Rarely Unable’s Ones To Watch – Across Tundras

12 Jan

Across Tundras is Tanner Olson, Nate Rose, and “Big” Jim Shively. Brewing heavy, psychedelic jams in the hills of Tennessee, Across Tundras seamlessly meld classic rock, folk, country, psychedelia, and doom into songs that defy classification and transcend genres. But when the band aren’t rocking out they are hard at work weeding their organic produce farm in the rolling hills 10 minutes North of Nashville, selling their produce at the local markets and restaurants, running around with their 3 friendly pitbulls and jamming in their studio at the back of their house.

The past few years has seen the band have multiple, successful full US tours and extensive gigging in the Southeast US region with bands like : Wovenhand, U.S. Christmas, Sourvein, Cough, Royal Thunder, Zoroaster, Dark Castle, Sea of Bones, Battlefields, Junius, Caspian, Earthride, Minsk, Bloody Panda and Stinking Lizaveta.  Coming home from their amazing Western USA tour with all sorts of inspiration, they instantly began writing their new album “Sage” which I for one cannot wait to hear.

There aren’t many American metal bands that tap into their country’s deep cultural heritage quite like Across Tundras have over the span of four albums. The geography, the history and the traditional music all feature prominently on their records, whether on the dustbowl doom vibe of 2006’s Dark Songs of the Prairie or 2008’s haunting, understated Lonesome Wails From the Weeping Willow. Their newest, Old World Wanderer, marks a return to the band’s heavier side, a seamless blend of Neurosis, Crazy Horse and the Anthology of American Folk Music.” Adrien Begrand – Decibel Magazine

Listen to them right now at their last.fm and find out more on their facebook page!


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