Exile on Mainstream unleash debut solo album by Conny Ochs

17 Jan

Conny Ochs hails from Germany and has just finished a 6-week tour opening for Scott “Wino” Weinrich. Following the European-wide trek, Ochs is now ready to release his debut album, Raw Love Songs on the killer German label Exile on Mainstream.

Conny Ochs delivers heart-warming, emotional and honest songs, bound to a tradition and history of great acoustic craftsmanship drawn over the American continent. Conny explores the realms of what of your inner self can be once you are on your own and armed with a guitar, a banjo and your voice.

The path has been walked by many before but it doesn’t make it a worn out road. This is what it’s all about: not pushing yourself to reach out for definite goals but listen to your inner voice, realising the way being more important than the destination and deliver in honesty: raw. uncarved. strips cut straight from the soul. RAW LOVE SONGS.

While on tour with Wino, the two also found time to record a one-off Latitudes session in the legendary Southern Studios. Keep an eye on the site for more news about when that will land.


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