New Boris video

22 Oct

More messed up than ever before, this is the brand new Boris video Heavy Metal Rock Hits Vol.2. A really awesome video of riff heavy Japanese metallic hardcore (think Tokyo Yankees, GISM, Deathside, Paintbox etc…)


And…you will be pleased to hear that the second of three new Boris 7″s is available now! Volume Two, “H.M.A. – Heavy Metal Addict”, features two newly recorded tracks. On Side A, the title track “H.M.A.” is a heady slab of heavy metal tropes, alternating between spacey industrial SFX, hard-driving guitar and the mantra-like chants of the titular acronym. Side B continues with “Black Original”, which echoes the spacey, electronic drive of “H.M.A.”, but cuts out any pretense towards the heavy rock vibe of Boris’ work, instead leaning towards a very basic electro-industrial approach. Cover features the controversial photo (ala Cold Lake era Celtic Frost!) of Atsuo. TRULY GRIMM!


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