VIC CHESNUTT 1964-2009

13 Jan

Photo by Jem Cohen

The news of Vic Chesnutt’s passing on Christmas day was totally devastating and we are still coming to terms with the event.  I can only begin to imagine what his close family and friends are going through right now, Constellation included. The tributes and letters of condolence have been greatly appreciated.

Although this email is being sent weeks after the event, it serves not as an announcement of his passing rather a means of making people aware of some key sites where you can obtain further information about the incident. There is an announcement and eulogies on the Constellation site , Constellation are also directing people to the announcement in the NY Times, and also a tribute and donations page set up by Vic’s close friend Kristen Hersh.

His music will continue to reach out to me and so many others and all that I can say is that I hope he is now at peace.
“Free of hope, free of the past, thank you God of nothing, I’m free at last, I’m free at last.”

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