Constellation continue to shine with the new Elfin Saddle release

10 Nov

It has been in the pipeline for a while, being fine tuned and lovingly assembled and finally Elfin Saddle’s Wurld is ready for the world to see. Reading on you will learn that the efforts of both the creators and Constellation in putting together this beautiful collection have fully paid off, as the results are astounding…

Wurld is a year-long installation piece constructed, tended and developed by Emi Honda and Jordan McKenzie (the co-founders of Elfin Saddle) in the back yard of their Montreal apartment, using stop-motion video to document the evolution of the sculptural elements of the work as well as to enact various animated sequences as part of a larger narrative arc for the piece.

The resulting 23 minute film Wurld premiered at the Vienna Film Festival in 2009 and received a Canadian premiere at the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art (MACM) in spring 2010.

The Wurld DVD/10″+DVD release features the film (shot, edited and with musical score by Emi and Jordan) and includes an additional 65 minutes of video material (including an Elfin Saddle concert video filmed at the MACM) and 30 minutes of new Elfin Saddle music (includinga 15-minute re-mastered version of the Wurld soundtrack).

On the Constellation website there is a video preview of one of the extras from the forthcoming Wurld DVD release – the “Deleted Scenes” segment (featuring outtakes not used in the final film). This clip is also set to the song “A River Of Horses”, one of three new Elfin Saddle tracks being released with the DVD.

Plenty more details including streaming audio can be found on the official release page on the Constellation website.

I will leave you with a snapshot of the superb packaging.


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