Exclusive Constellation podcast available on Drowned In Sound

1 Oct


Drowned In Sound have been super supportive of Constellation particularly in recent months. After the demise of Plan B magazine they were given permission to publish transcripts from an in-depth interview with Constellation head honchos Ian and Don that were published in Plan B’s final issue.

As of this week, the website have made available an exclusive podcast showcasing all the latest releases on the label including; Evangelista, Elfins Saddle, Dead Science and Land Of Kush to name a few. The full track listing is as follows:

00:00 ‘Philip Guston’ – Vic Chesnutt feat. Guy Picciotto & Silver Mt. Zion from At The Cut CST060

03:25 ‘You Have My Eyes Now’ – Clues from Clues CST057

07:05 ‘The Slayer (EDIT)’ – Evangelista feat. Carla Bozulich from Prince Of Truth CST061

13:02 ‘Monster Island Czars’ – The Dead Science from Villainaire CST054

16:41 ‘Do (EDIT)’ – Do Make Say Think from Other Truths CST062

21:37 ‘The Living Light (EDIT)’ – Elfin Saddle from Ringing For The Begin Again CST059

25:16 ‘Iceland Spar (EDIT)’ – Land Of Kush from Against The Day CST058

Visit Drowned In Sound and check this out. You will not be disappointed.


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