Across Tundras album details unveiled

15 Mar
As previously announced, ACROSS TUNDRAS have signed with Neurot Recordings for the release of their newest full-length opus, and we now proudly unveil the details of this beautiful display of purely organic atmospheric rock.
The sprawling, seven-song album, entitled Sage, is now officially confirmed for release on May 16. Neurot label owner, Neurosis’ Steve Von Till, exposes a bit of insight on the new album:
Lurking somewhere between unearthed, aged, haunted Americana and the psychedelic sludge scraped from the edges of the cosmos, Across Tundras’ new artifact Sage explores new territory, that while at once, rooted in history, and soaked firmly in the rich soil they cultivate, rises above the arcane to the sound of what will become.” 
Sage Track Listing:
1. In the Name of River Grand
2. Hijo de Desierto
3. Buried Arrows
4. The Book of Truth
5. Tchulu Junction
6. Mean Season Movin’ On
7. Shunka Sapa
On this album, more than ever before, Across Tundras manage to perfectly capture their heritage through a perfect amalgam of haunting doom tinged Americana and echoes of traditional country blues all bound by heavy waves of psychedelic sludge. Their organic sound is well-honed, marking Sage as their most fully realized album to date with all their influences and elements flowing cohesively with one another. A utterly original album, broadening the horizons for metal music, taking it into unknown territories and yet still with a warm familiarity we have grown to love about Across Tundras’ music over the years. Echoing our sentiments entirely, Tanner from the band remarked “This is by far the best AT album we’ve done.”

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