealist Clovis Trouille.
With the new material, Ramesses have conjured some of the more experimental tendencies that they offered on Take The Curse. On the title track, ‘Chrome Pineal’, alongside their well-honed mournful riffs and spine-tingling harmonies are hypnotic 60-style psychedelic grooves led by superbly timed drums that instantly reel you in. Other new tracks, ‘Blazoned Fauna’ and ‘Men Of Horror’ are grim concoctions of viscous vocals, swarms of doom drone guitar riffs and blackened filth. But Ramesses are none more dark than on their live tracks which fans will instantly recognise, reminding us that they still remain that incurable wound amongst their contemporaries.
Chrome Pineal is a mind expanding alchemic experiment that towers majestically amongst Ramesses’ catalogue. This is the missing link in the band’s evolution into Possessed by The Rise of Magik, the second full length Ramesses release this year!
The band will be performing a number of live shows this month on the continent including the notorious Roadburn Festival. Here are the dates:
April 14 – Steinbruch, Duisburg (Germany)
April 16 – Roadburn Festival, Tilburg (Netherlands)
April 17 – Espace B, Paris (France)
April 23 – Kuudes Linja, Helsinki (Finland)

Ramesses have created a hugely impressive second album that demands considered listening. ” – 4/5 GUARDIAN

Ramesses remain atmospherically unique as their black mantras pile on extra layers of distorted, mutant ear-blubber, sucking all light from the room and pumping every reachable skull with thoughts of dead-eyed despair and sweet, welcome death. Splendid fun, as it turns out.” – 8/10 METAL HAMMER

The explosion of UK ‘true doom’ metal with these lot at the forefront has the south coast looking decidedly murky.” – NME

Hash-fuelled Dorset trio give America’s doom metal vanguard something to think about with this slab of tectonic plate-paced noise. In a word: heavy.” – Q MAGAZINE

All the tracks on offer possess an uncanny ability to seep into memory and the result is one of the most diverse and crippling doom albums of recent times. IF there is any justice, Ramesses will get the recognition that they deserve for this and all the infamy that goes along with it.” – ROCK A ROLLA


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